Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Garden Ops Multiplayer (Xbox One)

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Garden Ops Multiplayer (Xbox One)

– [Voiceover] What’s up guys? Zack Scott here playing Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare for the Xbox One. I’ve enjoyed the Plants
Vs Zombies franchise for years and it’s awesome to see them branching out into the
first person shooter realm. Thanks to what you guys do, Plants Vs Zombies Two is
my most popular series. The first episode alone
has over 23,000 likes and 4.3 million views. Thank you guys so much, I’d be thrilled if this
video got anywhere close. Also, thanks for subscribing. I just recently hit
over 600,000 subscribers and that blows my mind. You may have come from
Instagram, Facebook, or even my Zack Scott YouTube channel, but wherever you came from, let me know in the comments below and thank you guys so much for being here. And now, without further ado, let’s play Plants Vs Zombies, Garden Warfare. Let me know what you think of it. Here we go. (eerie music) (exploding mine) (growling) Alright, guys, I’m Zack Scott, live on Xbox Live and
I’m sitting right here in the Plants Vs Zombies
Garden Warfare menu. I’m rank one, I don’t have any coins, I haven’t played at all yet. I’m getting ready to
play and show you guys as much as I can for this first episode because I’ve been waiting for this game for a long, long time and I’m sure you guys have been as well. Let’s see what this
sticker shop’s all about, it’s flashing. These look like little packs of stickers that give me upgrades. Some of these packs came from a promotion that Prima Games was doing, I was Googling around this morning, and I found out they were giving away some sort of packs if you buy their guide. So okay, I’ll buy the guide, whatever, give me some packs. (chuckling) Anyway, so I guess that’s
gonna be acquired anyway but let’s go ahead and start off, I don’t wanna slow this down, let’s start off with this mode right here, which should, yeah, any, normal, public, I’m ready, I’m ready, this looks good. Let’s do invite only, maybe
I can do this by myself, I don’t know. I really don’t know how this works. Or maybe, let’s just do a public, let’s get the full experience here. And let’s go, I’m ready. Let’s see if anyone joins me, helps me out. I’m new, maybe we’ll get to
experience what it’s like to play with other people, or we’ll just be alone. Either way is good with me, I’m just kind of learning
the ropes anyway, I don’t wanna bring anyone down. I am super duper excited about this game, as you probably know. As I mentioned at the beginning of this, oh, here we go, we’re
going to Port Scallywag. You know, I’ve been
playing Plants Vs Zombies for a long time and I played Plants Vs Zombies Two all the time right here on my channel and it’s my most popular series so, I’m really looking forward to this game. I love first person shooters in general and I love Plants Vs Zombies. Put them together,
hopefully it goes together like peanut butter and jelly, this is gonna be awesome. The Peashooter, Chomper, let’s just be the Peashooter, ’cause let’s just start
out with the basics here. And go. New ability, chili bean bomb. And I guess we’re gonna
find out what it does here. (screeching) And oh jeez. That was a little more
chaotic than I thought, I thought maybe they’d
have to eat it first. Alright, see Crazy Dave. I can’t move, can I? I can’t do anything. The round is starting. Am I the only one here for real? (nervous laughing) That’s okay. Who’s flying this thing,
I don’t even know. Plant a garden, okay, oh my God, I don’t know what to do. Alright, here we go, the garden is this way. Okay, can we run? Nope, okay. Oh, I planted the bean,
did not mean to do that. Ow geez. So the garden is this way, there’s a garden this way, too. Maybe I should have started before but, I have barrels, that’s cool. Alright, let’s see what this is all about. Plant a garden. I can do that, plant. I gotta hold it down to plant it. Got it, prepare your defenses? No one told me that was part of the deal. Oh yeah, totally, I need, let’s put in, can I just
choose any of these? Or no? They’re not, you know, they’re not the right color. Let’s, cannot do anything. Okay, that’s okay. That’s okay ’cause I got
nine pea cannons left, eight, okay. Where’s this so called next wave? This is where I’m defending, right? I mean, we’re good here, right? Oh my gosh, I probably
gotta figure this out, hopefully, the zombies are coming. – [Voiceover] Coming! – [Zack] Where are they coming? Wave one. They’re over here. Are they, what? I’m defending my garden
from zombies, obviously. Oh, hey, there’s one. (plopping) Gotcha! (plopping and money ringing) Yeah! Oh, you know, I should have probably, hey woah! (plopping) Uh oh, I’m reloading. Okay, hey, come on, please don’t do that to my garden, please. (plopping and money ringing) So much action. Alright, let me, can I
plant something here yet? I cannot. You guys realize I can’t do anything yet. (laughing) Alright, reload, oh hey, hey, whoa, watch out, I’m not as good
with the Xbox controller as I am with my, what’s it called, a mouse and keyboard. Oh, it’s loading, don’t worry. My garden’s still healthy. We’re good. After this round I’ll also check and see if my volume levels are correct. Next wave, I don’t want another wave. Alright, we’re good. Look we got a sign, we got choices. Cannot plant anything yet? I don’t understand. Whatever, okay. I feel like I’m doing
something really dumb. Oh, holy moly. (plopping) Did I win something? Who is sniping me? This guy. I’m level two. Hey, whoa, oh cone head guy. (plopping) He lost his cone. Oh dear, this looks bad. Okay, I’m trying here. My garden is taking a
little bit of a pummeling. Alright, come on, come on. My team has been knocked out? (electricity zapping) Oh no. What a horrible start. Game over, oh no. I gotta do way better. I gotta do way, way better. So uh, yeah. Maybe I do need to play with other people. One of 10 waves defeated, oh my gosh, 10 waves? Yeah, there’s no way there. Um… Cool stats, those aren’t very cool. Let me go back, let me leave the lobby, let me actually try to find a lobby, maybe we’ll be able to join someone there and not make a complete fool of myself. First I’m gonna make sure
that my microphone volumes are good, I’ll be right back. Alright guys, the volume
levels should be okay, we’re gonna do a custom search, any map, normal difficulty for me, and we’re gonna search for a game, and see if anyone else
here is gonna let me in, make me part of their team, I can play, have some fun, hopefully not lose, it will be me against the world. And eventually I should be able to take on all the zombies, I believe, I’m ready. Is this good, is this loading in? If this is loading in, I’m good. Alright, Suburban Flats. Plant a garden and protect
it from the zombies in the crazy day of returns. When a fly, when flying the garlic drone always keep moving, your low health makes it easy to be taken
out by a well placed hit. Alright, look at that
gnome just lounging there in the lower left hand corner, that’s hilarious. Anyway, I’ll probably
be the Peashooter again. Let’s go ahead and just choose him. Do I have, new ability hyper, yeah, we got it, okay, next, here we go, here we go, I’m ready, where’s the garden, is this a garden? Are we good? I’m gonna go pick a buddy here. So they were able to plant stuff. I don’t seem like I’m able
to plant anything at all, unless I have to, maybe there’s
a card that I didn’t unlock I don’t know. Or stickers, I don’t even understand yet. People here are doing just fine. Next wave, what wave are we on? This is just starting. – [Voiceover] They’re coming. – [Zack] Yeah, I don’t
have any of these things, where are the zombies? Zombies, where are you? Oh my God. I don’t wanna let my team down. Here we go, they’re over here. Oh, missed, it’s okay. What? Cherry bomb. Are the zombies attacking me back? (plopping) Okay, come on. There we go, I got a really cool weapon if I’m able to use it, this sunflower here’s gonna heal me, uh-oh, they’re letting him through. I’m sure they don’t have much of a choice, perfect wave? Definitely not thanks to just my, so, I’m gonna guard over here, now. What happened? What happened, someone’s just dropping in, what is this? Can I get this? Is this mine? Can I, is this something I can do? Who knows? I don’t understand. This looks so cool. (sparkling) I’m being healed, thank you guys so much for healing me, I must be really bad to need this much healing already. Where are the zombies? There they are, over here. (plopping) No! I should make something explode. There we go, there’s a dead plant here. Someone should do something about that. Are these cherry bombs
our doing or their doing? I cannot tell. I would think it would be our doing, since, you know, I really wish I had a mouse
and keyboard for this. (plopping) Whoa, whoa, where’s he going? (plopping) Ha, take that! Or that probably wasn’t even me. Oh dear, yes, yes, some more health, please. We’re almost done with
this wave, aren’t we? Wave complete! Nice, nicely done, next
wave coming up very soon. Can I even utilize these pots yet? I feel like I”m an idiot, I don’t know how to use these pots. (garbled coughing) Alright. Whoa, who’s moving into the garden? (muffled gibberish) Alright, I gotta lot of health. I killed six zombies, really? Uh-oh, here comes a guy over here. (plopping) Oh man, I just destroyed that bridge. (plopping) Whoa! (plopping) I am taking a lot of
damage, unfortunately. I’m trying to get away from it. Thank you, Sunflower! Oh, dear. (plopping) Oh, boy. It’s the best I could do right now. (plopping) Where’s he going? Does he get more angry
if I do it in the face? No, don’t smash it, yes! Yes, we got him! Alright, that was good, he even left a bomb here for us. Perfect, I have eight kills I guess, that’s what that means. Uh-oh. (plopping) There we go. (plopping) Alright, this is getting pretty fun. I mean, they’re getting
a lot more intense. I’m still trying to figure
out exactly how to tell where the zombies are coming from, though. That seems a little bit confusing to me. Oh, there’s a guy over there. Oh, another wave complete, nice! Next wave coming up, our
garden is still pretty healthy. What’s next? Here we go. Next wave, defend. It’s pointing this way, meaning I guess there are zombies over here, I see, I see. (wailing) (plopping) Hey that’s the engineer. Getting close combat here. Nice. (plopping) Alright, ended his life for sure. Oh, hi. There, we got him. I was gonna say, I really picked up the
pace in my zombie killing. If you take a look at my, oh this isn’t safe for readers. They get mad, if you played the
first Plants Vs Zombies game you know that you take away
their paper they get pretty mad. The sound went out for a second, I don’t know what happened. There we go, this is a pretty long one. Who is shooting? So I didn’t see that guy. Zombies over here, though, this wave was almost done. You’re coming with me, buddy. Oh, rocket jump, cheater. (plopping) Yeah, I’m now in the lead, I can’t believe I took over the lead, and I still probably don’t
know how to use this, do I? No I do not, okay, that’s fine. (laughing) Alright, I’m having fun still. Where are these guys– Uh-oh, Zomboss Slots engaged, they will spin your demise, don’t do it to me. No, no, no, no, no, I
don’t want the demise, how do I stop this? Oh, it’s a bad guy. That’s also a bad guy. No, they’re all three gonna be bad guys. What is that? I don’t know, that seems bad. Seems like no matter, oh a boss wave, oh God. Oh dear, oh dear. (plopping) He has cool sunglasses, though. (electricity zapping) (plopping) Oh no, I died! I wasn’t even paying attention, I’m sorry, thank you Charles, hey. That guy’s down, too. (plopping) Charles Hailey is down himself. What do I do? (plopping) What can I do, what can I do? I don’t know that I can do anything. I’m waiting to be revived, anyone can revive me if they want, I don’t know how to do that move yet. We’re having a, we’re being
assaulted pretty badly. The sun, just beaming out towards me trying to help me, but it’s not quite working. Oh, I will respawn when
the wave is complete. Man, it’s up to Karnage and JJ, or it’s up to JJ to, oh dear, that guy looks pretty boss. Oh my gosh, our garden. JJ’s dead, too. I think everyone’s dead. – [Voiceover] Brains! – [Zack] Your team has been knocked out. No! No! Game over. Well, I say we did our best for being new. No one said this game was gonna be easy. Alright, that was fun, though. The four of 10 waves defeated, I got some more coins, let’s check out my stickers now, and see what those are all about, because I’m kind of curious
and excited about it. Let me just leave the lobby, I don’t wanna hold anyone back. Let me check out my stickers, I’ll do that kind of on
my own, independently, and see what all I can do. Uh, what does it say? Your, oh Chomper, your burrow can be used to approach the enemy
or to retreat safely. Use it wisely. That sounds like a good idea. I could also be something
other that the Peashooter to kind of show that off
for this episode as well. I could also go to the zombie side on the multiplayer, I believe. I don’t know, is that even possible? I don’t know, Sticker Shelf. Let’s take a look at what I got. Let’s open these up. A super duper pack, let’s see it. Oh wow, okay, it can be
equipped on your character to give a unique look, that’s cool. Another accessory. This is a hat. This is a heal flower. Plant these, oh, okay, cool, Buckethead Zombie, yes, yes, yes, yes. Alright, some of these helpful zombies to attack plants and capture the card, and that’s if I’m a zombie. Alright, open up the
friendly welcome pack. Nice. Oh wow, that’s a lot of cards. Holy moly. Sticker one of five, okay, cool. So cool. It’s a piece of a character. This is a, okay, so these are all the, all these cards that I got now that I’m gonna be able to use in the pots. That’s what I was missing this whole time. I do apologize for missing it, I had no idea, I should
have done some more research before kicking this in, but I’ve been so excited to play. Here’s some, a tattoo, this is a rock, this is a organic growth, change the organic features
of, ooh, that’s cool. And then stone lips, an accessory, to give me a unique look. And then brains packed for zombies, let’s see what this is all about. Holy moly. Alright, we got another sticker. It’s a piece of a thing, a coffin zombie? Some of these helpful zombies. More summon thee, there we go, purple visors for accessories, camo hats, silver war,
shades of authority, all cool accessories
right here, I believe. And then let’s take a, let’s continue. A spectacular character
pack, let’s find out what this is all about. (revealing chime) Ooh, more stickers, yes, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I just got a new character, Arctic Trooper unlocked, that
sounds really freaking cool. It’s a zombie, and then the rest, these packages cost coins, you get the coins from, you know, basically earning them, and you can’t buy them as far as I know. So I wanna save up for some of thse coins and then I’m going to, let’s take a step back really quick, yeah, okay, understood, continue. I don’t wanna buy the pack, I just wanna take a step back. Let’s do a multiplayer round. And just to show it off. And let me look at my
characters really quick. ‘Cause this sounds really cool. So I could switch out, can I switch out, I guess I can’t, no, I got a zombie character is what happened. Here are the zombies. Foot Soldier, Arctic Trooper, there we go, so there he is, I guess he’s kind of
similar to a Foot Soldier, but instead he’s an Arctic Trooper. Really cool, let’s take
a step back, again. I wanna just jump
straight into multiplayer, I don’t wanna waste anymore time. Welcome Mat, that sounds like
a cool place to get started, let’s search for a game and
see what’s gonna happen. I don’t know if I’m gonna
be on the plant side or the zombie side, I’m happy with either. I found a really great
server, that’s what it says. (laughing) Alright, good, I’m really happy for them finding me a really great server. Thank you guys so much. So no more mediocre servers, they’re hooking me up with the best. Well, actually it doesn’t say the best, it just says a really great one, so, okay, I’ll settle for it. Let’s go in. I’m just waiting to join, really, hopefully it doesn’t take too long. Hopefully, you know, once
I figure out the pacing of this game and how the
videos are gonna work I’m gonna be able to edit them properly, take out kind of the dull, boring moments like the loading and what not, that previous server wasn’t really great, but they say this one is so,
do I trust them this time since they lied to me last time? I don’t know. Anyway. Alright, so, again, let’s see what this is all about. I’m excited to get into this game, this game is gonna be
super cool to do videos of, I mean, I really enjoy it, I hope that you guys enjoy it as well. I’m gonna get a lot better at this game. You know, in the previous match, I was one of the top
scorers at the end there, before we all died, I did die first. I would love to play this game if it’s not gonna match-make me, I can go back in to something else. Here’s the third, really great server, okay, I’m tired of these
really great servers ’cause they’re not very good. I need something that’s
like the best of the best, the cream of the crop, but who knows, I might
just have some difficulties joining right now, this
is a newly launched game, servers always have issues
when games are newly launched. So I might have to, I’ll go
ahead and stop this video and once I actually get
onto a server of some sort I will resume. Be right back. Alright, and now I’m on
a server, Team Vanquish. Suburban Flats, the first
team who vanquishes 50 of their enemies wins the match, and then reviving teammates takes a point away from the other team, it sounds kind of a little crazy. Keep a tight defense. Soldier, Z1 Assault Blaster
is great for laying down covering fire, provide
support from nearby rooftops to help your teammates. Alright, here we go. I’m on Team Plants, I assume, switch team failed, too many players on the opposing team, so that’s fine. I’ll keep Team Plants,
let’s be someone different. I wanna be, what do we need? I’ll be a Chomper. A burrow ability, let’s see him in action. Oh my gosh, that is a creepy plant. (chomping) Oh, oh, oh, brutal. That’s the burrow ability? Alright, time to vanquish
some zombies here, and how do I go about it? Can I plant pots and
plants and stuff again? I don’t know. There’s some zombies over there. Alright, that’s definitely a weapon. Aah, that’s it, that’s
how this game is played. We’re about to run out of dig power. Alright, vanquish zombies. Where are my teammates, though? There’s one, I wish that we, okay that’s not working
out very well for me. Are these opposing members? (gargling) I don’t know what happened. There we go, I was vanquished. (high pitched groaning) What was respawn now do? Let’s respawn now, why would we wait? Alright, I think it’s a tie
game, basically right now, and since I just started
this is kind of exciting. The, what, what is with that guy? That looks pretty cool, whoa! I’m gonna go under here. (concrete crumbling) Where are these zombies? I know it tells me on the map, no longer on the map but
it doesn’t on the screen obviously, so, zombies are this way, the football player’s coming up I guess. Ouch. I’m going under. (funky tone) (growling) Okay, I’m not quite understanding this type of attack. I don’t know if I vanquished anyone, yet. I’m gonna go and switch plants again. Change character, if I can, let’s go to the cactus really quick, I’m becoming a master of none. New ability, potato mine. Which does what? Okay, that sounds simple enough. (bell dinging) (laughing) The explosions in this
game are really well done and if I got three of those
that’s gonna be great. There’s a swimming pool, oh here’s some, oh here we go. Is that a zombie or is that? That’s a zombie, why it’s
not highlighted for me? I’m gonna go ahead and put
a potato mine down here. Ouch. I got someone. Oh dear! (groaning)
(laughing) I shot like three people. That guy got me, that guy got me, though. Well, this is fun, this guy’s fun, I like this guy. And if you can put down
those mines like that, that’s great. Of course I used them all, I’m gonna let, oh there’s one recharging, perfect! This game, I would have never guessed, well until they announced this game, I would have never guessed
that Plants Vs Zombies would translate so well
into this type of game, this game is fun, I’m gonna
follow this other cactus we could be a pair of cacti. I did it, too. I put down one, too. There’s another one, this is for, for good measure, there’s a
bunch of zombies down here. I like a little eight bit looking icon, 16-bit looking icon. (launching) I’m not very good at
precision without, you know, honestly I’m thinking once this, once this becomes a PC game, I will probably move
over to the PC version, simply for aiming purposes, ’cause I’m not good at aiming
with controllers like this, so let’s go ahead and respawn now. But this will give me a lot
of time to get acquainted on Xbox Live for sure. Oh my God, who’s shooting me? Oh hey. (launching) I’m vanquishing zombies. Sort of. Did I get that guy or not? I can’t tell. I need some sore of like, auto lock on. This button master was gonna be leaked, cactus level two, what
do I get as level two? New ability, ready next spawn, that sounds great. Tall order, oh. Here we go. (plopping) Got something, that wasn’t me, you got him though. Help. I can revive those guys if I really, oh, sorry, oh my God, if I can, how do I revive? What do I do? Do I just stand here? Oh, nothing, they’re gone. I’m almost dead myself. Our team’s on the losing
end at this moment. Oh gosh. Rooftops, I gotta figure that out. Let me switch characters, no actually, no let me
be the Cactus again, because I want to, it says respawn now, I wanna use his new ability, which is Tallnut Battlement. Let’s find out what that’s all about. Okay, it sounds simple enough. Oh but we’re done, we’re
done with the round. Plants win. We won! How did we win? That’s awesome! I’m happy with that, can I be on the zombie side now? How do I ensure that happens? How can I switch teams? How do I switch teams, let me just, switch, I really wanna switch teams. Those are the packs and stuff. Okay. How do I switch teams, though, that’s what I really wanna do, I really wanna figure out, do I just join this team? What did that just do? Oh I clicked on the guide. That’s so cool, okay. How do I get out of here? Let’s go back. Alright, well, I’m level four now, I’m rank four. I clicked on myself, here I am. I have a good reputation so far. (laughing) So I don’t think I was
any of these people. Very cool. Well, let’s see what all I can do, sorry the secret shop is closed, the match is about to start. I wanna try to switch the
teams once the game starts. I don’t know if that’s possible, or once the game starts loading. I really wanna try out the zombies. Let’s see what happens, again, the first team who vanquishes 50 other enemies wins the match, remember reviving teammates takes a point away from the other team. Alright, I am a zombie now, perfect. Let’s just start out with the basic, the Foot Soldier. He has a rocket jump which you know is a classic movement that you see in Team Fortress Two, and other first person shooters. There we go, let’s try this out. (mumbling) There we go, and my rocket jump is is what’s gonna help me get
on top of houses and stuff. So let’s just go ahead and I’m gonna go on to this
blue house over here and hope to run into
some friendly zombies. God, the sun rays coming to get me. Where are the plants? (shooting) There’s a plant. Oh my gosh. (rapid shooting) I see, oh gosh. There’s a drone up there. (launching) There we go. (rapid shooting) Alright, I was shooting a guy for a while. Or these plants. (rapid shooting) That guy’s dead. (rapid shooting) Oh man. Oh we were trading fire
but he ended up winning. He only had five health left. Oh man. Alright, I’m happy with
this character for now. So far, so good, right? How are you guys enjoying this game, watching this game? I hope you guys are enjoying it, I hope you guys play
it, it’s gonna be fun. Again, I’ll probably, I’ll be
on Xbox until they come out with the PC version,
then I’ll probably end up switching to PC. (rapid shooting) Did I get him? Yeah! Oh dear. (rapid shooting) I got him. Oh there’s a sun, Sunflower. Ah, I was reloading. That guy, is it that same guy on the roof? Zero to Two? Oh that jerk! I’m gonna respawn and get him, I gotta get him, I know where he is. He’s up on a rooftop somewhere. (launching) Level up, Foot Soldier, level two. So where is my beloved Sunflower, huh? Where is he gonna be? There is a Sunflower over there. I feel sneaky. (rapid shooting) I had to reload. (rapid shooting) Reload again, come on,
this guy’s almost dead. Is there like a reload, like, oh my God I forgot about that move. Alright, reloading, alright, that must be the reload button, okay, here we go. (rapid shooting) There’s a Sunflower right there. Yeah! Almost dead. Oh dear. Yeah, I’m a Sunflower killing machine. Ah, I’m dead though. Alright. Zero to one for that guy. Alright, this is fun, let’s respawn now, do I have a new ability yet? I do, the ZPG. Oh it’s a rocket, you gotta be kidding me, that’s gonna be awesome. Okay, let’s try it. Oh, so much, so many flowers over there. Oh man, this is gonna be so fun. Let me get up on that roof, I’m gonna shoot a rocket
over towards them. I think that’s gonna work. (launching) (launching) Who knows where that’s going? Maybe I’ll hit something. There’s a Sunflower right over there, causing trouble. (rapid shooting) Uh-oh, uh-oh. (rapid shooting) Oh, Jesus, okay, that guy scared me. There’s reload. (rapid shooting) Yeah! Oh gosh, here we go. Here’s a Sunflower, he’s
in big, big trouble. Ten vanquishes to go, what is this guy doing? (exploding of fireworks) This did not go where I wanted it to. I destroyed a Tallnut I guess. Oh heya, plants! Yeah, I am seriously
vanquishing everything here. Where’s this guy going? (rapid shooting) Yeah, we are ruining them here. (rapid shooting) Alright, soon I’ll be
able to destroy that. Who knows why? Just do it. Boom, the Tallnut destroyed. Now what? (rapid shooting) Alright. (rapid shooting) (chiming) There we go, we got 50, that was pretty solid performance on my part, I think I should, I should end on that note, huh? (laughing) 41 to 50, Zombies win. Obviously, the difference is
I was on their team this time. (laughing) I’m kidding. Is there anything else
we need to check out? Should we check out anything else? I got five vanquishes that round. Let’s take a step back, let’s continue checking out this game as much as we can before
ending today’s episode. I do wanna thank you guys so much for stopping by and tuning in. I really do appreciate all of your support on the series and my channel in general, thanks for every like and favorite, thanks for making Plants Vs Zombies Two my most popular series
right here on the channel. And let’s take a look at what else this game has to offer, really quick. A quick, that was a welcome mat. Let’s take a look at the sticker book. Whoa, my voice is changing apparently. Now let’s look at the
characters really quick. We did not check out some of
these zombies, unfortunately. The Engineer, that’s what he looks like. And the Scientist, did I, I don’t remember if I
checked this out or not. (laughing) That’s what he looks like. And then the All-Star is right there, he looks pretty cool as well. And overall, you know, I mean, this is a great game, this is a fun game already, even though I’m just starting out, this is fairly flushed out. I’m pretty happy about it, let’s take a look at customization now for the characters. If I’m gonna be, if I’m gonna
be this Foot Soldier guy, and maybe I won’t be the Foot Soldier, maybe I’ll be the Arctic Trooper. They look like, kind of the same, he looks pretty cool, he looks chilly. Let’s take a look at his
appearance abilities. We got a couple different hats, I’m happy with that one. Shades of authority would
be pretty cool on him. The toast, oh that looks really cool. What about facial hair, he needs a clean shave, that looks good. And then weapons, skins, standard, okay, so there, I customized him a little bit. I wanna add his abilities though, they’re rocket jump, yeah
we got both of those. It’s good, yeah, this
just shows how it works. We’ve seen that before. What about gestures, I never even, oh okay, I never even dealt with these, that’s cool, and then
let’s take a look one time at the, at the plant character, because I forgot to go, back like normal. So far, I don’t know, I
think I like the Peashooter the best out of all these. I haven’t been the Sunflower yet, it seemed pretty cool
being able to heal people and do like a little, you know this guys cool, too, let’s take a look at the Cactus. His appearance, he has a rock for a head, it looks pretty cool. What about accessories, organics, none, what about abilities, no
we already know those. What about the Peashooter now, let’s take a look and see what kind of, no hats, no accessories, he has either pea pods or green onions. The green onions seem pretty cool, I’ll stick with that. And any abilities, no, okay. So, we only have 3,000
coins, I’m not gonna, I wanna, you know, I wanna go all out If I’m gonna go all out I’m gonna buy the Crazy pack or the Supremium pack, that sounds really cool. Of course, these character
packs are really cool, too. It’s a very, super rare character, I already have a rare character, I’m gonna be that, next time I’m a zombie I’m gonna be that Arctic Zombie. So anyway, thanks again, thanks so much for
every like and favorite, Thanks for tuning in, at me playing Plants Vs
Zombies Garden Warfare. I love this game so much,
here’s my sticker book, here are my cool stats. Just to kind of show off, I guess. I have a lot of stickers
to use in the other modes of course, I’ll figure out
how to use them in the future. We got a lot to do, we definitely do. So, come back next time for more Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, and I’ll see you around, goodbye. I’m Zach Scott, subscribe if you have not, if you liked this video and
wanna help this channel grow all you gotta do is click
the like button below. Thanks so much for watching and check out these other awesome videos. See you next time. (meowing) (funky tune)

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