Pirate Clickers – GAMEPLAY #2 – FREE for Android and IOS!!

Pirate Clickers – GAMEPLAY #2 – FREE for Android and IOS!!

“Hey there matey! I am capitain Bill. Welcome a board of my pirate ship! Don’t play lazy on me, damn you! Get those fingers to work and start clicking on the ship! We hungry for more brains! Hey, let’s trade some of our brains with that weird chinese at the store, so we can buy upgrades to make the ship stronger and faster. THEN WE CAN GET MORE BRAINS THAN EVER! Those lame zombie creatures think they can steal our brains? Damn you mister Stu, aim right this cannon and show them their place! Now it’s time to prove to your facebook friends who is the master of the seven seas. If you’re going to rule the leaderboards, rule with no mercy! Pirate Clickers – Download for free for Android and IOS.

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