Pickleball Scoring Basics- Make it Easy with Me, You, Who?

Pickleball Scoring Basics- Make it Easy with Me, You, Who?

The hardest part about teaching somebody
pickleball is usually teaching them how to score. Stay tuned. If you’re new to
this channel welcome! We talk about all things pickleball from instruction to
fitness and everything in between. If you haven’t already done so please hit the
subscribe and then the bell, that way you’ll get a notification when I post
a new video every Saturday. Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson I can’t tell you how many
times somebody has looked at me and said [email protected]? What the heck does that mean?
I sympathize with them when I first started playing this game I was confused
with the scoring. And today we’re going to talk about scoring basics. First let’s start with some terms that will help you. The right side is the even side, and the left side is odd After a side out or at the start of the game the serve always starts on the even side. We’ll talk about that in just a moment. There are three numbers in a pickleball score. The player who is serving calls the score. An easy way to think of it is Me, You and Who. It’s usually the WHO that confuses people. So if you followed this so far
put a little thumbs-up down in the comments below. When your team gets a sideout the who
starts all over again. Whoever the player is that’s standing in the even or
the right side of the box is server one and the odd side will be server two. In this game the score is 0-0 and Cheri and Lori have just gotten a
sideout. Since Cheri is standing on the even or the right side of the court she
serves first. Using Me -You -Who she says her score first which is
0. Her opponents score second which is O and since she is the first server
since the sideout she’s a 1 so the score is 0-0-1. There’s a fault made by the serving team so they don’t win a point and the other player on the
team Lori now gets a chance to serve. The score remains the same. She says her score first which is 0, her opponents score second which is still
0 but now since she’s the second person on the team to serve since the
sideout she’s a 2. So the score is 0-0-2. Since another fault is
made by the serving team it’s a sideout and my team gets to serve. I’m the first
person to serve since I’m standing on the even side of the court. I say our
score first which is 0, their score second which is 0 and since I’m the
first server I’m a 1. The score is 0-0-1 We win that rally and finally
win a point. The server keeps serving and we simply change sides until the serving
team commits a fault. My team commits a fault and ends the
rally it’s now my partner’s turn to serve. The score is still me 1- 0 but
since she is the second person to serve for our team since the last sideout
the score is 1-0 and who is 2. Earlier I mentioned there is one exception to each team
getting two serves. That’s the first service series of the game. They start from the even side of the court. but they would be considered 2. If you’re new here check out the beginner’s playlist it’s designed with you in mind. If this video helped you learn how to
keep score a little bit better give it a thumbs up or if you know somebody who’s
struggling with scoring share it with your pickleball playing friends. Because together we can Train Smart, Live Bold, Age Well

27 Replies to “Pickleball Scoring Basics- Make it Easy with Me, You, Who?”

  1. scoring was hard to learn because I was trying to remember so many other things.
    Ok, so now, how do I remember the score ?

  2. Love your videos but for some reason this one had me spinning my head. I know how to score and I was lost with the first slide show, lol.

  3. I heard of pickleball for the first time ten minutes ago… I was asked to play my first game tomorrow afternoon. When is the game won? What score do you need to achieve?

  4. Greetings CJ ?… I absolutely love your enthusiasm and positivity for the Ever Growing Sport of PickleBall… I coordinate PickleBall for Lifetime Fitness in the Atlanta area which has only just begun 2 weeks ago! I will be sending every member to subscribe to your Amazing Channel to learn everything PickleBall in a welcoming community enviornment ? … Cheers & Happy Holidays ???⛄❄
    Regards, Henry-Ronin Jr.

  5. How is it determined  who serves first on the 0-0-2 is there a rule for that or is it rocks papers scissors , coin toss etc ? Nice video ! Me- You – Who well done !

  6. Wait WHAT? First of all I LOVE the meme, “Me-You-Who:)” However I thought the server to start the game announced, “0-0-START and if they won the round served again from the left side of the court announcing 1-0-START.

  7. Just learned about this game recently and played for the first time yesterday…lots of fun! With regard to the scoring, it sounded confusing at first, but I was able to pick it up pretty easily on the first day. With regard to this video about the scoring, it’s clear and helpful. The only thing I would like to comment about is the announcement of the score on the first serve. In the video, it teaches that the starting score is “0-0-2” – while this might be the official Pickleball scoring rule, I was taught that way and I did not ever hear anyone say the score that way. The group I was playing with said the first score as “0-0-Start” – that actually ‘should’ be the way it’s called, because it only makes sense. It makes no sense at all to say “2” because, as we all know, you can’t get to two without one.

  8. When "announcing the score" The highest score should always be read 1st no matter what. It just makes it easier to recall…..IF youre ahead 4 to 2 and lose the rally the score should still be 4 to 2 on the other side of the net net. IMHO the scoring rules are just too complicated to remember! (especially that 3rd number) Seniors need a break! As it stands I love the game BUT hate trying to always figure out the numbers and who is NEXT to serve and what number are they.

  9. I'm left wondering why more direct language wasn't adopted which separates the server from the score. Like "Two Three, First" "Three Three, Second" etc. Whether a server is first server on their team or second server on their team would then have different language, different sound, different cadence. It also looks like none of the long-standing tennis jargon is adopted, such as "Luv All", "One All", "Three All" which would get exanded to "Luv All, First", or "Luv All, Second", "One All, First", etc. One could make it even less ambiguous: "Two Three, First Server"

  10. I like that the serving person says the score..but..WHO really cares WHO is serving..??..1 or 2 or 5 or 9?? Giving number values to the people is just plain stupid. As long as THEY know who they are, then who else cares??? Is it important to the game? I don't think so.
    Be NORMAL, count the point score..not the point servers..they REALLY don't matter!
    Any one that would name a sport pickelball can't really be that serious over what their serving number is anyway! Laugh!
    Thanks for the video..it gave me a good chuckle.?

  11. Why does it matter who is serving and why they have to be assigned numbers? I kept waiting for an explanation of why that was important.

  12. Thanks for your great videos!. Sorry, I'm a grammar nit-picker. Should be "team's score " and "opponents's score" as those are possessive..

  13. I watched another video that said you are supposed to say the server first and then the 2 scores. Now I'm really confused.

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