Pickleball in the Olympics?  | Pickleball News Update

Pickleball in the Olympics?  | Pickleball News Update

[news theme] -RUSTY: Hey, it’s Rusty with Pickleball Channel,
and I am excited to be here with Mike Hess, the President of the IFP, the
International Federation of Pickleball. Mike, a lot of folks might not even know there’s a governing
body globally, so can you tell us a teeny bit about it, and are there other governing bodies and what’s
exciting in pickleball right now around the world? -MIKE: Yeah, we’re excited that the International
Federation of Pickleball brings together the associations from around the world
which currently include the USAPA, Pickleball Canada. We’ve got Pickleball
Spain, India, France, Germany, UK, Holland. So quite a few
countries already belong to the organization. And the idea is to
continue to bring more countries in. Ultimately our goal is to make
pickleball an Olympic sport. It’s not a question of “if”, it’s a question of when that
happens. And it requires more countries coming in. So, the growth is there. Last month I was
in China, and they’re extremely excited about bringing the sport to that country,
and we’re going to do what we can to help them do that. -RUSTY: So, that’s it, folks. In
China, India and around the world. In fact, almost every country in the world is watching
Pickleball Channel at some point. So, thank you, Mike. Thank you IFP. Thank you all the governing
bodies and anyone who promotes pickleball. Until next time, everybody,
keep on playing. [news theme] [news theme] [news theme] [music fades]

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  1. IPF, I had no idea they existed. Nice that they bring countries together to put Pickleball on the world map. I know when Indoor Badminton made its debut in 1992s Barcelona Olympics it was already featured as an exhibition sport. When the feedaback from the international community/Olympic audience (spectator/viewer) was a resounding YES, then it was deemed an 'oo0oo' sport. In fact it was the most watched event at that or the Atlanta 0 Games in 1996.

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