People Try Indoor Skydiving

(dramatic thudding) (classical cello music) – Well, today we’re going
to be indoor skydiving. – Did anyone know you
could skydive inside? I didn’t. – My goal out of this is I really want to twerk on a handstand. – I have a fear of heights. I went on a hot air balloon once, and I’ve never been
more afraid in my life. – I think it’s one of
those experiences where looking at it’s really
terrifying, but then as soon as I get in there,
I’m gonna be tearing it up. – I’m ready to try it. Put me in the air. – Hey guys, my name is Marco. I’m a trainer here and
instructor at iFly Ontario. I’ve been doing it for
about seven years now. I have four sessions with you guys. The first time, it’s really going to be just introducing you guys to the wind. Second time in, trying
to get you guys really just controlling yourselves,
getting yourselves in the center of the tunnel. By the third and fourth
session, I’m really hoping to get you guys starting to fly together. Maybe trying to come up with
a really simple routine. Trusting the wind is probably one of the hardest things to do. It might start a little rough at first, but it should get a lot
easier towards the end. [Jordan] All right, so we’re suiting up. Anything we need to
know about these suits? – Zipper in the front. If they smell, let me know. It should be nice and baggy, you want it to be about a size too big. It give you guys a little more lift. It’s going to make it a little
easier for you guys to learn. – What’s the purpose of the suit? – So that your clothes stays on. – Would it pull your
pants and underpants off? – If the wind’s fast enough, it could. – [Daysha] Man, it’s like,
now that we’re in them, this is becoming more real. – [Ryann] So like, what does it feel like when you’re flying? – If I had to compare
it to something though, it’s really similar to swimming. The more you freak out, the more you’re going to sink a little bit. Once you learn to trust a little bit, everything’s kind of supporting you. Let’s go and take a class. First thing you guys
got to keep in mind is, I do have somebody controlling
the wind speed for us. Everyone’s gonna fly at a
different speed at first. My goal’s to try to get
you guys around the same wind speed so we can get
you guys flying together. Once we get the wind going, I’m going to have you guys walk up to the door. You’re going to try to get
as close to it as you– we’re just consistently
always creating a box. It should be going about
90 to 100 miles an hour. It’s going pretty fast. I’m gonna have you guys
kind of bring those arms up, you’re going to bring
that chin up as well. This is gonna help you
guys cut through that wind. So soon as you see a thumbs up from me, just go ahead and lean on in. You’re gonna feel that wind
starting to push on back. – [Ryann] We’re falling into the– – [Marco] Reverse trust
fall right into that wind. Daysha had a little trouble
trusting the wind at first. – You know it’s a wind tunnel, but that’s a lot of fucking wind. – By the second time
around, she definitely knocked that out of the park. We got her off the net and
she was flying awesome. – So if you turned it all the way up, would we just fly into the ceiling? – [Marco] Uh-huh. – Whoa, how would you stop? What are the brakes? – We’re never gonna
give you that much wind unless you’re ready for it. From here, your hands are gonna
come right up to eye level. If you feel me adjusting
one side in any way, just kind of help me
out with the other side. Nice and slow movements. Symmetry is everything
once you guys are in there. Fingers are straight. You’re gonna want to start
pushing those legs out. You’re gonna feel a bit of resistance. So as you straighten
out, you’re gonna feel the wind wanting to push you legs back. So you do have to be a little strong here. – When we got to the
part where we actually lifted off the ground and we’re in midair, I felt like I had no control over myself. – He was bending his legs a lot. We just have to get him to keep his legs a little straighter. That’ll pull more towards
the center, but it will also give him a little more lift. For turning, so you’re
gonna tilt your hands a little bit in the
direction you want to go. We want it to look effortless. Jordan’s killing it. He knows and memorized
everything that we went over in the class, which
doesn’t happen very often. – So like, twerking in
like, ’cause we’re trying– – Yeah. – To work on this routine. – How do you twerk? – I’ve never twerked. So if I teach you guys how to fly, maybe you can teach me how to twerk. – I find it really funny
that I was the most scared out of everyone and that
I was the most relaxed. So I’m gonna take it. – Daysha was so good and I’m just like, I don’t want Daysha to be better
at this than me (laughing). So make sure we get a shot of my butt. – [Jordan] Day two, what are we in for? – Everything we did on day one, but we’re gonna kick it up a notch. I want you guys to try stay off
the net as much as possible. – I was really having
trouble with the commands. I was definitely getting frustrated. The first time I was like, okay, I’m cool. The second time I was like, oh my gosh, I’m really losing it with the directions. – Now we’re gonna focus on
a little bit of up and down. So I want you guys control
how high you go in the tunnel. – I came in here really scared
that once the wind speed picked up, I’d just like
fly into the ceiling. And I’m not scared of that anymore. I feel like I know how to
come back down when I need to, and I know how to do it slowly. That said, there were several
times today where I was like up doing something then I was like, wanted to come back down, and
then I came back down too much and bounced against the mat. I probably bounced against the
mat like three or four times. – And then for you, you’re
just booty flying a lot. – Marco was saying I
poked my butt out a lot, and I didn’t mean to. In my mind, my butt was clenched. – It’s causing you to rock a little bit. Your butt should be the
lowest point in the tunnel. You need to know how
to go up, but you need to know how to go down. As soon as I see that, then I can start backing off a little bit more. Which is what I felt like
towards the end of yours. – I felt towards the end,
that I was starting to master being able to lift myself up
and down a little bit more. There was something about
watching him do the chest, pulling yourself in, it’s
like halfway to a twerk. – I’m still trying to get the twerk down. Daysha’s better at it than me. – So I wasn’t that excited about today. I’m not really excited
about the third session. – [Daysha] Day three. – Here’s the goal, try
to get you guys together. By day four, the goal is to get all three of you guys in there. – I still need some work. – We keep starting a
little rough, but that was probably your best session yet. We’re all at the same wind
speed now, which was honestly, that was probably like my
biggest goal for today. We’ve just gotta get you
a little more control, which is, we’re almost there. – Except for the exit. – Jordan went in first,
and Jordan looked like a badass, and I was like,
this is not my day today. – That exit, when you
crawled out of the bottom, was my favorite thing on the planet. – I’ll have you guys start flying over me. So we’re start kind of
introducing burble hopping once we start getting side slide down. So a side slide is you just
moving directly across. I’m going to explain the
box position for you guys. One’s gonna up, the other one stays down. This person creates a box down here, while this person creates a box up here. We’re just consistently
always creating a box. Now, it’s just going to
be you guys experimenting, playing with that tunnel
awareness, trying to find a corner and really just trying to
stay away from each other. Right, you’re sharing the tunnel. – I was never that good at
sharing, I should let you know. We’ll see. – How much different is it having two or having three people in there? – I feel like I improved
by leaps and bounds today and then rapidly lost all of my skills once Ryann and I were in there together. – That little figure eight
thing, it makes sense in my head, but then the process of doing it was just, oh, this is not gonna happen. I kept falling on Jordan, and then my legs would fly in the air. We did crash a lot though. (crashing sound effect) – [Jordan] Why did I wind up flailing on my back like twice? (laughing) – You were rushing the side slice. It’s one thing to kind of
calmly do it when you’re by yourself, but for some reason when you throw somebody else in the mix, then we start rushing things. So both of you guys were
kid of popping your hips back a little bit and you
were dropping your legs. That will make you want
to roll over to your back. – That was insane. – It was incredible. – But it’s definitely really, really hard. You jump in, you can’t breathe. You need to like straighten
your leg and move your arms and tighten your core, but not concave ’cause then you’ll go straight to the top. – Ready for a little bit more? – [Ryann] Yeah. One, two, three. – [Speaking Together] Do you even fly? – Today’s day four. We’re gonna get all three of
you guys in there together. That’s the goal for today. – [Jordan] It was like more comfortable, and then we all three got in there, and then it was kind of scary. – We’re going to do something new today. It’s called tunnel ball. – Marco comes in with this little ball and he’s like, I got a game. And I was like, didn’t nobody tell me that we was playing games today. – It’s really just one on one. You guys are gonna fight for the ball, and you’re going to try to
make it through that door. Kind of like Quidditch. It’s a way to kind of get yourself out of your head a little bit. That way you’re not so focused
on, how do I get there? And you just see the ball
and you go get the ball. – And then I’d be paying so
much attention to the ball that I wouldn’t be paying attention at all to whoever else was in there with me. – I don’t know actually
what started it, but like all I know is I see Jordan coming for me, I’ve got a face full of net. – I was like, oh my God, poor Daysha. – My goggles are halfway coming off. I can’t see, I’m like
Marco, take the wheel. And can we talk about
crawling out of the tunnel. Like getting hit by Jordan,
everything was worth it just to see Marco twerk on a handstand because he tried to act like
he couldn’t, and he did. – And one day that’ll be you Daysha. – I know, gave me goals. – Did we do better or
worse than you expected? – You know what though, for four sessions, you guys crushed it way
better than I expected. – This is actually like
really therapeutic. Like there were times where I was like, I can take this back to life. Like, when things are getting crazy, you just like fall to the net, breathe, and then when you’re ready
to lift yourself up again, you do it. – [Marco] Oh wow, that’s deep. – [Daysha] I know, I’m
taking it there (laughing). (classical cello music)

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