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  1. How come people hate on vert? It's every bit as difficult as street skating, but in its own way. Listen, these pros make vert and street LOOK easy, and maybe that's why some people find it boring, but, until you understand how difficult vert and street are, you can't say that it sucks right off the bat.

    Personally, I really like to watch both street vert. I skate street by the way.

  2. @lookatmySB AH ha yer i know they must be 55mm, i was joking about the 65, coz im still riding mullen size wheels that JUST catch every stone! AH ha ha, cheers anyway dude

  3. California, China….Earth…This is just a little ball to Pedro! É nóis muleque…Brasil continua……..

  4. @ktextreme Not true, man. I think roller blading is fun and it can have its moments of awesome, even though, personally, I'd rather be skateboarding. I do believe you are being quite hypocritical though, considering the fact that you said "skate boarders are so closeminded." It makes it seem like you are the one who is truly closed minded to say something so ignorant.

  5. @ktextreme I may not be able to represent the entire skateboarding community, since I'm only one person, but hear me out. So many of us skateboarders have been ridiculed for being good for nothing punks who seek nothing but anarchy and domination over all other extreme sports. That just isn't true. We just want people to notice that skateboarding is a legitimate sport and can be seen as great form of entertainment for anybody. It isn't about hating, it's about introducing fun in a new way.

  6. @ktextreme Skateboarding has such a great community, in fact, you should visit the berrics.com. Because of people like Steve Berra, a story like Nick Mullins, a kid with potentially great talent in skateboarding, more people were able to realize Nick's situation. An outpouring of support for Nick came from not just skaters, but other action sports enthusiasts and people who just wanted to see Nick get better. Our skate community is amazing and has a good side and welcomes all. We don't hate.

  7. @ktextreme And ok, it may be true what you say about skating dying in 15 years. But isn't the point of an action sport to push the sport to the limit? If skateboarding dies, and can no longer progress, I wouldn't call that a failure, I'd call that a big, fantastic success! To be able to push something that started a whole different type of culture so far that it is immortalized? That's what it's all about.

  8. @wallmunky503 its actually all about fun and enjoyment. if skateboarding "dies", it would be in no way a success, but at least we could all still go out and enjoy ourselves and get creative and do what it is we do. thats what it's all about.

  9. @wallmunky503 thats true i can sorta skate like him now but it took me 4 years to even get to get sorts close to how good he is

  10. Have you ever wished you could have a clone of yourself to do homework while you hit the skate park or went out with your friends? """""""""""

  11. Pedro é muito foda ,imagina esse mlk com uns 22 anos ,o monstro que ele vai ta ,pqp vai existir nem tony hawks ,ele vai ser tao foda que vai mata o tony com o shepada na cabeça

  12. @MVDMAJLB Ele tem sobrenome portugues porque com certeza alguem da familia dele era de Portugal. Isso é obvio, já que vocês que colonizaram o Brasil

  13. @wallmunky503 I agree with you completely but i think it'' just more aesthetically pleasing to watch someone front board to shove -it a 7 set rather than tweaking a melon.

  14. @ReallyAwesomeGinger In No Way Would A Front Board Shuv Out On A 7 Stair Be More Aesthetic Than Someone Doing A 7ft Bs Tweak.

  15. @mrvertlb Hahaha since i made that comment and snowboard season started i've reconsidered my position on the issue. There is nothing steezier than a full out method actually. They feel the best to do too.

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