Pawn Stars: 1936 Olympic Pin | History

Pawn Stars: 1936 Olympic Pin | History

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  1. What does Baldy mean by every other gift shop has them?
    Real or replicas?
    It seems surprising that there are so many 1936 Olympic pins around.

  2. Customer: I have the holy grail right here.

    Rick: I can only give you a $10 McDonald's gift card, and I'm taking a HUGE risk.

  3. Stranger: I found god
    Pawn stars: How much do you want for it?
    Stranger: I’m looking about 100million.
    Pawn stars: urghhhhh… I’ll give you 20k?

  4. I have a Confederate 100. It has its certificate of Authenticity. My familly passed it down for generations, now its here. Pretty cool huh.

  5. Why did it take three years??? Did he crawl from Arkensas? He chose to wait 3 years and for some reason he decided to pawn it at Ricks gaff (facepalm)

  6. That pin is rarer than rick thinks. Easily worth 1,000 since it was the only olympics held by adolf hitler. Everyone remembers 36' olympics over the rest.

  7. Earlier a guy came in with Mr. Brown claiming they got along famously, the best Rick could do was get along moderately.

  8. Dude I would’ve kept that lol. Unless the Hitler thing bothered him. I think it’s a really cool old piece of history worth more than $100.

  9. well hitler cheered for an American black athlete who won while the u.s. president didnt even call to congratulate so who was the racist in all this?

  10. I have Suddam Hussein's underwear what's the best offer you give me Rick

    Rick: its too creepy so the best I can do is 10 bucks and one of my underwear. I'm taking a risk.

  11. What a stupid comment he made at the end…I wont be gambling with Goose because it took 3 years to get my money!!! Moron…you accepted the PIN in LIEU of the $100.00 he owed you…so technically….HE PAID YOU.

  12. From a collectors POV unless your desperate for money why would you ever sell this. It’s such a cool piece of history I would at least hang it on a wall not sell it for a 100 bucks.

  13. I just check the price on this on ebay… and on ebay it sells for 62$ .. so actually a pretty good deal for the seller

  14. This Pin should be sell somewhere around 1500 dollars, definitely if American diggers found that while doing digging and sell to antique collection shops

  15. How tf did Germany afford to host the olympics? Weren’t they in the middle of a terrible economy, had hyperinflation, and it was better to use their money than toilet paper?

  16. I rather keep that cool pin rather than be that thirsty for 100 bucks. Some of these ppl are just desperate broke

  17. As a WW2 collector , I can tell you these 1936 Olympic pins are highly faked like a lot of german ww2 items , weather it be medals , Uniforms you name it ,

  18. Typical Boomers hating on Germany and Nazi's…yawn…WWII was a huge mistake, stfu and eat your jello, baldy.

  19. For anyone questioning the value, remember that the Internet has changed the game. Once the web came around, the supply of Olympic pins increased by 20 times. You no longer have to go to swap meets or search out conventions – so the values went down. Just look at the beer can market – all those people who collected old beer cans before 2000 saw the value of their collection fall to nothing because it's too easy to find almost any can. My guess is Rick made no money on this pin – just filmed this because it's interesting item for the show

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