PATREON | The Vision – Gameplay Trailer – Unreal Engine 4 | PROTOTYPE

PATREON | The Vision – Gameplay Trailer – Unreal Engine 4 | PROTOTYPE

Gameplay Starts at 3:40

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  1. cant wait for constant time travel paradoxes ;). look very promising but i fear it will fail because of time travel level of complexity . for example i start in future , grab advanced tech, then travel back in time and kill common ancestor of all primates. or if you kill all in small village there will be no city in the future.

  2. I'm very curious about the line about diseases… seems like an interesting thing to mention! I wonder if the story is going to have a lot to do with researching diseases from all the different times to cure a disease that is threatening humanity in the future, maybe??

    I'm crossing my fingers for a story where you go back in time to research a cure to a deadly disease in the "present" that you also suffer from, but in the process you butterfly-effect humanity out of existence, and now you have to jump back and forth through time to try and restore the timeline while also trying to find the cure before it kills you, trying to put right what you put wrong, hoping each time that your next leap will be the leap back to the home you know.

    Feel free to use any of my ideas, if you want 😀

  3. PATREON LINK IN DESCRIPTION!!! CHECK the channel discussion page and join the discussion!!!
    Gameplay Starts at 3:40
    Join us on Discord!!!! (Link In Description)

    EDIT: Frequent Question(s):
    Q: How big is the team that worked on this project? A: 1 person strong

  4. If you are interested check a game called The Journeyman Project: Turbo. That game was released back in 1994 (I was 9) and can't get it out of my head. It had time travel, an amazing atmosphere, and a cool story with a plot that made sense.

    Take this game as an inspiration as well, not everything needs to be just "pew pew pew" nonsense crap. Think about the story first and then add gameplay around that.

    Good luck with your project. 😉

  5. Oh God.
    I wish every developer could do the same as you doing right now. Graphic wise looks awesome dude. Unreal engine is realy hell of a game designing engine. The idea behind is kind of unique. But, i hope to see something real touching at the end.
    Wish you best of luck. I'm really excited to see more about this prototype game.

  6. hey,nice job.really great idea and in depth thinking behind it.i have 2 questions
    1-will &when will the game be release on steam or any other platform?
    2-since you have ability to travel to future in game,is it possible to customize you body like cyberg or something and switch them with robotic parts?

    thank you for viewing comment and answering.

  7. Man! It just looks really awesome, doing all the software development, tests and other stuffs alone, even creating the storyline, doing budget planning and analysis, I completely respect! It looks superb, I hope you will expand the game to a much better point, finish your prototype and we all can play your self-developed game. I wish nothing but the best in your journey! Last of all, the idea behind the game is very unique, if you add some kind of physics related to wormholes and multiverse theories associated with time travel, it will be definitely epic. I am going to stay tuned in for more to come!

  8. Check out the IndieDB page (Link in description)! This is not "No Mans Game"(No Mans Sky)!!! lol.. Read further to learn more!
    So much I wanted to showcase in this second video, but sadly, my current budget does not allow those things. To clear up some confusion; The video features some third person shooter game play. The game does indeed support First Person gameplay. (A suggestion in the comments also said to add support for first person aiming with third person play, I assume like PUBG or other games like that).

    I will be showcasing how the game will work in an upcoming tech video. Really aiming to show that, YES!! The game is possible!!!! No broken promises!!!
    I have also recieved numerous PM's comparing the game to "No Man's Game". lol!!! I laugh because I feel where you are coming from! No broken promises will ever come! "It just works"!!!

    Feel free to ask me anything.

  9. incredible project, if you manage to improve some mechanics of your game it could be very interesting when you finish it, it is also very incredible that you created it yourself

  10. Слишком большие амбиции и планы для одного человека.
    Палец вверх и уважуха. Надеюсь всё у него получится.

  11. Привет, у тебя очень большие планы! надеюсь ты сможешь реализовать их все, удачи тебе, для одного человека это большой труд.

  12. I actually can't understand how this can be done by one person only. Where do you get the ideas? How are you capable of that level of detail? ( cohesion like diseases , very far past times, out of time techonology and so influencing in storyline) . Do you read a lot, daydream a lot, have two brains, are you an AI?

  13. Hi friend. You need to advertise your game more, so that more people come to patron. Maybe you should go kickstarter? Or any other similar platform. Why don't big corporations make such cool games? And loners try to do it but it’s very difficult for them. I will wait for your game, as I wait for another game of one enthusiast, the game is called Russia 2055. Listen to your friend, try to tweet your game Hideo Kojime, this is not a joke, he tweeted the video of the game Russia 2055 which gave impetus to its popularity. I will help with all I can. Sorry for my English. Google translator helped me. Hello to you from Russia and Turkey.

  14. Try to tweet techraptor and other second tier gaming blogs to cover it. Then try kotaku, rockpapershotgun after you get the second tier first

  15. I was shocked the entire trailer duration and I was shocked when I read this game was developed by a single person… just WOW!
    Nice job, man. I'm gonna pre-order this game as soon it gets on the store.
    Don't give up.
    Regards from Peru.

  16. this game should add some actually sexy and cute female characters that you meet through the story since fanservice like this is sadly no longer allowed in AAA games.
    heck even tomb raider was censored so that lara no longer had big breast or revealing outfits
    the current state of gaming sucks big times.
    sjws and feminists have sucked out all the fun.

  17. Какой-то БДСМ – путешественник во времени отправляется в 4012-ый год, чтобы посидеть на стуле в плену у рептилоидов…
    Чувак, идея интересная, но видео – полная хуйня. Action – составляющая – полная хуйня. Ничего не понятно. Я, конечно, плохо понимаю беглый английский, но, по ощущениям, ничего и не объясняется.
    Также хочу сказать, что если ты будешь заниматься полноценной 3D-игрой в одиночку, она устареет технически и морально быстрее, чем будет готова (как С.Т.А.Л.К.Е.Р, который переделывали по несколько раз – а там была хоть какая-то команда). Либо набирай программистов и художников, и ускоряй этот процесс, либо создавай нейросеть, которая сделает всё за тебя (это, конечно, бред). В любом случае, это гораздо более полезное занятие, чем у придурков, которые по несколько лет создавали замок в Майнкрафт.
    Но всё-таки желаю удачи. Надеюсь, ты меня услышал.
    Some BDSM time traveler goes to 4012 to sit on a chair in captivity of reptilians…
    Dude, it's an interesting idea, but the video is bullshit. Action-component-full bullshit. Nothing is clear. I cannot understand fluent English, but the feelings, nothing is explained.
    I also want to say that if you're doing a full 3D game alone, it is outdated technically and morally faster, than will be ready (like S. T. A. L. K. E. R, which was altered several times and there was at least some command). Either recruit programmers and artists, and accelerate this process, or create a neural network that will do everything for you (this is, of course, nonsense). In any case, it is much more useful than the jerks who for several years created a castle in Minecraft.
    But good luck." I hope you heard me. Translate this

  18. Dude, this looks really good. The fact that you have worked on it by yourself, for 4 years, just adds up to its awesomeness. I work in 3d, modelling and pbr texturing. You need any help, shoot me a pm. Can't wait to play this game. What is it coming for?? Pc and/or consoles? I play console mainly (pc are for work only, for me), but I'll do an exception for this game 😉 keep it up

  19. Надеюсь такого работягу заберет какая-нибудь студия. Есть у нас провальные проекты типа Vampyra которую делали студией и которая уступает этому прототипу. Успехов автору! А над автоматом нужно поработать LUL. И есть ли в планах первое лицо? или первое лицо только на определенном оружии ? Или только 3 лицо?

  20. Хотелось бы видеть главного героя с его современным оружием к примеру во времена древних войн

  21. Люди давайте все вместе поможем ему с деньгами, только надо узнать куда донатить. Эта игра должна увидеть свет.

  22. I loooooove this game!! It's seems sooooo super cool. Where can me and my brothers(who also can't wait for the game) find it? Like, will it be on Xbox, PlayStation, or is it a computer game?

  23. Got some question…
    1. Generally, how big is the game map? Is it a set map zone like GTA V, procedurally generated map like Minecraft or even partly procedurally generated map like the old Elder Scrolls Daggerfall?
    2. The trailer mentioned "Survival" and "ability to inhabit any period of time", does that means ability of base building and resources farming/management like most of other survival games? Or the perches of real estate within NPC towns and cities just purely used as a mean to generate currency for that period of time??
    3. Will relation with NPCs and their faction play a major role in the game?
    4. Is backward cross time period trading part of the game? EXP: Bringing an item from 700CE to 2020CE and sale it as a relic…
    5. Is cross time period Base Building part of the game? EXP: Bring tech from 3000CE back to 400BCE and use it to set up a 3000CE style operation base/home, tho you never show that to other NPCs, once you traveled to a late period of time, will you find the ruin of your base/home been marked as "Ancient Alien Base" by NPCs? Or will the base still be in functional order if you keep access it thought the game play on different time period.

  24. Only 1 person is making this!? Wow, I need to step my creativity game up. Kudos to the developer behind this game. I can see the passion being put into this game.

  25. такие игры и не всякие огромные компании сделают , а тут один человек , надеюсь у тебя всё получится

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