Pathologic 2 – Gameplay Overview Trailer | May 23

Pathologic 2 – Gameplay Overview Trailer | May 23

Far from any roads, in the distant steppes, lays a forgotten town, where life is slow and things are bleak. Welcome to the world of Pathologic 2 the game about death, misery and no happy endings. As a young doctor, you arrive in your hometown summoned by your troubled father, only to realize that things have taken a turn for the worse. The deadly plague is taking over and there’s no hope in sight. As the disease spreads, entire districts turn into boarded-up quarantine zones and the town slowly slips into chaos. It’s hard enough to survive on your own, let alone help others. You may dive deep into people’s stories, trade with them, and earn their trust… Or loot their homes and harvest bodies for organs and blood. One thing is certain — the choice won’t be easy. Time is also not on your side. It ticks by with a grim persistence, with or without you. Be wise in how you spend it. Miss an important event or a piece of the town’s story and it’s gone forever. You only have 12 days, no more and no less. Remember, that every time you die, the world changes and the game becomes even harder. By paying this harsh price, you may get a glimpse of another truth… Just don’t get too carried away. As a doctor, you will try to save some people: the ones most important to the town’s survival… or the ones most important to you. Quite often though you will be helpless to heal them and even the key characters may die. The plague is merciless and only time will tell who is to make it to the other side. Don’t expect the story to unfold on its own. It is dense. Lots of things are hidden from your eyes. Different plots arise here and there to form a bigger picture. It’s up to you to untangle them on your own to find out the eerie truth. Welcome to this strange world of Pathologic 2, the theater of life and death. The performance is about to start, please — step onto the stage.

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  1. In terms of surpassing the original's gameplay, it is an incredibly low bar to clear. What I'm curious about is how this story will stack up against the original. Looks great, so far!

  2. Just from these trailers, I can tell that this is going to be a more interesting version of "Pathologic". (Not to say that the original wasn't interesting.) The strangeness is more apparent, combat looks to be finer tuned, there are more varieties of character models with more details, and gameplay looks to be more intricate. (The "Diablo" style of inventory, the methods of organ extraction and disease treatment, a better map and Adherent list, and I'm curious as to how the Death mechanic would work.)
    Only thing I'm confused about is why start off as the Haruspex? I mean, most people recommend playing as the Bachelor, since he's a stranger to town, and people are more willing to explain the culture to him, and by extension, the player. I guess it's because most people going into the new game would have already played the original? Either way, I really want to play this game, too.

  3. Oh hey, a trailer I can link to when people ask what the hell is the game about without me needing to write several paragraphs, nice

  4. Will it be available in Epic Games Store? I do not want to support Valve and Gabe, if they are that lazy not doing Half Life 3

  5. There is no other game like this. Ive been waiting…years
    Im bored of video games. But theres a certain motivation in me to experience this "video game"
    Its finally done. Even if its just one of the three journeys.

  6. No happy ending so would bad ending and save ending 2 endings welp this sucks when this game comes out i will watch on youtube find more about this game

  7. A game that actually has potential? Unheard-of!

    But seriously – this is the only game I've been following for quite some time now. The optimization is the only thing that concerns me right now, since the demo experience was not a kind one. Other than that, I'm expecting a relaxing (and easy and commonplace) summer adventure.

  8. I never played the OG version nor the remastered version. Both are just to obtuse for my simple monkey brain. But in the time between the very first version and this one, the developer matured as well. I consider this my ticket into the Pathologic world!

  9. No other game or movie was even close to making me feel what I felt playing the first Pathologic game (and the Marble Nest demo). There is something genuinely and deeply touching about it. Purely metaphysical experience. A true gem! Provides so many emotions, it's just unreal. Please, support the developers – Ice Pick Logde Games. They put so much effort and heart into their games!

  10. One of the many reasons I love the original Pathologic enough to rank it amongst my favourite games of all time was it's fearlessness – it didn't care to hold the hand of the player, and trusted that the person playing it was intelligent enough to make their own decisions. It looks like they've carried that particular ethos across, and it's the kind of thing that makes me truly excited for the future of video games, if more developers cared to make more 'difficult' experiences, not just gameplay wise, but thematically. Thank you, IPL!

  11. At least tinybuild learned to not turn every game into a PTSD fever dream.. though they did test it with a certain game and killed the original idea dynamic pixels had..but I forgot the name

  12. I am only hoping this game will actually be optimised. I understand the demo and alpha lacked optimisations and is not the final representation but what I played so far was dipping below 30fps on a GTX 1070. Demo and Alpha was seemingly CPU bottlenecked even for a Ryzen 1700x at 3.8ghz. If nothing changes I may not be interested in buying this game. Its a shame as I really like the premise.

  13. Вот недавно вышла еще одна игра про чуму Plague Tale: Innocence. Да, они абсолютно разные, но надеюсь люди не будут думать, что Мор такая же и зачем покупать еще одну игру про чуму.. Меня это беспокоит.

  14. Надеюсь, что игра не разочарует. Если отзывы хорошие будут в первые дни, тогда куплю.

  15. Tinybuild: uploads something unrelated to hello/secret neighbor

  16. Hype can't wait to play this game! It looks absolutely fantastic (and a complete improvement over the first one). Can't wait to experience pathologic's weird and dreamlike atmosphere again! It's like playing a David lynch movie (just a little bit more depressing)

  17. Ticking clock exactly fits the video bg! Didn't play the first game but this promises a great gameplay, its narrative looks attractive and it could be an outstanding game these days!

  18. Nobody:
    Me: Ahh, i love the smell of burning bodies in the morning
    But honestly, the game seems great! Keep up the good work guys! 😀

  19. I thought the original was fascinating and brilliantly written, but this just looks like they distilled and refined the essence of the original.

  20. – Будьте аккуратней, детишки, вы играете со смертью.

    – Нет, дядя, мы играем в Смерть.

  21. дождался такиии :))
    600 р, не плохо! правда у меня степуха всего 600 :)) тык что буду ждать каких нибудь новогодних скидок 🙂

  22. Надеюсь, игра окупится, так как на игры с такой тематикой особого спроса нет. Люди банально не хотят думать… Им больше по душе Half-life

  23. Games that dont hold your hands are so rare these days and its quite brave to release one in a time where glorified Skinner's boxes are the norm

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