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  1. If this finally gets us away from the tedium of 6 linking that killed build experimentation and alt characters in a league I might have to start playing again.

  2. Im sorry but, no blood effects, and NO ragdolls?? Every single enemy dies the exact same copy pasted death animation?
    0:33 I'm not impressed… Half the fun of these games is watching the chaotic carnage you unleash.

  3. Will the passive skill tree be as huge and unforgiving as the original? One thing that kept frustrating me to the point where I never got far in the game was that I was forced to scrap characters and start over if I messed up the skill tree.

    I'm a long time gamer, but PoE is one of the few games that I liked playing, but was unable to.

  4. Please add more than one corpse animation per enemy. It just looks off when dozens of monsters die in the exact same way next to each other.

  5. You make a new game and dont even change the interface in the 1st gameplay video, so it looks like another dlc for original poe. Great marketing, fellow!

  6. This looks like so much QoL. I've had friends who refuse to play because they found the sockets system too annoying to deal with, this may change thier mind.

  7. Love PoE but wont come back as long as Tencent has their fingers anywhere in the pie. Sorry guys, you got a great game but a really REALLY shitty partner.
    To much suspicious stuff behind them for me to trust any of their stuff on my PC. Maybe one of these days.

  8. 10:33 I absolutely need to know, the true story of this Chicken ..
    Must be the most important NPC of all, if they put it in a prison of thorns!

  9. This looks amazing, congrats. I also like the final boss fight, great idea! But it will not be better than the story in D4.

  10. Shapeshifting is cool but just slashing and leaping seems kinda ,,flat"
    I'd prefer a unique skillset for each form. Just like the roles have

  11. I feel okay with that – i will stop playing the game until release. BL3 has came out and i think poe 2 is nice to start again after 6 years.
    Btw thank u for this game

  12. Looks okay, i like it better. Really the only thing i can say is that it feels to me like an in-between Diablo III – PoE killing system. In this 15 min video there was one time after around 500-1000 monster killing when the casters health went to HALF only. The health simply doesnt move, and its just almost like one hit killing everything
    Thats a sad thing

  13. Looks AMAZING!
    I've been off of PoE for a while, playing Grim Dawn and other non-ARPG shit…But this will bring me right back. I never disliked PoE, it's wonderful (especially for being a FTP)…But I tend to get tired of things and move on to another thing regarding games.

  14. Wow, visually stunning. Maybe its just me but I hated the original PoE character designs/models. This has far better environments and models, wow.

  15. Ironic enough, path of exile 2 copy diablo, diablo copy path of exile :p I could not tell some of the parts, if it was diablo 3 or path of exile i was looking at. World design here is diablo 3, and im looking at a demonhunter 😛 Shapeshift of diablo 4.. Some of the mobs, are mobs ive seen in d3. I have not more then 3-4 hours in path of exile. But is see what im playing in d3

  16. PoE 01 was superior!
    Now that you have PoE 02 coming out – please can you do a physical release on consoles of the first One? The Online-only thing is not really my preference

  17. локация с розовыми шипами – божественна , почему подобного так мало в пое ?

  18. Wait… People actually think PoE2 will kill D4 after watching this? Like did you actually watch the D4 gameplay? This looks great but I mean seriously?

  19. This looks amazing! Will shap shifting be toggleable? and are there plans to have blood spatter decals remain alongside the mountains of corpses, because those things would be delicious!

  20. I wonder if anyone else breathed a huge sigh of relief when they learned that all their skills can be 6-linked now. That was always that thing that frustrated me about POE's design (and that of a lot of ARPGs TBH) was that it eventually devolved into a 1-skill spam fest. I much prefer this design where I build a couple of skills to use in combination or depending on the situation.

    On the flip-side, they will probably have to tone-down the insanity 6-links could previously reach.

  21. i think when u level up a gem, would be cool to be able to customize it. like maybe more radius, more damage or more speed more chain….etc. so the same skill gem with same level can be a little different.

  22. All these people acting like they can only play one or the other (PoE or Diablo 4) lol You're all fools! You actually CAN do both you know… Hell you can do both plus Elder Scrolls plus a Fallout (or 3) plus something like Subnautica and Red Dead Redemption 2- in less than a year. Get on my level muhhh fkaaaaas lol

  23. The only thing that makes me laugh about games like these is the time they need to spend to create it. But of course, you've got group of people saying: "oohh it takes soooo muuuch time to make something as complex as this". After the game is released there are still tons of patches and in the end NOBODY is really happy about the outcome which doesnt really exist because the game is in development EVEN after that so called release.
    And then people cry CD Projekt Red is making a huge Cyberpunk 2077 since 2015. BUT AT LEAST WHEN ITS FINISHED THEN ITS FINISHED!

  24. But please! German Syncro and German Text… It would give this game so much more depth.
    And please… some Cinematics.
    Really.. I played PoE so much but I NEVER got the story. I don't know anything about it.

  25. Annoying character shouting, at each cast, still there 🙁 Why they dont make this sound only when char on low hp…

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