Patagonia deep-water soloing – Red Bull Psicobloc 2012

Patagonia deep-water soloing – Red Bull Psicobloc 2012

We are in the Chilean Patagonia, one of the most beautiful spots in the world and it’s incredible being able to be here doing Psicobloc. There is no rope, there’s no correcting, and there’s no harness. You go completely free, and the fall is into the water. I think that more than the height or the long falls, we are more afraid of the water, right? The water is completely freezing. To fall in that water is a freezing feeling, you know? It’s cold! My God! The name itself is “Psicobloc.” The psychological part is the most important. There are very strong climbers that can’t go 4 meters in the deep-water soloing, you know? Because they are not as well prepared psychologically speaking. The Chilean climbers that are coming were selected from an event that we also did in the rock called High Volt Redbull. All of them are the new generation of climbers, right? Much physical strength, brave, but the truth is that I haven’t noticed too much difference between them. What happens first is that we have to clarify that it is a very complicated situation, very cold, lots of waiting because of the rain, with water all the time. I was wet, seriously wet. There were boats. I’m at the bottom of the route, it’s very wet, the rain is very hard. Do you hear me? It is unlikely that we’ll have sun, we have a breeze from the South, which is moving towards the North. The situation… is very wet, it rained a lot. I have prepared a very intense final route with a very strong inclination and, well, let’s see who can make the difference. Facu, by the jury’s decision and ours, is granted first place. I mean, I still have a life of climbing ahead. It motivates me to keep pushing my limits.

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  1. I must say I feel terrible for the fellow who's responsible for maintaining the chalk supply.
    -Beau Ch.
    P.s. Beautiful cinematography.

  2. comon the end of the world.. earth is round there is no end… or start and if there is a start and an end wouldnt it start in the middle and end at the tallest point?

  3. In Mallorca, where deep water soloing was invented, they just turn inside out the chalk bag (made out of not fabric, but just rubber), and fill it again with more chalk (in 5 mins is dry)

  4. Simplemente Chile, de los lugares mas lindos del mundo, aca tenemos mejores glaciares, mejores montañas, mejores valles, mejores volcanes, mas naturaleza etc.

    Muchos lugares que pocos conocen, en fin.

    El verdadero fin del mundo, Saludos.

  5. el paisaje más bonito es la patagonia chilena sobre todo puerto río tranquilo sus rios, glaciares y capillas de mármol obio 😁

  6. If this is one of your first soloing videos, I suggest you go check out Alex Honnold 🙂 Prepare to be screaming in your house telling pixels on a screen they're NUTS!

  7. Legal, mas poderiam ter mostrado mais as escaladas. Parabéns ao povo do Chile pela belíssima vista. Espero, um dia, poder visitá-los na Patagônia.

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