Parkour at the 2016 Youth Olympics

Parkour at the 2016 Youth Olympics

I think we fit in a lot better here,
at the Youth Olympic Games than at the Summer Olympics, for instance, which are more about competition
and performance. We’re all about fun,
about enjoying ourselves. We are trying to get people
to try out parkour, climbing on snow and stuff like that. Another important part of parkour
is personal development: The goal isn’t to be the best
but rather to become better. Coming here is a great opportunity
to show that parkour is starting to become more and
more important internationally so we’re trying to
make it more official. We’ve set something in motion – well,
actually, our group is called The Move. We are here to represent parkour
and the energy this whole community is pouring into these projects.
This is only the beginning. On YouTube one of the top results
is “Assassin’s Creed in Real Life” it is among the first ten results
when typing in “Parkour” When people see their moves, they
think, “how is that even possible?” The funny part is that they see
moves in a game or movie, then they look out the window
and see people doing the same outside. Then, they think, “I can
do this, it’s possible.” Our generation has discovered
parkour through movies, the current generation is doing
the same through Assassin’s Creed. This is crazy, because
they end up thinking: “if I practice really hard,
giving myself fixed goals, I might end up being able to do what
my character is doing in the game.” I think young people are smart, they
know they have to practice to perform without any risks, before they can
become mini assassins.

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  1. Looking forward to the Next Assassin's Creed cause then there will be another real life Assassin's Creed Parkour video. 😀

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