Parents React To Mortal Kombat 11 (Fatalities, Brutalities, Gameplay)

Parents React To Mortal Kombat 11 (Fatalities, Brutalities, Gameplay)

– Oh my god.
Oh– oh my… god. OH MY GOD!
– Parents ain’t gonna like it, but the kids
gonna love it. (laughs) ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – This looks so scary.
– Oh, [bleep]. – Looks like maybe a video game. – (sucks in breath) Ar–
Oh! JEEZ! What the frick, man? – Whoa! Wow.
So, that took a weird turn. – Oh, Mortal Kombat?
– Mortal Kombat! – Mortal Kombat, baby.
Raiden! – ♪ Brand new MAK-90 with the… ♪
– Mortal Kombat. – Is that a rap song?
– And that’s 21 Savage! – They fightin’,
they got 21 Savage rappin’ to it. – Wow. Does a body have
that much blood in it? – Uh.
– ♪ Glock 19 and a blue flame ♪ – I grew upon this right here.
– I suck at this game. – (sighs)
My god! – Oh, that’s not gonna feel great.
– Ooh! This looks nice,
but it’s so graphic! – Definitely something my kids
would play for sure. – Ow! Ow, god.
(laughs) – Dude. It’s comedic now.
– (laughs) (sighs) This is definitely something
I would have banned the kids from playing when they were younger,
but now it’s fine. – Oh, I know what this is.
My boy, Scorpion. – (Scorpion yells)
– Oh! We went right through him. What?!
– Wait. How the heck did he go
through his body and the spine was intact? – THAT… escalated very quickly. – (sucks in breath) Ah,
that looks amazing. I might have to get a 4K TV
just to play that game. – Mortal Kombat, what?
Wow. – OHH, Mortal Kombat!
Yeah. I should’ve known it was gonna be some
insane video game. – Mortal Kombat, you guys.
The bloodiest, the goriest, the nastiest.
– Mortal Kombat was just fun. It was a fun game.
They were pretty gruesome back then, but I mean, it was just,
you know, a sword through the stomach, not your spleen being ripped out. – Wowwww. – Jeez.
This is actual game footage? – I thought it was a movie trailer.
They’re so detailed. – Gosh. (laughs) – Man, it’s so visual.
– I’d just be spamming the buttons. That’s all I would be doing. – Well, how technology has improved. – (chuckles) Oh, why am I laughing?
It’s so disturbing. It’s just over the top. – (Sub-Zero) Savagery
is no match for skill. – Oh, god. So dumb!
– The parents ain’t gonna like it, but the kids
gonna love it. (laughs) – (snickers) – Oh, he ripped his face o– (laughs) – (chuckles) It’s just more blood,
more guts than ever before. – I know it’s a game.
I know it’s a game, but that just looks so painful. – “You’re next.”
I don’t know if I am. – OHH!
Again and again and again. Ooh. – (inhales deeply) Oh my god. Violent much?
– This is really violent. – My mom was real religious
growing up, so she was like, “We ain’t gettin’ this.”
(laughs) “You can get some DuckTales.” – How I view these games
is very, very different than, you know, say,
Mortal Kombat version two. I’m sure I was appalled,
and now it’s funny to me. – As parents, you know,
you just gotta be careful what you bring home
and how old your kids are. Parents are still buying
these freaking games for nine, ten-year-old kids,
and in a way, that’s kinda crazy. – (FBE) So, that was the trailer
and the gameplay for the upcoming video game, Mortal Kombat 11.
– Wow, man. 11? – (FBE) So, up next, we have
a compilation of some of the fatalities found
in this new version of the game. – Oh, all right. Cool.
– (laughs) This is gonna be gross. – Sub-Zero!
God, turn him into an ice cube. – (giggles) Always with the head chop.
– Wait. Oh, I thought he was gonna hollow it out and put it on
as a hat. – Even though they had this type
of violence before, it was not so vivid. – Sub-Zero’s got some
mad skills, I guess. – Gah!
– (Scorpion screaming) – Took my man’s spine out
from the front of him! – Ohhh! The spine?!
With the head?! That’s a damn fatality
right there, baby. – (voice-over) Fatality.
Sub-Zero… – That’s just gro–
that’s so unnecessary. – Oh, I like that character.
– Oh my god. Oh– oh my… god.
OH MY GOD! – Fatalities is off the chain.
God! He knocked his brain out of his head! (laughs)
– (voice-over) Fatality. Geras wins.
– I would say so. – Get him in the blades.
– Oh, helicopter. Oh, yeah.
Up into the blades. There we go. – (voice-over) Fatality.
– I mean, do parents know their kids are playing these games? – (Skarlet screams)
– Wow. – (chuckles) That’s brutal.
That’s just brutal. I’m sorry. – That’s just gross.
– (Skarlet coughing) – She still breathing? – OHH! OH MY GOD!
Cannibalism. All right, then. – Eat the brain?
Come on, man. – [Bleep], man.
Who’s gonna play this? – If I was a kid, I’d be like,
“Mom, you gotta get this! You gotta get this game!” – Jeez. (chuckles)
Need to cleanse my mind. – I’ve been waiting for a minute
for gameplay to look as close to the trailer as possible.
This is pretty damn good. – I’m drained.
I’m literally drained. And I work in an emergency room.
I see a lot of crazy stuff at work, and THIS…
this just– this blows it away. – (FBE) We wanna talk about a couple
of the characters. So, here’s an image of one
of the most talked about characters, Geras, and he is new to the series.
And he has the ability to shift time, being able to take
up to 30 seconds off the match timer. – Ohhh. Yeah,
that’s hella important, especially when it comes down
to the wire. – Wow. That’s gonna piss off
a lot of people who are going against that character.
I could totally see that. – We need 30 more seconds
to kill in a way more graphic way, just take somebody out big time.
He’s kind of sexy. I’ll be honest. – (FBE) Also, fans are excited
to welcome UFC and WWE champion, Ronda Rousey.
– Oh, wow! (chuckles) – She will be lending her voice
to a fan favorite character of Sonya. – Okay. It looks like her, too.
– Man, good for Ronda, man. She’s done a lot–
she does a lot for females in combat sports.
– It’s really cool to see her out of the ring (chuckles)
and doing some other type of work. – Oh. Well, is she gonna talk smack
and then get her ass kicked? Yo! – (voice-over) Finish her! – Please don’t kick my ass.
I’m so sorry. – (FBE) So, the Mortal Kombat
franchise and the violence that comes along with it
has been around for over 25 years now. – That’s a long time.
I remember it well. – (FBE) So, at the point,
the violence in the game might not feel like such a big deal
to you, but how do you think your parents would react
to a game like this if it was released
when you were younger compared to how you kind of
react to it today? – Oh god, no. No.
It would not have been allowed for sure.
Seeing something like this, I don’t think they could’ve
even imagined. And I could hear my mom’s voice
right now saying, “Ah,” you know, “Dios mio.”
She would be like, “No.” – Oh my god. My mom
never would’ve let me play a video game like that.
If he was playing something like this now, I mean,
he’s pretty much an adult. If he wants to do that,
that’s fine. But if he was 15, 16,
not under my roof. Mm-mm, no way.
– If my kids were younger, I certainly wouldn’t want them
playing this. It’s just, you don’t need
images like that. Parents, do your parenting.
Do your job, you know. If you don’t want your kids
seeing stuff like this, be involved. You know,
watch what they’re doing and check it out. You know,
play a couple games with them. – They didn’t grow up with games,
and they would never allow me to play with something
like that, I believe, because it’s very violent.
TV back in the days, you know, you were lucky if you saw
someone kissing on TV past eight,
nine o’clock at night. Now, I mean, my kids
have got me used to that. Every time I wanna tell them
that I disagree with these kind of games,
they always convince me and say that it’s not gonna change them
in any way. So, in that way,
they win the argument. – (FBE) Back in the ’90s,
when a game like Mortal Kombat was new, there was a lot
of uproar by parents at the time and the media
about the violence and potential impact on youth.
– Oh, yeah. – It was super violent for the time,
you know, and yeah, I mean, it was–
it got a lot of backlash. – (FBE) Whether or not you feel
like Mortal Kombat crosses the line for your kids, there are certainly
things out there in the world that would probably be too much
and you wouldn’t want your children exposed to.
Similar to when you were their age and felt your parents
didn’t understand your generation and interests.
Well, what do you think now that the roles are reversed,
where just like how your parents felt certain things weren’t okay
for kids, you might be doing the same now with your kids?
– Oh my god, totally. I mean, there’s absolutely
at least one moment every day where I’m like, “What are you”–
and that, you know, my kids are like, “Um, really, Mom?”
I mean, that’s different. They talk back to me.
I would never talk back to my parents. – I honestly don’t mind
turning into my parents. I really don’t.
I’ve liked the way that I was brought up.
I hope I’ve at least instilled some of that into my kids.
– In a way, I am different than my parents,
because they had a lot of fear. You know, they really feared
the outcome of us playing those kind of games.
Now, after 25 years of watching games coming in and out,
then I can definitely say, “Wow, this is not going
to affect my kids.” So, all I can do is
give my opinion, but I will not stop them
from playing. – My mom really kind of kept
a pretty tight rein on me. So, for that reason, I gave my son
a lot of liberties growing up. I really, really trusted him,
and I gave him a lot of freedom. So, now I really kind of did
the opposite of what my mom did. – (FBE) So finally, the game is set
to release on April 23rd. Do you think you’ll buy this
for yourself or for your kids if they’re old enough
and they wanna play it? Or are you gonna skip it altogether
and not allow them to play it? – No, I’m not buying that game.
– I’ll skip it altogether. It doesn’t seem appealing.
– Will probably buy it. Have him pummel me in the game?
Yes, of course. – Hmm, not buying it.
I don’t think my kids would be into it.
They’re kind of more Mario Bros. (laughs)
– Man, I’m buying this. I might be one of those ones
that are out there in front of the store.
– I could totally see my son playing Mortal Kombat.
And my kids are old enough to make their own choices,
and I would just talk to ’em about maybe trying hard
not to pull anybody’s heart out or their– you know,
dismember them. That would be kind of a thing
I would tell them. (chuckles) – Hey, guys. JC here.
I wanna tell you a little bit about our tiered memberships
we just launched called the SuperFam on the React Channel.
You get special perks like helping us pick
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  1. What's your favorite thing about Mortal Combat 11?

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  2. I’m definitely buying this game but I’m old enough to get this and play so you don’t need to be like ommmggg ewwwww

  3. If one of the reasons you don't want to buy this for your kids, is because the kid will be more violent. You are wrong, it will not change the way your kids behave. If anything, he will only have another source for fun. I grew up on violent games and my childhood was a blast, playing with my brothers and friends, learning the combos.
    It is just that, fun.
    Soz for rambling.

  4. I played very graphic games when I was 6. I’m almost 30 and I've been playing. I’m ok. I didn’t become a psycho.
    My son plays these games and he’s 6. He’s fine. I knew it was just a game and he knows it too.

  5. If someone showed this to Tipper Gore back in 1995 her head would explode as if someone had just performed a Fatality on her ;p

  6. Is it wrong that I'm laughing throughout this video??
    Also, Ceras reminds me of one of the 13 ghosts. Anyone else know that movie? The 2001 one.

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