Parent Stories

Parent Stories

Parents. I, like many people, have parents. And even better… I think they’re pretty good ones. My mom and dad have always wanted the best for me
and my brother and didn’t let us do stupid stuff like lean back too far in our chairs at the dinner table. So good job on not letting us be stupid guys. Thumbs up. Gold Star. Well I did lean back too far that one time
but I’ll give you a pass on that one. And I learned my lesson. Everyone has some sort of guardian figure in their life
and I’m always going to be grateful I was able to grow up in a loving family with good parents. There’s been ups and downs,
arguments, disagreements. But when it all comes down to it,
they’re just looking out for me. “Jaiden, tie your shoes before riding your bike.” “Pshhhh. What do you know?” I’m actually at a big step in my life right now
because I’m moving out of their house. I’ll finally be out of the nest,
making my own choices. A free bird. If I want to have oatmeal for dinner, my family
isn’t going to be to walk in and look at me weird. I don’t care about your “oatmeal is a breakfast food”.
I like it and will eat when I desire. Just watch me. Moving out has made me think a lot about my life
growing up and everything my parents have done for me to be able to get to this point. And even though I could totally make a heartfelt video
about all the sacrifices they’ve made And nights they’ve spent caring for me. I’m going to talk about funny, stupid stuff because
that makes a better YouTube video. I’m on my own now. I got bills to pay. When I was little, I wasn’t a picky eater. I’m pretty sure
I ate almost anything on my plate. Some kids are all, “No. I do not like the taste of this mush and will not
consume it, no matter what you tell me.” “I will sit here with a pouty lip and arms crossed for
all eternity, in this high chair and when I die of starvation” “it will be your fault.” “Hun, just eat the frickin’ carrots.” Even though I wasn’t a picky eater, my parents would
always make up games to try and get me to eat stuff I still didn’t like. One night we were all at the dinner table and
my mom had the brilliant parent idea of saying, “Hey, how about we have a contest of who can
eat the most green beans the quickest?” Harmless? Right? She was just thinking it would be an easy and
sneaky way for us to get in more vegetables. But she underestimated my power. “You dare challenge me? Not only will I win but I will
eat the most green beans you’ve ever seen” “anyone eat in their entire life.” I ate so many green beans in such
a short amount of time that night. I won. (Obviously. Because everyone else was a scrub.) But after dinner I got really sick and
my mom’s plan kinda backfired. But I still won. So… Besides the infamous green bean eating contest.
Which we never did again. My mom always had a “Who can make the
loudest carrot crunch?” competition. I don’t need to explain the rules. It’s right in the name. My brother and I would go crazy over that contest. We didn’t even think about how we were eating carrots.
We just wanted to DEFEAT everyone ELSE. It wasn’t only until recently, I was thinking
about it and went, “Wait. Did you make that contest just
so we’d eat more carrots?” “Heh.” “Yea.” *gasp* *whispers*
“Betrayal.” Even my mom’s sister was tricky with my cousins
in getting them to eat their vegetables. My mom told me stories about how when my cousin
was just barely learning numbers and counting, they would be eating dinner and
she’d say to my aunt, “Mommy, I don’t want any more carrots.” “How about you just eat three more.” “How about… five?” “Hmm… well okay fineee.” Parents have become the masters of getting kids to eat
vegetables. Which is good. I applaud them for it. Nutrition is important, kids. Like how many times, has your mom just
randomly baked you brownies as a kid. And how many times did you think
about if there was broccoli in it. “Ha. Gotcha kiddo. You’re getting so much
vitamin C and K right now, you don’t even KNOW.” If you didn’t know about that, there’s a way you can hide
broccoli in brownies as an easy way to get kids to consume more nutrients without them fighting
you because they only want to live off sugar. Brownies are good at hiding a lot of stuff actually. Have you ever heard of black bean brownies?
There’s ways you can add black beans to brownies and no one will even know. Here’s one. Go and try it. Uh. If you want. It’s a good way to add protein to your diet because
everyone is so obsessed with protein and for some reason society thinks it’s the only
macronutrient we ever need and carbs are the devil and will destroy your life and kill everyone you love and Nuh. That’s a tangent for another video. So yea, two people who didn’t know, you can
hide broccoli in brownies, black beans, some people try other herbs. Let’s move on. I’m going to tell this story cause it’s kinda stupid and
doesn’t matter but I’m still a bit salty about this so you’ll probably get a kick out of it. Every kid has their thing growing up. Some liked dolls, some liked cars, some liked
pushing other kids off the swings. I was all about stuffed animals. They were my jam. Still kinda are. Anyway, one day I said, “Hey. I like stuffed animals and I like Pokemon.” *DEEP GASP*
“MOM! BLAZIKEN PLUSH. OH MY FRIG.” MOM: “Don’t say frig.” My mind was blown.
Two of my favorite things, combined together. Blaziken was, and is, my favorite Pokemon so
I was desperate to have this Blaziken Pokedoll. I was willing to wash the dishes, clean the house,
make a deal with the underlord, sell lemonade. And since my mom is such a push over… *BEEP* And since my mom is so nice, she let me and
my brother pick out a Pokedoll we each liked. I, of course, picked out the Blaziken and
my brother got the Totodile one. And can we stop and appreciate this Totodile,
by the way. Let’s continue. So my mom ordered the plushes,
they were like twenty bucks or something, and we were pretty happy campers when they arrived. I loved that Blaziken doll for a really long time. But, of course as with most children and their toy,
I started playing with it less after a while. I still liked it. But I gradually stopped bringing it
everywhere and eventually just kept it in my closet. Maybe like a couple years ago, the memory of it just
popped in to my head and I wanted to look at it again. “Yea. I remember all the fun times I had with that doll.” “I’d take it everywhere I went, I’d fall asleep with it.
Where did it go? I don’t remember where it would be.” “Mom, do you know where my old
Blaziken Pokedoll went? I can’t find it.” “I got rid of it.” “YOU WHAT?” Sometime when my mom was going through all her
stuff, she decided to get rid of my Blaziken Pokedoll WITHOUT ASKING ME! I was crushed. Pft. Well that is a bit extreme. I went from having a normal day to
having a bit of a less good day. But then I thought, “Wait, I’m an adult. I can just
find another one and just buy it myself.” “I don’t need my mom’s permission anymore.” So I looked on Google to try and
find a new Blaziken Pokedoll and apparently now they’re ultra rare collector’s items that aren’t even being sold anymore and
freakin’ worth a crap ton of money. “Now I’m having even less of a good day.” Yea, apparently these things are worth
more than a hundred bucks right now and everyone desperate to have one. And we bought it when it was like twenty dollars. “MOM, do you realize what you’ve done?” So it’s become my goal. Someday I will have
another Blaziken Pokedoll. One. Because I really like it. And two. I’m not a collector of anything but … now this might seem a bit evil to people
in the rare collectors community… I want to have as many rare Pokedolls as I can find
just because I’m not a collector. I want to have all these Pokedolls that are super rare
and a collectors like, “Holy crap! You have the set of Hoenn starter
evolution Pokedolls. Can I have them?” And I can be like, “No-o.” “Ah! Do you realize how rare these are? Collectors
like me would pay anything to have them.” “I know. And that’s why I want it.” I’m on a journey to get as many rare
Pokedolls as I can now. I think my target is Blaziken, Swampert, and Sceptile
because it’s the trio and they’re my absolute favorite. *whispers*
And they’re stupid rare. It’s an evil plan, I know. But I… think it’s funny. This video ended up being like 60% of me talking
about getting tricked into eating vegetables. I have more stuff to tell so I guess
there’s room for a sequel video. It won’t be next though because I like having other
videos between sequels. But it’s on the list. It was also coincidentally my mom’s birthday
the other day. So happy birthday mom. I’m going to take you out to dinner soon,
I just had to get this video done. But it’s up now, so yea.
Let me know where you want to go. Anyway, I think there is something else I wanted to
say here and I think it was important because I remember thinking to myself, “Oh, I don’t need to write that down.
It’s too important for me to forget” Or something like that. And here we are.
This is a bit awkward. Watch. I’m going to remember right when I click ‘Upload’
for this video because that’s totally something my brain would do to me. WELL. I guess that’s that.

100 Replies to “Parent Stories”

  1. I’m actually not really picky with my food as a kid and have an even diet of protein vegetables and junk food

  2. I was half asleep and was watching this so my "dream" was based off of this whole video and came up with an idea. So it's all of jaiden videos but we take real life clips and make it from her perspective

  3. Hey, I was/am the master of avoiding my parent's tricks to get me to eat healthy.

  4. jaiden:every kid has there thing growing up

    me:i had a dying thirst to get better at punching so i would have power hahaha

  5. we had i workout bike in our class once idk y but a kid got stuck in it… with his shoelaces and we Skipped class trying to get him out… HECK YEH!!

  6. Ok so my sis she says stuff like "hey let's go play now" I'd be like "5 more mins" "NOOOO I want 20 more minutes" I be "hmmm FiNE oK FinE"

    Jaiden: I'll collect as many collecters dolls as I can because I'm not a collecter

  8. "I want super rare pokedolls because I'm not a collector and collectors would pay anything for it" – doesn't that make you a collector?

  9. I love stuffed animals and I don’t care, I’m 14 years old and I will do anything to get a Derpy stuffed animal

  10. My mom used to tell me and my brother that if we found the spines in the fish we were eating she would give us as many candies as those were, so we would eat carefully paying attention and we would strangle ourselves… the plan backfired because we were breaking the spines in half… that meant double candies.

  11. I like vegetables yey and one of my stuffed animals is not sold anywhere and is 150 dollers on eBay it’s a wolf squishmallow like if you know what that is

  12. The amount of money people want for those Pokedolls sounds like the people that really want Bionicle sets in sealed pacfkaging. Seriously, Maxilos and Spinax, one of best Bionicle sets according to the Bionicle community, is worth at least $300 sealed!

  13. "Like how many times, has your mom just randomly baked you brownies as a kid."

    Too many..

    "And how many times did you think about if there was broccoli in it."

    Zero. My mother has never put broccoli in brownies.

    I have made the beans brownies before. And of course, they were disgusting.. I think I made them at a diabetic baking thing.. I honestly don't know what it was called..

    I also need carbs to live… uh.. yea.. I'm diabetic.. hooray. TwT

  14. One day, we had green beans for dinner. My grandma asked me if i wanted salt on them. I said yes, and to this day, I always salt my green beans. I never salt anything but them.

  15. One day my best friend made brownies with zucchini, for her b day and brought them in for the class. The majority liked them. The next day our teacher asked what the worst thing they have ever tasted and this really annoying kid said her birthday brownies. EAT YOUR ZUCCHINI KIDS

  16. Everyone! Lets start a kickstater or gofundme for jaiden's weird obsession for pissing off these nerd collectors!!!!!!

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