Panini South Africa 2010 Sticker Album FIFA World Cup

Panini South Africa 2010 Sticker Album FIFA World Cup

Hello collectors Pavle from here and in this video I’ll be reviewing complete Panini South Africa 2010 sticker album South Africa 2010 album is 11th World
Cup collection published by Panini. International, most common edition
contains 640 stickers and 72 pages album. There are plenty
of variation, updates and promo sets for this sticker collection. If you would like to find out more about
them please visit my website and download complete FREE 23-page ebook that will explain everything you need to
know about this collection in detail. Let’s move on. Opening page of the album
shows a list of abbreviations and symbols.
There are two stickers numbered 00 and 000.The 00 sticker
shows FIFA fair play poster, whereas 000 who features Calciatori Panini stamp. Both of them are holographic, shiny stickers. In the introductory part there is also content table that list all the sections and teams
inside South Africa 2010 Panini World Cup sticker album. The second page of the opening part contains
Trophy stickers South Africa 2010 sign, and World Cup logo and Ball. Before we continue if you’re interested to learning more
about sticker albums, trading cards and everything else related to this hobby. please click
here and subscribe to my YouTube channel. This way you’ll stay up to date with all
the videos I post and I promise you will get useful knowledge
about this hobby. Stadiums appear on second page
South Africa 2010 Panini album. There are 20 stickers showing
10 stadiums. Two stickers form one puzzle sticker.
Besides photograph city and stadium name on the sticker there is also capacity
information for each of the stadiums. Bellow the stadium part on page 3 there are four introductory stickers that show Ke Nako slogan of South Africa World Cup
poster – puzzle sticker And Zakumi – mascot of 2010
South Africa World Cup. Album features 32 participating teams. The team opens a collection is a
World Cup host country -South Africa. and the least team that appears is Chile. The team page contains 19 stickers. Each
team has the same amount of stickers. 1X team sticker, 1X shiny logo (badge) and 17x individual player stickers. Now, lets see all the teams inside Panini South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup sticker album. On team pages there are two tables. One shows road of
particular team through the qualifications for the World
Cup. Second table shows pictures and schedule for 2010 World Cup. Ending
section contains only one sticker of a trophy and the program of all
matches with timetables as well. That would be it produce review
if you like to find out more please visit my website If you’re really interested in a World
Cup stickers albums I invite you to join my
FREE World Cup collections through the history course (ITS FREE). Where I will take you through the history of
all Panini World Cup albums. From 1970 Mexico to 2014 Brazil. Thank you for watching and see you in
the next video

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  1. In Colombia the sticker album 2010, the last page have 5 or 6 additional stickers instead of that frame with instructions (Danmark, Norge, Romania etc…) They look like the sticker beside Zakumi, a Coca Cola Stickers

  2. CardzReview(or someone more) can you please tell me what could be a nice price to sell it

  3. Hace 4 años empezamos tarde el álbum de Sudáfrica y no lo alcanzamos a llenar! me gustaría llenarlo ahora

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