Ozzy Man Reviews: Winter Olympics 2018

Ozzy Man Reviews: Winter Olympics 2018

I hope you enjoyed the 2018 winter Olympics As much as this Sheila enjoyed beating her fucking drum And this fella enjoyed watching her beating her fucking drum Let’s have a look at what Shawn White did in the snowboarding he launches into a big fucking spinny move followed by hexagonal flippy move Then he takes a breather that’s understandable just a quick quick rest Oh there’s a McFucking Quadruple Twisty and he finishes with a McDizzy Spew Ya Guts Out Flippy Spinny Combo. What a fucking ripsnorter. That is a great pair of sunglasses. Oh he had on two pairs There’s some Australians trying not to stand out too much. Its hard though, It’s hard not to piss yourself with excitement When you get to watch athletes doing flippy spinny shit in nipple-freezing weather. It honestly is majestic as fuck Even when things don’t go as planned, Athletes can still make themselves look fair dinkum awesome This fella launched himself to Destination Fucked beautifully Seriously, I admire the commitment I need to send this man a care package filled with beer, and tim tams He deserved a Destination Fucked medal So does she. Yup she can have one This bloke gets one absolutely.
Bloody hell.. Beer and tim tams and ozzy man medals For everyone who trained hard and screwed the bloody pooch I’m not so good when it comes to signals But i would conclude that this woman likes this bloke. Anyway I’ve gotten an unwanted stiffy now. So i’m gonna watch the luge, to try and get rid of it. There is nothing more terrifying than the bloody luge.
Yup, yup blood is returning to my brain Meanwhile over at the curling. Here comes the deadliest stack from the games This one is just so gruesome to watch Back at the half pipe, Elizabeth Swanny launches into A bunny hop Followed by another bunny hop And then a massive Bunny hop. Yup another bunny hop And she finishes with a Bunny hop She can also go backwards Which i’d assume is pretty fucking hard to do. Anyway, overall the 2018 winter olympics was nicknamed ‘”The Peace Games” I think we all can get behind that message. Actually this is me favorite moment Bloody come up to the podium you wankers Don’t be shy Mum and dad want a group photo. Let’s fucking come together for a cheeky group photo to hang on the wall Those are great sunnies! Oh i forgot He had two pairs I forgot

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  1. I used to love ur channel, but after u did ur face reveal, I hate hearing u speak. U should not have revealed ur face. Ur face doesn't go with ur voice and every time u speak I now see ur face. It's like some kind of nightmare.

  2. ?×235!! At the second “her” in this one[ rewatch it], I stopped, LAUGHED[ HARD], liked, and just commented……!!

  3. We came for the drummer girl you fuckin drongo, not spinney twirley shit. Dafuq is wrong with you?

  4. What many people fail to realize is that woman is the "Seven Time Defending Bunny Hop Champion". We just got a "Master Class in Bunny Hopping".

  5. LMAO Love the bunny hop bitch. She was apparently the only one in her entire new country that could stand on skis so she qualified inside Dick Sports dressing room.

  6. Ozzy Man you are pathetic, with your high pitch voice and constant swearing, all of your videos are not really entertaining, just annoying. Get a new hobby or a girlfriend.

  7. I noticed that this is one of the only (if not the only) Ozzy videos that has Japanese subtitles.

    You can bet the reason for that is Yuzuru Hanyu's (The Japanese figure Skater) appearance in the video.
    For some reason, Japanese Yuzuru fans are absolutely obsessed with him. To a point that they actively look for any articles, news reports, commentary with him involved, in any language they can find, translate it to Japanese, and share it amongst themselves.

    My (Japanese) Mother is a huge fan of his, and I remember she found a couple of videos of Brazilian commentators, and and Brazilian news reports commenting on Yuzuru's performance in the olympics, and she asked me to help translate the whole gaddamn thing, word for word, so she could share it (I believe in 2ch, or was it something else? I don't remember.) Amongst other fans who posted similar things in all sorts of languages.

    It's almost like they want to compile a list of everything that was ever said about Yuzuru Hanyu.

  8. I can watch one of his videos every few days or so. But this crap is impossible to binge watch. Such an annoying sound ozzy has

  9. Some Aussies did turn up to the games, but they took a single step off the plane in their thongs and shorts, froze solid and ended up shattering all over the stairs. It's the leading cause of death of Australians abroad. England is about the coldest they can handle. We don't let them travel up to Scotland.

  10. Tim Tams! Of all the awesome things any country has given to the world Tim Tams are right up near the top. Perhaps surpassed only by Cherry Ripes…

  11. ya know… being an aussie… this is our every day life…. and it gets old….some dood talking shit trying his best to prove hes not a bogan……with a mullet….

  12. Lol I unsubscribe Izzy man so long ago, thought I give him another, I guess wrong time wrong place? Unfortunate people who watched it with me unsubscribes also lol ca mon Ozzy Man! U can do it!!!

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