Ozzy Man Reviews: LIVE TV Fails

Ozzy Man Reviews: LIVE TV Fails

Live television. It’s one of me favourite inventions, not cause it spreads information, but because shit can go wrong at any second! Whether it’s the simplistic joy of slapstick comedy being captured or a cooking tutorial becoming dangerous and everyone acts like it’s not dangerous, I love it, I love all of the fuck ups. What was this guy’s plan exactly? Pull ya handlebars! Lift the front tyre! Maybe hitting the curb was his plan? It’s quicker to fall over and get up, rather than detour towards a driveway. This bloke has a big opportunity, he’s interviewing a group of swimmers. If he’s not careful he’s gonna fucken drown in front of them, which would be poetic. He tries to conduct the interview. It’s not gonna be the same now. He stands awkwardly close to the sheila, his equipment is failing, she’s leaning back waiting for him to finish. Over at the studio they’re like “Sorry. we can’t hear you at all, Mike.” “But it’s a great story and you’re a valuable member of the news team. “Oh yeah, sure, I can twerk in this tight dress. Get ready for my… pre-planned wardrobe malfunction, Haha.” Look how excited everyone is over an arse. They’re all chanting: “we saw ya butthole! We saw ya butthole! Give him a sniff!” He puts the lid back on. It’s all packed away. Crikey, we are a simple species, aren’t we? Here’s a parrot that reckons he’s got a pretty good life story. He’s like “stop talking about depressing shit. Let me tell you about my bloody fun adventures. Yes, give me the microphone, thank you. Oi, oi, nah, fuck you, don’t take me away.” This instantly looks like a great idea. Yeah nah the tank is bugged. She needs to get outta there. It’s been infiltrated by a pack of bugs. There’s one on her face and it makes her go full mental! I reckon just get in the tank, admit defeat, and try to go out honourably. Unless your surname is Irwin, don’t get involved with reptiles on live TV. Not everyone can pull it off. Seriously, someone’s gonna lose a finger or a toe or a genital in future. It’s not gonna be pretty. Speaking of genitals, you can tell when someone is thinking about them, the subconscious always bubbles its way to the surface eventually. I’m sure this fella is an expert sports analyst, but he’s also an expert artist. This is a profound and confronting piece of work. I enjoy looking at it as much as a Pablo Picasso painting. It’s abstract, yet recognisable, relatable, and colourful. Here comes another serious piece of art being displayed to the public for the first time. Yeeep. This is a wanted man. I don’t think the news reporter looked at this in advance. He’s discovering it for the first time as well. He rolls with the punches and starts giving a detailed description of what he’s looking at. Good on him for not being overly judgmental about it. Yeah nah nah nah good on him. Oh there ya go! Someone spotted the guy. This picture is actually not that bad. Technically, the video is no longer a fails video. It’s a fucken success video. You should never judge someone’s work too soon. Over time, something can turn out to be a masterpiece.

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  1. Ozzy Man Reviews is the most underrated channel ever, he is so funny and always makes me laugh. Keep up the amazing content

  2. Standing awkwardly close to the sheila, his equipment is failing,
    Shes leaning back waiting for it to finish.
    That's something I experience on the regular with my significant other.

  3. "Crikey! We are a simple species aren't we" ….. Yep, you got it! 😁😁

    I see a notification from Ozzy Man, I drop everything I'm doing, and rush to YouTube to watch it! …… Cheers me up every single time! ☺ xx

  4. But that last one, he was like "This is a joke right? Which one of you did this?" But well done for staying professional, I would've thought something was wrong lol

    That hockey one, why is there a part of me that thinks he was so focused on his job he didn't realise what he did?

  5. hey Ozzy Man..
    me from Germany.. i 💚 to watch your reviews while commercials are rollin'..
    i wonder if you've ever or could you please review some commercials?!

  6. Oh! Not the stupid swearing Ozzie idiot again. I don't know how to block this fool and I don't know why it keeps coming up in my suggested videos on YouTube. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  7. Ozzy man good sir… please make a review on this one!

  8. Tend to forget how cringeworthy the uneducated Aussie accent is. Thanks for the reminder. Argh.
    (Yes, I am Australian but with the odd ability to speak English…)

  9. I thought the wanted poster was a funny April Fools joke,
    but when I saw they caught the guy I laughed so hard I cried

  10. FUCKIN YESSSS! My home town made it on Ozzy's video. Way to go KY3 news team and police sketch artist for making us famous, hopefully this sticks better than that Brad Pitt guy who grew up here.

  11. I just love the last part! Daaaang! I got goosebumps! That's the most detailed sketch I've ever seen in my life.

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