Ozzy Man Reviews: Animals vs Sport

Ozzy Man Reviews: Animals vs Sport

Let’s have a look at cheeky animals getting involved in sport. This dog is like “why won’t you dickheads? Let me play”…the human befriends him, oh he snaps at his ear! The little wanker has been inspired by Mikey Tyson. In comes another human who manages to tame the Beast. Look at that best friends forever. He’s having a great time. He’s going to the change rooms to get a rubdown This squirrel is like “fuck it baseball needs more physical contact”, and it tries to tackle a player. I reckon if the squirrel connected that could have ended this blokes career. Ankle injuries are fucked. I think that’s my budgerigar that escaped from its cage in 1995 I dunno how it ended up in America, but yeah, I think it’s mine oh It’s a fucking cat. You just know it’s gonna be a dickhead. This guy is like “I’m not even attempting to become your friend, You totally look like a dodgy bastard”. He is 100% a dog person. In comes Danny the Intern, he says “I’ll be your mate”, and he happily scoops up the harmless little kitten…oh no he’s been bitten! He thinks about punching it, but he holds back. He controls the pain. Oh crikey He’s getting absolutely shredded, fuck this fuck this to hell and back Someone give this intern a bloody paycheck. This guy is proud to be a soft cock; Danny the intern just keeps running He’s like Forrest Gump. No one knows when or if he’s ever gonna stop. I genuinely think this chook has a lot of talent It’s got tremendous awareness, agility and speed if I was a coach I’d be calling it and negotiating. Fucking number-one draft pick. Look at that! Too easy. That was too easy off it guys It’s heading to the change rooms for a rubdown. In comes the pitch and a bird tries to catch it! That was a fucking gutsy effort by the dove; stupid very stupid but courageous. This pig is not to be underestimated Actually, yes, it is it was never ready to play in the big league Australian athletes don’t fuckin hold back either It’s up to clipboard guy to give the pig a rubdown.
This dog is like fuck you humans with your shitty sports I shit on your sport. I shit all of them I reckon it’s getting a revenge on behalf of the Dove and the pig fair enough I hope they don’t Send it to dog prison. It still deserves a Powerade and a rubdown. Of course a fuckin’ rubdown in the change rooms.

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  1. That Australian player just threw the pig on match ref , who had come down to do his own thing..

    Funniest thing I've seen ????

  2. That dove… It's dead, right? The ball was too fast, all of its feathers were like "Goodbye, motherfucker." I think it's pretty fucked up.

  3. The way this idiots picked up the cat/dog/pig was despicable, I don't even want to imagine how they were treated after being away from the public. That's not a way to treat the animals especially when someone put them there in the first place. They didn't went there by themselves especially when most of those places are closed.

  4. How do these animals get onto the field? ? Do security see the dogs and cats and just think fuck it that's an occupational health and safety hazard.

  5. That dove was fucked that day not matter what; if it wasn't the baseball, it would have been lightning or an asteroid later on.

  6. I cannot believe you missed the opportunity to call that Rooster a Cock. You call your self an Australian? Fucken weak mate!

  7. To be fair he probably shouldn't of ran holding a cat, that is probably why it attacked him. If he had walked the cat off maybe it would not of attacked?

  8. The last three animals were the best:
    Poof pigeon, pigskin pass and dogshit!
    However, Poof Pigeon was the Best overall surprise and had to rewatch repeatedly to believe.
    Yikes!!! What a way to go!

  9. 0:45 "Oh it's a fucken cat. You just know it's going to be a dickhead" 100% hahahaha! Fuck I hate cats. Why do I own 6 of them? Oh yeah that's right, wife and kids…

  10. 0:29 I’m about to end this mans whole career 0:28 we’ll never mind you won that time.

    There goes the squirrels carrier

  11. it's not cuter, not funnier than the other fellow animals, it's even uglier, but where is a naked human breaking into the field?
    sometimes i want to see idiotic beings.

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