Overview: Job

Overview: Job

The book of Job. It’s a profound and very
unique book in the Bible for lots of reasons. The story is set in a very obscure
land that’s far away from Israel, Uz. The main character, Job, he’s not even an
Israelite. And the author, who’s anonymous, doesn’t even set the story in any clear
period of ancient history. This all seems intentional though. It’s like the author
doesn’t want us to be distracted by historical questions but rather to focus
simply on the story of Job and on the questions raised by his experience of
suffering. The book of Job has a very clear literary design. It opens and
closes with a short narrative prologue and then epilogue. And then the central body
of the book is dense Hebrew poetry, representing conversations between Job
and four dialogue partners called “the friends.” These conversations are then
concluded by a series of poetic speeches given by God to Job. Let’s dive in to see
how it works together. The prologue introduces us to Job and we’re told that
he’s the blameless, upright man who honors God. He’s a super good guy. And
then all of a sudden were transported into the heavenly realms and God is
holding court with his staff team. It’s a very common image in the Old Testament
describing how God runs the world. And among the heavenly beings is a figure
called “the Satan,” which in hebrew means “the Accuser” or “the Prosecutor.”
It’s like we’re watching a court scene. God presents Job as a truly righteous
man and then the accuser challenges God’s policy of rewarding righteous people
like Job. He says the only reason Job obeys you is because you bless him with
prosperity. Let Job suffer– then we’ll see how righteous he actually is. And then
God agrees to let the accuser inflict suffering on Job. Now it’s at this point
in the story that most of us go, “What? Why did God do that?” and then we assume that
this book is going to answer that question–why God allows good people to
suffer. But as you read on, the book doesn’t answer that question. Nothing
in the book ever answers that question. The prologue is setting up the real
questions this book is trying to get at. Questions about God’s justice and
whether God operates the universe according to the strict principle of
justice. And the response to those questions comes as you read through to
the end of the book, not at the beginning. The ultimate reason for Job suffering is
simply never revealed. So the prologue concludes with a suffering and
bewildered Job who’s rebuked by his wife and he’s approached by three friends who
are going to try and provide wisdom and counsel. Their names are Eliphaz the
Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite. They are all non-Israelites, like Job. And they represent the
best of ancient Near Eastern thinking about God and suffering in the human
condition. And this moves into the main part of the book. First Job speaks. This
is how this section of the book works: first, Job is going to speak and then
will follow a response from a friend. Then Job will respond to that friend and then
another friend will respond to Job’s response and so on, back and forth
for three cycles. And this whole debate has focused on three questions: “Is
God truly just in character?” and “Does God run the universe on the strict principle
of justice?” And if so, then how is Job’s suffering to be explained? As we’re going
to see, Job and the friends, they’re working from a huge assumption about
what God’s justice ought to look like in the world, namely that every single thing
that happens in the universe should operate according to the strict
principle of justice. So if you’re a wise, good person and you honor God, good
things will happen to you. God will reward you. But if you’re evil and stupid
and do sinful things, bad things will happen to you. God will punish you. Now
Job’s constant arguments throughout his speeches is this: first of all, that he’s
innocent and so the implication of that is that his suffering is not a divine
punishment. Now we know from the prologue, both of these things are true. Remember,
God Himself said Job is righteous and blameless. And so Job concludes his argument
by accusing God. God either doesn’t run the world according to justice, or even
worse, God Himself is simply unjust. The friends, on the other hand, they beg to
differ. Their argument is that God is just. The
implication being that God always runs the world according to justice in this
way and so they conclude by accusing not God, but Job. Job must have done
something really, really bad for God to punish him like this. They even start
making up possible sins that Job must have committed. Job protests all of this.
In fact, he gets so fed up with the friends that he eventually just gives up
on them. He takes up his case directly with God. Now something to be aware of is
that Job, he’s on an emotional roller coaster in these poems. He used to think
that God is just, but now he can’t reconcile that with his suffering. And so,
in some outbursts Job will accuse God of being a bully. Once he even declares that
God has orchestrated all the injustice in the world. But the moment he utters that
thought, he’s terrified of it because he wants to hope and believe that God is
truly just. Job is all over the place in this section. And so he makes one last
statement of his innocence and then he demands that God show up personally to
explain himself. Now it’s at this point that a surprise friend shows up, Elihu the Buzite. Now, he’s not an
Israelite but he does have a Hebrew name. And Elihu has the same assumption as
Job and the friends. . He argues that God is just and that that implies that God
always operates the universe according to justice. But then Elihu draws a more
sophisticated conclusion about why good people suffer. It may not be punishment
for sin in the past. God might inflict suffering as a warning to
help people avoid sin in the future. Or God might use pain and suffering to
build character or to teach people valuable lessons. Elihu doesn’t claim to know why
Job is suffering but one thing he is certain of: Job is wrong to accuse God of being
unjust. Job doesn’t even respond to Elihu and the dialogues come to a close . It’s like
the wisdom of the Ancients has been spent and the mystery remains. And then
all of a sudden God shows up in a whirlwind and he responds to Job
personally. He first responds to Job’s accusation that he is unjust and
incompetent at running the universe. So God takes Job on a virtual tour of the
universe and he starts asking him all these questions about the order and origins of
the cosmos. Was Job ever around when God architected the earth or organized the
constellations? Has Job ever commanded the sunrise or controlled the weather? God has his eyes on all of these cosmic
details that Job has never even conceived of. Then God starts going into
detail describing the grazing habits of mountain goats and how deer give birth,
or the feeding patterns of lions and wild donkeys. What’s the point of all
this? Remember the assumption of Job and his friends about what it looks like
for God to run the world according to justice. Underneath that assumption is a deeper
one that Job and his friends have a wide enough perspective on life to make such
a claim about how God ought to run the world. And God’s response with this virtual tour,
it deconstructs all of these assumptions. It first of all shows that the
universe is a vast, complex place and that God has his eyes on all of it–every
detail. Job on the other hand, has only the small horizon of his life experience
to draw from. His view of the world is very limited and so what looks like
divine injustice from Job’s point of view needs to be seen in an infinitely
larger context. Job is simply not in a position to make such a huge accusation
about God. After the virtual tour, God asks Job if he would like to micromanage
the world for a day according to the strict principle of justice that Job and
his friends assume; punishing every evil deed of every person at every moment with
precise retribution. The fact is that carrying out justice in
a world like ours, it’s extremely complex. It’s never black and white like Job and
the friends seem to think. Which leads to God’s last point. He starts describing
these two fantastic creatures, Behemoth and Leviathan, which some people think
are poetic depictions of the hippo and crocodile. More likely they refer to
well-known creatures from ancient Near Eastern mythology that are used
elsewhere in the Bible as symbols of the disorder and danger that exists in God’s
good world. These creatures, they’re not evil. God is actually quite proud of them. But they’re not safe either. The point is that God’s world is amazing and very good but it’s not perfect or
always safe. God’s world has order and beauty but it’s also wild and
sometimes dangerous, just like these two fantastic creatures. And so we come back
to the big question of Job’s suffering. Why is there suffering in God’s world–
whether it’s from earthquakes or wild animals or from other humans. God
doesn’t explain why. What he says is that we live in an extremely complex, amazing
world that at this stage at least is not designed to prevent suffering. And that’s
God’s response. Job challenged God’s justice. God responds that Job doesn’t
have sufficient knowledge about our universe to make such a claim. Job demanded a full explanation from
God and what God asked Job for is trust in His wisdom and character. And so, Job
responds with humility and repentance. He apologizes for accusing God and he
acknowledges that he’s overstepped his bounds. Then all of a sudden the book
concludes with a short epilogue. First God says that the friends were wrong,
that their ideas about God’s justice were just too simple– not true to the
complexity of the world or God’s wisdom. And then God says that Job has spoken
rightly about him. Now this is surprising because it can’t apply to everything Job said. I mean we know Job drew hasty
and wrong conclusions, but God still approves of Job’s wrestling. How Job
came honestly before God with all of his emotion and pain and simply wanted to
talk to God himself. And God says that’s the right way to process through all of
this, through the struggle of prayer. The book concludes with Job having his health, his
family, his wealth, all restored– not as a reward for good
behavior but simply as a generous gift from God. And that’s the end of the book.
The book of Job, it doesn’t unlock the puzzle of why bad things happen to good
people. Rather it does invite us to trust God’s wisdom when we do encounter
suffering rather than try and figure out the reason for it. When we search for
reasons we tend to either simplify God–like the friends– or like Job,
accuse God, but based on limited evidence. And so the book is inviting us to honestly
bring our pain and our grief to God and to trust that God actually cares and
that he knows what he’s doing. And that’s what the book of Job is all about.

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  2. You forgot to mention Jobs children cursed God after he made sacrifices to God Job 1:5 so there is reason why god allowed Job to suffer i belived based on who ever your ansectors sins or your son or daughter sin therefore we musts fasts alot to Christs to aviod all that He could allow on us to be safe from that, Job didnt relize that so i belive maybe thats why he allowed Satan to take away his children and all he had and his possesion to prove he is righteous regardless of hard ship and testing. its been said at job 2:9-10  His wife said to him, “Are you still maintaining your integrity? Curse God and die!”
     He replied, “You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble? He still keep kept his faith to God regardless of testing we as humans are tested so we gotta be extra careful what we choose and say and fasts alot everyday for god to shield you from hard times impossible battles that cant be fought can be fought through him only aviod sin as bests you can for god to make it easier in your life and those very close to you as well such your sons and daughters or very dear relative to you Jesus was greater then Job tho always fasts to him through hard ship

  3. what about the bit about job's wife. satan says he can induce job to curse God then later in the book job's wife tells him to curse God and be done with it

  4. No evidence 2 what im abt 2 say. But I suspect Jesus, or the Son of God back then, wrote Job, and Genesis.

    Because the literary definitions, and how the book became to be formulated, is so effective, no way humans could've wrote those two books, based on how the literature was written.

    Remember, Jesus is called the Verb, or the Word in some versions.

  5. This makes sense to me. I have been searching for God, finding reasons to believe not with faith but with solid evidence. Of course it’s hard to prove or even disprove of God. This has lead me down a dark road in my life. Confusion, anxiety, depression. I find it very hard to trust in God, almost impossible. I question a lot. Like why did God make Heaven impossible for us and Hell automatic?

    However watching this and reading the Bible I am really trying my best to fully summit and trust God. I know it’s hard but I need God. Thank you God for your patience and mercy. I will forever praise you.

  6. God was allowing Satan to sift Job so that God could in turn prune Job's character. God simply wanted Job to understand that we're never to boast in our own righteousness or commend ourselves, rather we're to boast in His righteousness and allow Him to commend us. Job was commending himself rather than God, not realizing that even our greatest righteousness is like filthy rags. Job's friends were rebuked for not being able to refute Job's self-righteous mindset, furthermore, they falsely accused Job without cause. Elihu confirms that God is just and that he sees all the iniquities of men and that all will be rewarded exactly according to their deeds.

  7. My question is why does god take into account the opinions and ideas of his council in the book of job. And bend to their ideas. If he is perfect in his own decisions why does he go along with ideas like that why does he need a council. Or like even Jacob, why does he bless Jacob after Jacob demands blessings.

  8. You are doing a wonderful and fruitful job.. i havent been able to figure out the bottomline of the confusing stories for years?
    Thanks alot and all your supporters for making this happen

  9. Your channel has been very helpful to my bible reading. It makes me excited and inspire to read the bible and realize what an intelligent and powerful God I am serving ..I thank God for your guys lives.

  10. I read through this book one weekend, and I honestly don't understand why people are so upset about it. I think it's just cause it's easy to take out of context. I think people just hear about what happens in the book and instantly judge it without reading it for themselves. It also does have some interesting verses that predicted real life statements far before they were discovered (earth is round, Brachiosaurus or other similar dinosaur mentioned, lose star cluster in the belt of orion).


  12. God is working miracles in my life right now, and I am seeing parallels in the book of Job with the suffering I am going through at the moment. Thank you for providing this video. It gave clarity to the book of Job and its purpose.

  13. Loved all your Videos so far, but I have to correct one impression to correct; the book implicitly states why Job was afflicted – and it wasn't by God.According to the book of Job,  he lived in a state of perpetual fear for the moral sanity of his children. Therefore he daily offered atonement for their sins Job 1:5.Also he cried "The thing which I most feared has befallen me!" Job 3:25, " the LORD gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord" Job 1:21. In both situation we see how easy it would have been for the devil to attack Job. apropos of that paul wrote  "…put on the whole armour of God…take unto you…the sword of the spirit which is the word of God". In conclusion Job spoke ill of his own blessed life and broke the "hedge" Job 1:10(also ephesians 4:30) that was around him, leaving himself vulnerable to evil. Don't give in. Conquer it by prayer, meditation on the word of God and verbal confessions of the same. Don't let fear bully you into making poor spiritual choices.

  14. ICE BREAKER : What Job didnt know is that all of his suffering was due to somthing that happend up above. That is, a test that the Satan offered to God.
    Additional Lesson: Accepting Satan's challenge, if God was confident of Job's righteousness, then, He sure do know well HOW OUR MINDS WORK.
    Question that bothered me: What was Satan doing up in the heavenly realm? Why was he a part of the court? Didn't he fell down from heaven?

  15. Heresy Alert ! Job never accused YHWH or challenged Him – on the contrary, Job was upright and faithful to the extreme, that being the reason YHWH temporarily allows Satan – a specific being (not 'the Satan' – a position) to test, within limits, Job's uprightness and complete faith in YHWH, without wavering, even under the most adverse circumstances (which is the whole point of the Book of Job). To note : Leviathan is Satan, and YHWH is not 'friendly' towards it – it will be cast into the lake of eternal fire after the 1000 year millennial Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth.

  16. After reading Job, I've been feeling that SATAN is not an angel but one of the "sons of God".
    That's what I've been feeling. Anyone else?

  17. Thank you thank you for making this!! Love the illustration & the light humor but mostly the clarification of the book of Job.

  18. Man, LaVeyan Satanism is so much better than this indoctrinating trash. I feel bad for these brain washed people.

  19. Behemoth is a dinosaur and man DID walk with them. The earth is slightly more than 6000 years old. Unlearn your childhood science classes guys. Secular education is meant to make you doubt YHWY. The Bible is NOT symbolic.

  20. Thank you so much for your work, it helps a lot with understanding the books. May God continue blessing all of you and your work.

  21. Good to Know that life is not governed by a formula or a rule. Its complex and unpredictable. Sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it doesn’t. Keep faith and trust in God like Job eventually did!?

  22. Poor job imagine getting your ass kicked because god placed a bet with Satan then at the end you apologize because quite frankly God was unjust u call him out but he like bro I’ve done this and that u can’t even comprehend

  23. I tried reading Job a while ago and could not get through it for lack of understanding. Thank you for your video! It explains it very well ☺️

  24. This is why god allowed job to gone through the suffering. (Job 42.5). My ears had only heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.) Finally job met god personally.

  25. Bien benidos los qué se arrpitieron y qué estan en la pajina Job en la de was y disvuache que ise en busca de trabajo y son los trabajos qué trabaje en table monté casino y cuando todavía tenía el apellido de mí ex esposo ET y lo testificó con el poder de Jehová amén

  26. I have to admit this is my least favourite book in the bible…but you guys have done a great job…trying to explain away

  27. you indicate none of them are Israelite's..Isn't Job the 3rd son of Issachar Genesis 46:13. Zophar the Naamathite a citizen of Naamah of Judah.making them Israelite's??

  28. I stumbled upon the claim that God's world isn't perfect and that it's not always safe, because God is perfect and all his creations are perfect. The current state of the world isn't how God planned it to be nor will it remain that way, because God will restore everything back to perfection. The video fails to mention how the current state of this world isn't the condition that God created it to be.

  29. Very beautiful…. suffering and struggle is beautiful without it I never would have been closer to god and change my whole life to a good person… love this so much while I’m watching these video been homeless living in my car for two months and my faith has never been strong than now I am grateful and very thankful for what I’m going through

  30. i appreciate you guys…someone finally and clearly explaining with visual understanding the books of the bible….the artist is great too

  31. It seems obvious that Behemoth, mentioned in chapter 40, is a dinosaur, namely the Brontosaurus. Why as a Body are we so hesitant to affirm that humans and dinosaurs lived together at the same time? Scripture is very clear that they were both created on Day 6. God is describing His largest most majestic creation here, from the description of its tail to its eating habits. It's clear.

  32. Behemoth sounds like a Brachiosaurus, some type of sauropod. Leviathan is most likely a Plesiosaur. God said these animals were His creation, not our imaginary legends. C'mon The Bible Project. That's very disrespectful.

  33. For years, I've taught that we limit our view of Job to the first two chapters. We fail to see how Job curses the day he is born in Job 3:1, along with many other accusations against God in Job 3-37. Job 1:22 says "Job did not sin by charging God with any wrongdoing." And this is 100% true IN THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS… But in Job 3-7, here are some of the accusations Job makes against God…that we tend to overlook…and this is dangerous because we fail to see WHY Job is repenting in Job 42. We fail to see why God shows up and asks Job why God asks Job why he is rebuking God (Job 40:2) and would Job condemn God to justify himself (Job 40:8), something Job and Job's friends understand…and God understands, but many fail to see… Here are some of the places where Job makes accusations against God, charging God with being unfair and unjust….being a terrorist…etc… Job's faith is strong enough to be honest with God when He is doubting God's justice and goodness and forgiveness. If only we could read THE WHOLE BOOK, including chapters 3-37, not just Job 1-2, and the last half of Job 42, we could see one of the greatest examples of real faith, with a real wrestling match with God, in all of scripture…and then we would not misuse Job, telling ourselves and others that we just need to trust God, when in fact, Job's honesty, including his accusations against God, is real faith….

    Job cursed the day of His birth… For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me. Job 3:1, 25 (see Job 1:5, 11; 2:5; 2:9 for the theme of cursing)

    For the arrows of the Almighty are within me… [they are] poison; The terrors of God are arrayed against me. Job 6:4

    For He [God] crushes me with a tempest. And multiplies my wounds without cause. Job 9:17

    I say, ‘He [God] destroys the blameless and the wicked.’ If the scourge slays suddenly, He laughs at the plight [calamity] of the innocent. Job 9:22-23

    I will speak in bitterness of soul… Do You oppress… [and] despise the work of Your hands, and smile on the counsel of the wicked? That You should search out my sin, although You know that I am not wicked. And there is no one who can deliver from Your hand? Job 10:1, 3-5

    And these things You [God] have hidden in Your heart; I know that this was with You: If I sin, then You mark me, and will not acquit me of my iniquity. Job 10:13-14

    I am one mocked by his friends, who called on God, and He answered him, the just and blameless who is ridiculed. Job 12:4

    For You [God] write bitter things against me, and make me inherit the iniquities of my youth. Job 13:26

    You [God] destroy the hope of man… He [God] hates me…God has wronged me. Job 14:19; 16:9; 19:6

    God has taken away/denied me justice… Job 27:2

    You [God] have become cruel to me/turn on me ruthlessly.

    Job 30:21

  34. One of the most powerful “Read Scripture” videos I’ve seen from TBP. Thanks Jon and Tim for helping us see that God in His infinite wisdom is inviting us to trust Him.

  35. Wow so Cool . So rite as well!! I to went to God with my sufferings and asked him if he was real. Guess what happened He Lifted me up into Heaven and showed himself. All I felt was complete LOVE JOY Happiness on such a Great Scale That if I had seen his entire Face I would have turned to Dust or just not exist anymore not even as dust.. The Almighty Looks Human BTW almost like we all imagine him to be. The only difference is that He Is Ginormous!!! Has Blue Eyes White Hair . That’s all that I saw. It’s what I Felt really told me who God is!! Love and Justice is one in the same and very complex. Just Like you said. We Live in a young Universe. I love it how Scientists day its trillions of years old and that may or May not be true. To God a life time or a bunch of life times could be Just a second to God. There isn’t Time or Space Like we know it to be where God hangs out .

  36. I finished reading Job. It's probably my favorite book in the whole bible. It's like a Hebrew allegory of the cave. It's a great way to explain how God runs the world.

  37. We can debate why suffering is allowed endlessly, but i really like your summation stating that the universe, at this time is simply not designed to prevent suffering, That makes sense to me. But we can have faith that a time will come when every tear will be wiped from our eyes and pain and suffering will be no more, for the former things will have passed away. Thank you all so much for your work. The bible project has GREATLY increased my understanding, thereby giving me a greater appreciation of and increasing my own love for, our father in the heavens. I feel as though i know his character better now because of all your hard work. Thank you all.

  38. Lord. Let the things happen as you will not as my will. I accept all you've done and trust your wisdom all the way.

  39. Amazing video and explanation about the Holy book of Job !! love this, thank you for this video very informative, GOD bless you !! keep up the good work

  40. My Grandfather almost died at 103, I was scared and heartbroken. He was vomiting black blood out of his mouth at 3am and didn’t seem to stop. Right b4 he was taken to the E.R. I went to a quiet room and got on my knees to pray for Yahuahs will to be done. Three days later he was home, and the bleeding in his stomach was stopped completely. My Elohim brought me to tears that whole week, I’ll never forget.

  41. The reason for Job''s suffering is revealed – because God will it. “Would you discredit my justice?
    Would you condemn me to justify yourself?" In other words, what I have just done, is just. You Job only think it is unjust because you think you know what "just" is. God does not do just things, things are just because he does them, he wills them to be just and they are. So it is with the story of Job.

  42. The universe is a vast and complex place, how can mere human being comprehend the will of God. But sometimes we are too arrogant, desiring to know everthing. God wanted to point out this in Job

  43. The suffering of a God fearing, honest and just man is a way of pruning…in john 15:2 Abode in me,
    John explains how God wants us to follow his commandments and teachings and bear fruit. The Gardner always prunes the extra branches of the tree so that it may bear more fruit. The process of pruning is very painful to the tree but important to bear good quality fruit. Same way suffering is the pruning process to do good works and attain the 9 fruits of the holy spirit …(Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,Goodness, faithfulness, gentleness , self control ) so that we can abide in the love of our Lord

  44. Job was chosen by Satan for this test because Job was indeed doing something wrong, he was making sacrifices for his sinning children to appease God, his children were a wretched lot, and he had the nerve to cover their sins for them, instead of leaving his own children to do it for themselves

  45. When you read the book of Job you will see that in the end Job acknowledges that before he only heard about God, but now after all that he has been through and after speaking to God he now actually KNOWS God. So in truth the book does tell you why God allowed this. There is nothing greater then KNOWING the Father and that is why God allowed all that suffering so that Job may truly KNOW God and find the most precious thing one can find in this planet, intimacy with the Maker.

  46. 找打字人員:




  47. Does God push us until we fail? Job questioned God before being humbled. Is God showing us were not morally good but forgiven?

  48. Isaiah 55:8-9 (KJV)

    8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
    9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

  49. Job's suffering is caused because Satan asked God to test Job to see if he was truely faithful to him. Satan said to God that if he took everything away from Job then Job would curse God and so God gave Satan permission to do these things to Job. Job is undeserving of the things that happened to him but he didnt know that Satan was causing the suffering he was confused thinking it was God.

  50. One important thing missed by all.
    You don't know Good,
    Without bad.
    Without bad times,
    The Good times have no value.

  51. Very well done The Bible Project certainly helps me understand God and bible more. Thank you for all your hard work it's truly a blessing!!!!

  52. Loved it!
    It's also very interesting to see how GOD was secure about agreeing to this with the satan.
    He knew that he can trust Job to not let him down.
    It's mutual trust.
    Beautiful, and sad and gives hope.

  53. I am 63, have read through the Bible many times. Every time I have read Job I think of God turning Satan loose on Job just to prove a point, allowing this horrible abuse of Job, just to prove to Satan that Job is a good guy. I learned that, “Justice”, is not such an important foundation stone for us to build on. It’s illustrated in significant other areas of our Bible, i.e., when Jacob cheated Esau and lied to his blind dad, God rewarded Jacob. Justice is not rewarded in the wisdom book of Job. 63 years, even without the Bible, has brought this same principle forward: Justice does not always prevail. There may be no explanation. Texas

  54. Wow this is Blessed and Annointed. We humans like patterns and are usually uncomfortable when we can't get into them as we want to

  55. Sorry @The Bible Project you got this video wrong. Si bothe deviation and behemoth are dinosaurs made by God co-existing with humanity.
    The secular atheistical community that worship Darwin and created the birth of the myth of the ice age borrowed from the Greek mythology. It's 2019 no excuses for getting this wrong.

    Isaiah 27:1 – In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that
    is in the sea.

    Job 41:1-34 – Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down?

    Psalms 74:14 – Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness.

    Psalms 104:26 – There go the ships: here is that leviathan, whom thou hast made to play therein.

    Job 41:1 – Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down?

  56. I'll believe there was a obvious error in the begging of this video narration. The whole book explains why God allows suffering, it is all about the covenants. Good wants a faithful bride. A people who are worthy and that are honorable. Only the t trikes and tribulations of life can the living proof that those who will be Good chosen people will be so because of there faithfulness and commitment to the covenant that they make by choice.

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