Overplayed and Underpaid: tacking the gender pay gap in sports

Overplayed and Underpaid: tacking the gender pay gap in sports

Hey everybody! Kym Nonstop here to talk
about SPORTS It’s a think women do too! they just don’t get paid for it. We already know that women earn 78¢ to the dollar but in sports that figure is
closer to 6¢ . 6! [music beat] “train hard, hours spent… so I get my 6¢” [money cha-ching sound] I’m not here to complain about
the state of women’s cycling there’s fucked-up shit happening all across
sports- beginning with the pro leagues don’t worry this is gonna be quick
there’s only three: the WNBA, the NWSL and the NWHL- oh right I forgot one- the LFL
the lingerie football league that’s right, we can play football in our
underwear and get paid for it! what a time to be alive! just kidding guys the
women in the LFL *aren’t paid* I’ll be the first to say that as a society
we’ve made great strides- ok strides towards gender equality but in the world
of sports it’s more like baby steps let’s look at the treatment of
professional women athletes specifically that 1. female athletes are paid tenant
farmer wages and 2. if women want to play football the only way we allow them to
do that is if they strip down to their underwear effectively reducing their
sport to a gimmick so that men can feel warm and cozy knowing that serious
football still belongs to them just like peeing standing up and condoning sexual
assault –oh did I say that out loud? good I wanted to. I’m all too familiar
with unequal prize money, organizational sexism like race length
limitations and continued use of podium girls and I haven’t even addressed the
pay gap because what pay?? UCI, that is, cycling’s governing body, offers NO base salary for female riders Some women race all ten days and a thousand plus
kilometers of the giro d’italia for fun and if they win prize money is
one tenth of the men’s prize but hey! If women want to race the giro d’italia for
fun isn’t that what it’s all about?? and while we’re at it in the dollar box
on my next rent check I’ll be sure to write fun and maybe even draw a little
smiley face in lieu of the actual dollar sign because apparently
fun is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a living wage. At least some sports
have equal playing stages. Take tennis for example. men’s and women’s matches
are played on the same courts on the same days during a tournament in fact
tennis is seen is a victory in gender equality it’s four Grand Slam tournaments pay equal prize money to men and women and it’s one of the few sports that has produced superstar female players like Serena Williams whose 39 Grand Slams puts her third in the all-time
list. You go girl. but somehow if you search most Grand
Slams results turn up Roger Federer’s mere 19 – to Williams’s [ahem] 39. that’s
20 more Grand Slams, that’s more than Federer’s total number of Grand Slams. I
don’t know what to say except it’s some kind of sexist search algorithm. I asked
IT for some kind of explanation and they kindly forwarded me an excerpt of search
code: … Thanks. it all makes sense now another sports league that gives men and
women the same spotlight is the UFC often hosting matches by both sexes on
the same fight card, this equal exposure has produced household names like Ronda
Rousey. In a knockout fight that had 900,000 pay-per-view buys, Rousey earned
$140,000. 70K to show up and 70K to win. however middleweight champion Chris Weidman in a fight that drew less than
half the number of pay per views earned a cool half million in his UFC 187 event $250,000 to show up and $250,000 to win. Honestly if we wanted to watch two dudes beat the crap out of each other we could just
re-watch the final scene of The Mummy Returns where Brendan Fraser battles the
Scorpion King aka Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and I’d rather watch that
because half his body is grafted onto a giant scorpion. The WNBA is the crown
jewel of women’s pro leagues yet women in the WNBA have a minimum salary of $38,000…which is what my cousin Derek made his first year working at Best Buy and they
have a maximum salary of 100k which is what he made selling stolen PlayStation4’s on eBay so if you’re looking for a ps4 I know a
guy In comparison the NBA minimum salary is $525,000 stretching all the way to a whopping $16.5 million with
a team salary cap at a historic high of 70 Million Dollars or – enough money to
restructure the entire power grid of Puerto Rico A recent addition to the
short list of women’s pro leagues is the NWHL -National Women’s Hockey League. Established in 2015, the league’s max salary of $25K lasted one season before
being slashed in half. Ashley Johnston, defenseman for the New
York Riveters, works 50 hours a week at a robotics firm to balance out her 13 K
per year contract. I don’t know about you but I don’t see LeBron James pulling a
late night at the lab after practice. How can we ever expect female athletes to
reach their highest potential if they always have to work side jobs to pay the
bills?? One major reason the money isn’t there for womens sports is the lack of
media coverage. Sponsors won’t back invisible athletes. females represent 40% of all athletes nationwide yet they receive 2%- 4% of all sports media coverage Most of that coverage is sexualized leaving us with approximately .009% that actually involves women playing sports.
In fact 90% of all sports editors are men. And sometimes they tweet
things like “women’s sports in general not worth watching.” That’s a real life
tweet from a writer for Sports Illustrated the same publication that
puts out an annual swimsuit issue dedicated to women who aren’t in sports. Maybe we can’t completely blame the media for its unequal airtime it’s a simple matter of supply and demand right? Never mind the fact that the 2015 FIFA
Women’s World Cup final between the United States and Japan broke the record
for the most viewed soccer game ever in the United States (men or women’s!) with
25.4 million viewers and sure the Superbowl draws over 100
million viewers each year but the Women’s World Cup final drew a quarter
of that WITHOUT Beyonce! So what can we do?? File complaints, boycott races and
events that don’t have equal prize money go watch women’s
games, show interest by tuning into any coverage, livestreams, whatever! Show our kids sisters the badassery that is a woman laser-focused on rising to the top of her game be a Lucy taking the ball from Charlie. and above all else
give women’s games halftime shows and Magic Mike the shit out of them!! Kym: what’s your favorite sport? Dancer: Women’s rugby

24 Replies to “Overplayed and Underpaid: tacking the gender pay gap in sports”

  1. It is hard to discuss "pay gaps" when it comes to performance-based salaries. If we are talking about a wage then equality is easily achieved but when you are paid on popularity, how many clicks and so on that isn't so easy. I am not for feminism but I am for equality, I wish people would stop using the term feminism but rather said equality, you can't say you are for equality while using a gender-specific term 🙂 PS. There is an earning-gap but not a pay-gap 🙂

  2. Just want to say how good this video is. It’s shocking that in today’s advanced world there’s such massive gender pay gaps. Haters are always going to hate!! As a father to a daughter I am always pushing (sometimes uphill) to be the best she possibly can and to never let anyone tell you that you can’t for any reason. Also I can’t believe you have more views on your apartment being demolished than you have on equal pay rights. Keep it up Kym and age is but a number. 🙏🏻

  3. I can only hope that i just watched a comedic/sarcastic aproach to the gender pay gap in Sports. I really do…..

  4. Feminists are pretty weird smh. It comes down to matters of feasability. Why do NBA players get more than WNBA players? They can throw alley oops and dunk from the free throw line. Women dont do that during their games hence not as exciting so people arent interested. Womens hockey? Never heard of it. Get it? Women also dont watch sports as much as men.

  5. Honestly a lot of your arguments were more like opening arguments than proof of inequality in pay. They can all be logically explained.

  6. This is an annoying topic😔 if the world is so equal, the women should just complete in the same category as men. Men are just better at some sports and women better in others. Like women figure skating, volleyball, etc the men don’t get paid as much as women

  7. You need to understand that wnba does not make the money that the NBA make. No women sports make the money that the men's sports do so how would they pay them if they do not make the money.

  8. Let break down number , because men lie women lie numbers don’t lie . WNBA brings in 25 million a year the NBA 7.6 billion . The women Soccer team brings in 79 million a year the men 3.5 billion . The world is 51 % women , women aren’t watching women. So u want women to get paid more because their women .Look u fail to mention the sport women make more like Figure skating gymnastics and volleyball .

  9. You are fucking stupid. Have you ever heard of economics? It's what makes the world go round and explains why women don't make as much is sports. Also your 76 to a dollar doesn't take into account hours worked or job worked. Women sports just aren't popular. Prime example the WNBA makes 25 million a year and operates on a fucking loss as most team sports for women aren't as popular because they aren't as good.

  10. Wow the narcissism of some modern women is mind blowing, your sports do not generate a fraction of the income that men's sports do. The Australian women's football team have been demanding equal pay to the men even though they cannot beat school boy teams, when women start attending women's sports and filling 40,000 to 100,000 capacity stadiums across the land (which they never will) they will be generating enough income to justify higher pay. Let's be honest girls what you want is as per usual to parasitically extract money from the men's game to prop up the women's game and you feel you deserve it because you were born one of two sexes and this make you special boo hoo! Liberalism is finished girls it's time to get back to the real world.
    A few years ago in the US we had the PGA v WPGA (golf) the women were demanding to play in the men's tournaments and how sexist it was not to let them and how equality should guarantee this so the PGA agreed and the WPGA were all hyped and thinking girl power until the PGA said and due to the wonderful thing that is equality Men will play in women's tournaments. At this point the WPGA women cancelled the whole idea and walked away never to mention it again as men would have won every women's tournament and taken all the prize money. The women did not like that kind of equality.

  11. Here’s a better idea no one care about girls sports because there boring as fucckkkckckck people want to watch the best out of there favorite sport but women can’t give the best your a fucking dumass bitch

  12. well because nobody cares about women sports, because you lot are weaker and slower and less coordinated than we are, fans want to see sports competition at the highest level, something that can never happen in womens sports, how are you missing the point, women ONLY get paid less because they draw in less money, because they fucking suck at sport, so shh plz 🙂

  13. Viewership. Simple as that. In sports where pay isn't equal, get the viewership numbers on women's games as high as men's and it would be totally fair to pay women athletes an equal amount.

    Also, when many men's sports leagues started, the players had to have regular jobs to make ends meet.

  14. If misogynistic WOMEN would just watch WOMEN'S sports then the league would make enough money to pay them like their male counterparts.. but they don't because women don't give a shit about sports. and men want to watch women play sports worse than men do.

  15. William sisters.. you know.. tennis pros.. they played a man ranked outside the top 200… They got raped.. oh wait.. did I just say that out loud? Mathildas Vs 15yr old boys.. boys win 7-0. Jun.. but Kym, when you sick.. I'd pick you

  16. Blah, blah, blah, blah. It is all about entertainment. If you want to make as much as men generate the viewership and generate the money in any sport as men do. The women's world cup did that one time. You have to do that year after year.

  17. Tell me something, Kym: are you just not aware of the disparity in revenue between pro men's sports leagues and their female counterparts, or are you aware and just being dishonest by not mentioning it as the main reason for the wage gap? It's dumb cunts like you who impede progress by spreading disinformation. If for example, the WNBA players were paid like their male counterparts, the league would fold because the teams could not afford it due to the lack of revenue (more than half of the teams in that league LOSE money each year). Be honest in your arguments, or you just come off like another dumb feminist whiner.

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