Outrageous bathroom incidents: WWE Top 10, July 7, 2018

Outrageous bathroom incidents: WWE Top 10, July 7, 2018

[MUSIC] What do we get cameras in the lobby!>>[INAUDIBLE] First to
the right the persuade continue. Back in the concession area!>>This is bad. Wait, he’s going in the bathroom.>>That’s the ladies room King.>>[INAUDIBLE] Mister McMahon
the ladies room.>>Hey! It was a trap. The Cobra Team has ambushed Stone Cold. Mister McMahon laid the perfect trap for
Austin. [NOISE]
>>Pull it together. Pull it together. [NOISE]>>Broomstick. Ooh.
>>Back to the manager’s office. Now the restrooms.>>They’re going in the bathroom.>>Our boss man and
[INAUDIBLE] into the men’s room.>>Thank goodnes.>>You with us, Jim Ross?>>Over here.
>>I ordered you a double too, Jim.>>Thank you.>>Miguel wants to freshen
up in there a little bit. What’s he got?>>That’s one of the things on the urinal.>>That’s a urine cake. [SOUND]
>>[COUGH]>>Vicky’s coming in to check on you.>>Stephanie?>>[COUGH]
[SOUND] [COUGH]>>My God.>>Booker T. [SOUND]
>>Come on>>[SOUND]>>Yeah. You’ll fight that.>>[SOUND] What are they?
>>[SOUND]>>They found him. They found him. [CROSSTALK]
It’s not him, it’s some other guy!>>That’s real cute. That’s real cute.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My farewell address tonight. All I want is just one shred of dignity. Just one shred of dignity. That’s all I ask for. [SOUND]
[NOISE]>>[LAUGH] [NOISE] [LAUGH]>>You’re just trash. [SOUND]
>>Hey! Adrianne, Adrianne, enough, enough. Hey come on, come on. You’re not gonna do this.>>No.>>My God. Aah! [NOISE]
>>You don’t need to do this, bro.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What did you do, Braun? [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH]
>>No. Gross. [CROSSTALK]
>>It’s been a long time, Steve. But I was told seek and you shall find.>>No, look at this! Stone Cold Steve Austin
sneaking up behind [INAUDIBLE] [SOUND] You said you could use some [INAUDIBLE]. You suck! You always have and you always will!

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  1. Even though the WWE owns all the libraries on WCW, I will never forget the one between Kevin Sullivan and the late Norman The Lunatic that ended up inside of a Ladies bathroom. I think it was a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match and Norman won after Sullivan came out with the U-Shaped toilet seat around his neck.

  2. Braun strowman should be universal champ. I don’t think that you can call a wrestler who hasn’t appeared since EARLY MAY a champion, Brock lesnar should have dropped the belt to Roman reigns at wrestlmania and gone back to UFC

  3. Where is the big show eats a burrito laced with laxatives and is getting mocked by Eddie while he's on the toilet

  4. ?:oh my god not another one with WWE Bathroom Brawl
    ?:Wow Stephanie McMahon vomiting on Vickie Guerrero
    ?:I’m going to be sickening and start vomiting
    ?:oh my god AJ Lee and John Cena are Brawling with Dolph Ziggler

  5. Ha ha ha fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty fatty

  6. I don't know what reeked worse, the Smackdown segment where Eddie Guerrero sprayed the Big Show with a sewage truck, or the Raw segment where Triple H and Shawn Michaels dumped a manure bath on the McMahon's and the Spirit Squad!

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