“Out Of My Comfort Zone” | Drift Queen

“Out Of My Comfort Zone” | Drift Queen

I’m thinking of getting into driftin seriously you need to get yourself a real little drug car okay kill the guy I want to punch it I haven’t got all the money in the world to spare my day oh yeah Becky what’s up hey Mike good to see you how are you yeah it’s all good it’s all good did you you get a car I did I went for the s15 in the end what would you suggest next we’ll be back and Japan pretty soon I’ve got Formula Drift will be at Fuji you’ll be able to see pro level they’ve got a whole lot of context I can hook you up with some some guys over there no doubt I mean I would be amazing I don’t know anyone in Japan I’ve never actually been so it would be a bit of a crazy trip but see if I can make it happen do it do it and we’ll see you there I don’t get too many offers to go to Japan and hang out with the world’s best Drift drivers the thought I’ve seen the pros in action has really inspired me to crack on get that seat time that everyone keeps talking about I bought the car now I’ll spend a little bit more than I expected to in the first place but I just need to get her track fit and then get myself out there so Becky this is your grand choice s15 silvia it has the best chassis out there it’s got the sr engine which is one of the best angels out there that right deal one of your favorites I love an SR engine let’s get her up in the air as a mechanic they are an absolute joy to work on really easy to set up and when we do each modification you’re actually gonna drive to go wow that does make a difference I can feel that I’ve been in a lot of garages in my time but these guys are proper specialists it’s a little bit out of my comfort zone because these are not cars I know these are not parts that I know and they’re not gonna help me in a way that they’re gonna do it for me I’ve got to do it and it’s been a long time since I’ve turned a spanner on a car myself and I know they’re gonna be watching the one thing that I’m thinking right now is I don’t want to make an idiot of myself if you want to start pulling the exhaust wrappers off good yeah main thing that we’re here about today is the differential key part we’re gonna fit a two-way LSD to it which is the essence of drifting is steer with the rear we’ve got to keep the diff locking and that’ll give you control I’m used to differentials where pushes all of power to the outside wheel for going around corners so now I’m just relearning everything and you want locked power for faith well here you just want a consistence though when you’re doing a donut to the left don’t to the right figure of eight you know exactly where you are all the time yeah that’s the input flange from the prop shaft yeah these are the upper flange is tweet wheel yeah but the problem is yeah it doesn’t lock so no matter what you do there it doesn’t lock all right let’s go get the new one yes we will it’s so Becky we are stripped you dipped down we took out the original that is now in the bin cleaned up the caps the crown wheel and we’ve got this here this is a car to way we’ll be fitting the Alice D to the crown will we’ll be putting the bearings in fitting it to here and making sure that the shimmer and the tooth engagement is good and then we’ll get it back together at ASAP so you can go drifting amazing fuzzies up with the air gun mm-hmm minimal talk should I go I go a little bit longer so you get two or Goga yes perfection you get ready for the torque wrench now quite manually wasn’t it oh it is yeah it’s that way you’re so big and strong it is here okay rice Becky this is you’re all singing and dancing drift to diff now right sign it because this is my very first lady yeah don’t draw anything rude happy with us absolutely sir Dean ya got a diff here ready for you keep going you’re looking good I’ve forgotten how hard it is working on a car physically lumping things around you know changing bolts I’ve been rusted in there it’s been a sweaty day Julian said that one of his friends is coming down later and she’ll be dropping some tires off I know that she started drifting not that long ago and she’s been on a kind of similar journey to me so be interesting to have a chat with there and compare notes Shelby’s actually one of the main drivers for the fast and furious and obviously she is she is a drifter as well hey I’m gonna need your help because I am like a total novice in this fear of tow well we’ll go get the tires and you can tell me everything you know I love tea Michelle it’s so nice to meet another girl with that saw a bit on this journey you know what it’s a bit daunting like how did you even get into it I worked as a grid gal at a drift event and I fell in love it straightaway because it’s my style of cars it was mainly Japanese cars and actually done a couple of experience days and I’m just kind of get a feel for it and all that was was a big teaser and making is you really want to do it and from there actually went to centipoid drift we brung days and that’s when I started to compete and started to do some live demos I’ve actually just got my dream job so I’m actually a full-time stunt driver now which is something kind of or I would get well I’ve literally just spent the day putting that new LSD in the car and we’re gonna head down to the track I’d love I’d love you to come and like see I can certainly help your basics there’s a lot of times that it’s quite easy to give up I’m not gonna lie there’s a lot of times where you’re beating yourself up thinking I’m not getting it and the more seat time you have the better driver you become the guy’s goes there nice right they are really nice though Julian’s been there from day one with myself so it literally helped me find my first car to be honest so would’ve been completely lost about and doing that differ Liam ah ah just what the hell you’re eight the days after you were fearless thirteen Jim anyway right we are here drift limits a this place is wicked you have to book it but they run drift stunts and super car experience days as well as offering one-to-one tuition so anyone can get involved [Music] I would literally just clutch skip straight into it you do a nice peppery doughnut so like from standstill or even [Applause] [Applause] it’s when you transitioned you went a bit too hard and fall but if you dis firma that would be perfect certainly a lot different to the first time I drove it it feels a lot better and a lot tighter but if it comes around a lot quicker yeah that’s the to wait if working in there it’s just learning the steering and throttle input at the same time corger well it is is yet I would just so you kind of let go and you need steering and more and use the flow a bit more so your own board [Music] by myself getting frustrated and the frustration comes from I want I want to know more and and know how to get it perfect every single time as soon as you’re over thinking you lose it it’s bizarre because normally your brains running 10 to a dozen when you’re driving but with this it’s almost I’ve taken a step back the throttle input the steering input everything is such a balance it’s really hard to explain but today I felt like the car became my own when I spoke to Mike he invited me out to see him at the Formula D in Japan I’m feeling compelled to take him up on that offer because it’s the chance of a lifetime for me to see this sport executed at the very highest level so I’m gonna do some research make some calls and get booked in my flight [Music] I’ve just arrived in Japan and it’s super mega sweaty part this also needs rock in the morning and it was 11 so we’ll see how this goes [Music] I can’t actually believe that I’m here it is just such a culture shock everything is different that the buildings are different the cars are different I spent a little bit of time in town but I’m not here to go sightseeing I’m here to see the Formula D comedy is drifting at its absolute highest level like the competition is the fiercest from around the world tomorrow is the qualifying round when I spoke to Mike he said that he would be able to introduce me to a few people I want to make sure that I’m not late and I don’t miss any of this opportunity that he’s given me these drivers take it so seriously it’s amazing to see how calm they are but absolutely focus on what they’ve got to do this is the first time I’ve seen drifting on a track the speed and the power at which they take the corners is just ridiculous it’s absolutely auras byron [Applause] [Music] Japan I told you I was gonna come I’ve had a little bit of a wonder around you it’s a big field here yeah well now you’ve got to see that a friends from like Goodwood Festival of Speed where it’s all demonstration we’re just entertaining thirty thousand any people are in the grandstand yeah to entertain the three judges and that’s what attracts me so much to to drifting it’s not always the biggest budget and the fastest car it’s more personal Flair and gives a chance for anyone to shine [Applause] [Music] you’re gonna pick up a lot today from looking at how much group the cars have now at this level when you start like grassroots you have the car set up kind of slippery so you can just glide around and it’s easy and then just natural progression as you want to hit the corner faster harder and now the cars are just ridiculous and like I said we have over a thousand horsepower that’s literally to overcome the amount of grip your poor grip so you’re not sliding off the track well we should hook you up with Robbie actually Robbie’s local he’s a judge he’ll be able to show you like the criteria side of things from the line the speed angle the style clipping points yes and what they’re actually look at it yeah I just heard you talking about judging or something probably make me I told her like first thing you want to do is get to Japan there’s a lot of history in Japan you know a lot of this stuff started on the streets it’s a very serious sport now compared to how it was a long time ago 20 years ago 30 years okay they still may not cause during the street stuff the toga and the hills until you’re in the right place to see the history of drifting you man you needs have a chat for sure I need you to show me the way because I feel like a bit of an alien half hey you should go see you like toga and stuff like that usually you go to Tokyo at nighttime but you’ll be able to see everything during the day so you got time I pick you up at 9:00 tomorrow he wanted that would be amazing you’re in for a surprise it’ll be really cool I think you’ll like it it’s a much older scene than I ever realized it’s fill me with so much inspiration but it’s now for me to put it into practice with the s15 I’ve never wanted something so much in all my life I’m thinking of getting into driftin

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  1. Red Bull pulled out all the stops on this one I mean putting her in touch with Mad Mike Robbie Nashida and then that girl who drives for the Fast and Furious circus in Europe and getting her to Japan… nobody says they want to get into drifting and then goes and meets all of these people gets all of these connections right off the bat. Gets the hookup on an S15 drift car from garage-d. Along with private lessons with their sponsor driver and drift champion. who sells an S15 drift car with an open diff I mean really.

  2. Im really liking this. Keep up the good work, its a really differant angle to see things at. Im sure many will benifit from these clips.

  3. idk this is all a bit too scripted. I just want to see her learning to drift. Not flying out to Japan for no real reason. Episode 2 finished and she's barely gone round a cone.

  4. This is the cheesiest thing ive ever seen. This was more fake and pre-scripted then a Donald trump speech. Super cringey red bull… Sorry
    Money doesnt always buy kool. Even mad mike had the look "There lucky they pay me so much i have to do this and act interested"

  5. So do we all now meet up with similar people, go to similar garages, have 10's of thousands in our bank accounts, purchase the same cars and fly ourselves out to Japan? BS

  6. The real drift queen is the girl in Vegas with the pink LS 350z can’t think of her name tho met her at LS fest she’s awesome

  7. Here I was saving to hire a trailer to bring down an rx8 shell to the rented garage xD its all money. everything's expensive and itll take me forever to get anything going. sigh.. here I am watching this.

  8. Should teach her to use a torque wrench properly so she doesn't hurt her self or her car in the future. Jerking it gives a false torque reading 99% of the time and her face is far to pretty to smash it with the butt end of a torque wrench.

  9. Becky I have a question. I've been a fan since your first youtube video. Have a question that a lot of people would probably want to know the answer to. I currently drive a 350z and absolutely love it. Looking to upgrade and possibly get a sedan because it would be a bit more practical. Question: If you were to pick 10 cars (for a guy) that are under $50000 and are super fun to drive what would that list be? If anyone else wants to answer id love to see their lists also. Considering a RS4, M3, 370z or cars like those.

  10. TOGE? NANI?!?! KANSEI DORIFTOOOO dude this series is so cool, i know it's all scripted but to be able to see what pros do and the history of japan drifting is getting me excited

  11. can someone explain to me how the steering and gas application is related when youre drifting? i really wanna learn how to drift. :c preaze!

  12. the story isnt a problem its about the cars, the beautiful girl and the driving – the story being slightly contrived doesnt bother me

  13. you really can't be told, they can help you but you need to find the balance in you car and your driving. but you can do a doughnut so you ahead of most.

  14. Once again RedBull thankyou!!

    Got me left wanting to watch more, what an amazing journey so far. Opens up your eyes into the drifting community ❤

  15. Feel it in your Hips use that butt , feel the car be One with it , like that Quote in the movie FF/2 Tokyo Drift learn by feeling it do it , the foot work heel toe & hands come naturally just from driver instinct , avoiding obstacles, remember work that Butt & all your bitz 😬

  16. Im on a tight budget… So lets buy a s15, buy an lsd, put 2 bolts in so i look like im doing something, let the mechanic do the rest, whaat? Yah sure lets go to japan

  17. this is a great example of how there is a glass ceiling/discrimination against women… I mean any young male can just walk into a drifting garage get a test drive of a few of their cars and lessons from their track driver just by giving them a call…and not only also get a trip to japan but lessons too… now I see what women mean when they claim it's harder for them.

  18. Will you look at that a grif girlr that became a driver and stunt driver, feminazis would get so mad at her for saying that, GOOD FOR HER.

  19. So all those years of hanging out the back of a white transit van in car parks and lay-bys around the country finally got them the recognition they deserved. 👍 well done Red Bull, you dirty dogs 😂

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