AYO!! It is going down today, okay… talk to you later.. and for some reason you’re watching and you’re not subscribed. What are you doing bro? Join the Logang hit that button bro EVAN!! Good morning! … Evan??! Where are you bro? Evan? evan? evan?? What the f*ck? Mah boy what are you doing? Evan what are you doing bro?? what do you got bananas for bro? They aren’t even riped.. Nice butt dude Yo what are you doiiing? Are you campin’ out bro? Evan: Last night got weird.. Logan: Okay, logang we got a new to-do list. number one we have to work out *what the f*ck was that* Hello? What the fu- Ayla, what are you doing? Ayla: Yo.. oh my go- Are you good bro? Ayla: No. i have no idea what happened last night.. Logan: Yo why- i.. i don’t understand what’s your deal? Evan: I don’t knoooww Ayla: Evan put me up here! Logan: How? he can’t even reach half of that height Ayla: He figured a way! i swear he figured a way Logan: Yo this is weird.. we got a weird house man.. Ayla: Awh man.. what time is it? Logan: it’s time for you to get a watch Okay, interesting uhh.. Okay, interesting start to the day umm.. YO STAHP, IM VLOGGING! I’M A VLOGGER Hi, good morning Kong. Hi good morning puppy. thas muh boiye.. Now she shuts up. Okay, still though Ayla, Evan i need to work. Ayla: No i think you mean.. You need to “twork” Logan: That says”twork” Ayla: Oh.. Logan: You know what “tworking” is? It’s working out.. while twerking Push ups.. twerking Okay Logang, all jokes aside we are here to work out BUT, today’s gonna be a little workout And then- we’ll uh- Evan: Little? Logan: Oh.. like i meant short.. like th- Evan: Short? Logan: Oh.. no no no umm.. Quick… it’s gonna be quick [ HARDCORE WORKOUT MUSIC] OOOOOO I’M SWOLE AS FUUUHH Okay, my man Evan. Boi have I got a surprise for you. Do you like competition? Evan: Yeah. Logan: Do you like wrestling? Evan: Yeah Logan: Do you like kissing dudes on the mouth? Evan: YE- aah you almost got me Logan: We are going to- We- ARE YOU GOOD BRO?! Kong, doggy.. i’m vlogging .. i’m always gonna be a vlogger kong.. We were invited to go to the WWE RAW event tonight! IN LAS ANGELES Yeah!!! WWE, WWE, WWE WWE Can you one-handed clap bro? Aight’ guys, we’re at the Staples center right now. Well we are underground.. it’s underground like a ground hog. Shitty jokes.. anyway Like i said we’re backstage guys we’re underground. Yoo the superstars are like big guys Huge muscles Evan: like I thought you were big. Logan: I am well i mean- Evan: You’re a little bitch compared to them Logan: Oh sick… Thanks, dude. Evan: Yeah Oh what up g welcome to the vloooog! Actually welcome to the backstage of WWE and you’re with the most must-see WWE superstar of all time And what are you doing back here? Logan: Bro, I’m vlogging my life away Evan, what are you doing bro? Do you realize that no one is allowed to use cameras backstage because what we do here is not a joke. And it’s not funny Logan: Bro i’m not eve- i wasn’t even laughing.. i’m a vlogger No you were laughing Logan: I’m smiling.. i’m not laughing. you didn’t say anything funny yet. There are thousands of people out there waiting at the Staple center. Not for you. For one of the most must-see WWE superstar of all time Logan: is that you? you’re not invited to come out with us.. Evan, Logan: what?! Evan: Catch you later Logan: Wait, what the f*ck. Yo rough start to the WWE day. Logang, yo i walked in here and for like- yo i’m a cool guy. but now he’s got me thinkin bro.. he took my roommate. Nobody takes my roommate. EXCEPT ME! I feel out of place dude. Manager Jeff: I mean the guy just stole Evan Logan: He stole Evan and lo- Jeff: And he stole him so quickly Logan: Bro so qui- and i was like yo what the f*ck bro? part of me doesn’t blame him this place is dope Oh, YO NAHH GET OUTTA HERE BRO Where did you go bro? Evan: We went to David Foster’s, got thousands of tickets Matching outfits! and everything! Hey guys. Logan: Woa Hi Logan: Hello… hi I’m Sommer. Logan: Logan, nice to meet you hi.. how are you? Sommer: Nice to meet you. Good. Logan: That’s Evan down there.. Hiii. Evan: Hi Sommer: What’s your name? Evan: Evan Sommer: Nice to meet you, i love your hair. Logan: Yo where you from? … Yo what the f*ck Like wher- what’s- where are you from? what’s your middle name? Sommer: What? i’m from North Carolina Logan: Wo so cool.. Sommer: where are you from? Evan: I’m from Maryland Sommer: Do you wanna like.. go take a backstage tour or something? Logan: Wai- I wanna take a backstage tour Sommer: Come on Logan: Yo are you f*cking kidding me right now? Yo. Nooo Evan! aight’ thas muh boi, thas muh boi Thas muh boi… She took my roommate Why do you want my roommate bro? why does everyone ta- OH WHAT TH- WHERE THE F*CK YOU BEEN BRO What what what what’s going on bro?
why are you just smiling like- smirking like that.. what happened?? What happened bro?? Oh my God Waddup guys! Waduuup Logan, nice to meet you bro Have you told him the good news? Evan: aah i haven’t told him yet Logan: What good news? Evan Has become the newest member of – Logan: Hold up wha- what the f*ck does that mean? He’ll be responsible for all the little people all over the world. Logan: Hold up is this true? What do you mean merch? bro he’s got merch Evan.. this didn’t happen huh? Evan: Ay i’m sorry it happened Noooo. The f*ck is happening bro? literally ju- Okay, aight’ … Evan you good bro? Okay, but what the f*ck? I don’t know what it is about me that like I don’t know if I’m coming off wrong way Maybe it’s my hair they keep taking my friend, and I like they’re not letting me participate. It’s just tough for me you know? Yeah. Well, i’m sure this probably is i mean how attached to your friend are you? Logan: Like very attached.. i feel like we complete each other well, can you just step up and like stop this from happening? Logan: I tried i mean you’re a big guy Logan: They’re big here yo they’re Big here i don’t know what kind of milk they’re They’re drinking. by the way who are you? Logan: i’m Logan Logan, yeah and what are you doing here? Logan: i’m a vlogger, i vlog are you wrestling tonight? Logan: No, I’m not wrestling down. No sir. then i’m not sure how you ended up in my chair? FYI I think I’m going to have to ask you to leave you know? Logan: okay. Maybe a hug goodbye? Guys, I’m salty right now, but the good news is I ran into some LOGANGSTAAS Yo, yo, you guys are in the logang yeah? Yeah, right, so what’s one of your favorite things about the vlogs? What do you like about em? the pranks are lit Logan: pranks are lit. We got we got the most lit pranks yeah, Probably Evan, Evan for sure. Did- did you bring Evan? is he here? Logan: Aight’ good talk guys ill see you later You know what? screw it bro i’m entering the arena right now OH the ring! I feel like in another lif-
Oh yo You’re kidding me bro? Evan: bro don’t be mad.Logan: Are you good bro? Yeah? I’m, dude amazing.. Logan: Where did you even go? mah boi smashing without me n shiet Evan: the guy was bigger than me was could i do? Logan: Don’t know yo, this is crazy yo oh look they’re beating the sh*t out of each other YO YOU GOOD BRO? oh there he go! get em tiger yo these guys are dope but my favorite part about this has gotta be this man’s hair you got a dope head of hair guy. ohno! ohno!! ohhh What are you doing guys? what the f*ck Yeah, oh YOO that was crazy bro they were wrestling and stuff. Anyways.. I want to talk to you for a sec bro. Like off the vlog like what’s your deal, bro. You’re still vlogging Logan: what do you mean Evan: i see it Fine ill put this camera down. yeah what’s your deal bro? Evan: theres still a camera there still vlogging Logan: That’s not a camera. That’s Brendan .. Evan: yeah, but he’s holding the camera. Logan: Answer the question Evan, what’s your deal bro? Evan: with what? Logan: Like i brought you to the event, and you go and run off and ditch me bro. Evan: Okay, the girl that came up. Logan: yeah? Evan: totally was into me more than you she was easily a 10 Logan: I’M A 10, LOOK AT MY HAIR Evan: She was feeling my hair though… the girl. Logan: but what about the dudes bro? were they 10s too Evan? HUH? Evan: They took me to the zoo Logan: YOU DIDN’T GO TO THE F*CKING ZOO NO CHANCE HE TOOK YOU TO THE ZOO NO CHANCE What is your favorite animal? What’s your favorite animal? Evan: Tiger. Logan: F*CK THE TIGER BRO i feel like a wanna wrestle you you faked tha- F*CK AAH Jesus mother of god yo yo back off Evan first off. alright? look at my hair normally doesn’t fall in front of my face like that now it is. Evan: f*ck your hair Logan: F*ck your… Tiger hahahaha Look what’s on the to-do list. next up bro number two! Evan and Logan wrestle Evan: who put that there? Logan: i don’t know, i know i didn’t. maybe you did I’ll put it up there oh Jesus yo, you know what? put on your costume son! IT’S GOIN DOWN Yo, where’s ayla with my costume that was convenient. Hi ayla. Yo, what do you got got that good good come on? Give me that something bro. Ayla: this is for Evan Logan: Luigi costume?.. yo please don’t tell me you got me a mario costume Ayla: No Logan: Yo, I hate you. I hate you so much. That’s all you have? Ayla: it’s funny. You said funny in quote logan get something funny That’s what I got you I did say that Logan: I did say that.. SANAVA B*TCH [EPIC MUSIC] Evan: AAAHHG Logan: Jesus mother of god [Beats the f*cking sh*t out of each other] AAHG JESUS MOTHER OF GOD Logan:*Chokes Evan* Eat those paper towels! , Eat those paper towels!!! THAS MAAH BOIYE Evan: NO ONE.. MESSES WITH THE STACHE Logan: Feel like I might have went too hard on that one Yo you good bro? You good? oh, no, I feel bad I hit him too hard that time plus to feel like I’m getting glitter all over the ground the stupid tooth fairy outfit bro. Sucks bro. AAH WHAT THE FU- SH*T BRO Evan: *Beats the sh*t out of logan* Logan: i headbutted the floor bro.. i literally just headbutted the floor. Off the vlog, of the vlog.. I need to get some ice *jk lol* Logan: *brushes Evan’s teeth* YOU LIKE DAT BOI? YOU WILL HAVE PEARLY WHIT- AYLA GIMME A NEW TOOTHBRUSH Ayla: yeah, yeah ,yeah. Logan: Evan used mine, just know i got it on video Oh whatchu got? you think i’m afraid of a little chores? What? it got stained or something? Evan: *beats the sh*t out of Logan again* Logan: * B*TCH SLAPS EVAN WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAHH Now afraid of the little chores? what do we got here? Wanna try and iron me? come here boi You ain’t gonna have any wrinkles now! Ohh boy. Yeah, we got a noise complaint.. EVAAN! Evan: Luigi mushrooms We got to keep it down brother neighbors- Oh what the f*ck? Evan: sup bro? Logan: you good bro? AAAAH YO WHAT THE F*CK Evan: * Beats the sh*t out of Logan again * Logan: COME BACK HERE! No! No! Not my lantern.. look what you done. Evan: f*ck your lantern Logan: bro what’s your deal? Evan: Look… i’m sorry okay? Logan: You’re sorry? Evan: I’m sorry Logan: I guess I’m sorry too man. I shouldn’t be so controlling with you all the time. Evan: You’re not my dad Logan: But I am your roommate. Evan: Damn right you are. Logan: thassuh mah boiye Okay, logang that is the vlog. bit of an interesting one today, but I’m just glad me and my boys are boys again Yeah, I’m glad you’re glad you’re glad too bro f*ck off dude Gawd dammit bro do we need to fight again? I’ll do it like I’ll f*ck you up dude Evan: I’m glad too If you’re not a part of the logang make sure to subscribe and join the family. And as usual man Go out be different be unique be a maverick YAH YEET. I will see y’all tomorrow TAKE IT EASY FAM… PEACE! Yeah, you like that boi?!


  1. 2:29 i’m an airpod user so it’s good lol

    anyone else in 2019 when kong passed away???? R.I.P kong you will always be remembered by the logang….. i miss u young doggie….

  2. All the time we didn't know how much we would miss KONG after he was kidnapped by the Coyote..plz bring KONG back to Us.

  3. He’s being silly with Evan then summer Ray comes and he says let me get my gentlemen attitude on

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