Our Boys (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

Our Boys (2019): Official Trailer | HBO


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  1. one sided leftist democrat arab and islamic terror supporting propaganda by hbo its ok most people in this world know the truth about muslim terror

  2. If you have anything with justice, dont watch this movie. Of course the arabs are the victims again. The countless jewish man women and children cowardly slaughtered even in their beds by Arabs are probably not going to be mentioned. It is a BDS – Roger Waters Movie.. It is time the israeli civilian starts to hit back, by lack of response from the army and the government. the trailer said enough, the arab father:"where is my son" really says what this movie is all about. Keep your damn 600+ rockets aimed at jewish civilians in Gaza, you arab scum! Its a film about 'both sides', while there is no 'both sides'. It is the BDS lie. Jews want to live in peace, Arabs want to destroy, Israel, jews, and the rest of civilisation. Look at Europe. Destuction all over.
    I am not jewish by the way.. hah..

  3. 🙋🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💙💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💜🇮🇱💚🇮🇱💛🇮🇱💖

  4. Why do Israeli producers make an anti-Israeli series? As if there were no enough Islamist propaganda in the world.. SAD! 😓

  5. Wow, this is so twisted perspective of what was happened in reality. The real story of the dramatic events and opening a military campaign in Gaza, was following a kidnapping and a brutal murder of 3 Israeli childrens by palestinians. The palestinian boy that was murdered as an immediate revenge by Israeli extremist was a victim as well, but not the main charecter behind the events. Presenting the killing of the palestinian as the main tragic is telling a very narrow and false story by manipulating the real causes of the war that was opened as result of the palestinian barbaric terror acts, which Israel decided to fight hard back. The real story was much more tragic and violent, and acts like these are keep happening for over 100 years by palestinians agaisnt Jews, long time before Israel was even existed. It's a known sad fact that many in the Israeli filming industry are writing false stories just to get some $$$ from abroad production companies that will buy every "politicly correct" story. These film writers knows well on which bread side the butter is spread…

  6. Hundreds of Arab Christians, Muslims and Jews children killed by European Jews. No one cares. 3 European Jewish kids go missing, HBO makes a series about it. What the holy F is going on at HBO?

    Wasn't bad enough you ruined the end of GOT. Now this crap… The best way to protest is to not give my view time or money. Canceling my HBO GO pass now.

  7. It looks like HBO is now just a stir of shit pots…when did they become an NGO? (For those who do not know what an NGO is look it up, do not google it they only will lie to you) And no I am not insinuating Israel or Arabs are shit pots or Shit pot countries…I am saying for example when my you have to people fighting and a third person comes in and starts encouraging them to keep fighting like a pot full of shit that is being stirred. God chees I remember when I could just type something with out having to clue in the clueless.

  8. Wow, how many comments have been removed? However this series looks interesting, it gives me the vibes of the series "The Widow" and regardless of ideological bias by the writers, producers and members of the staff looks really good, so let's see how goes.

  9. Muslims the victims again? Weird, they're almost always the aggressors.
    Hollywood has an obsession with apologizing for Islamic aggression.

  10. Interesting, I wish it will more focus on the biased and the racist justice system of Israel than the bullshit political propaganda that Israel use.

  11. There's always someone trying to make the slaughter of Jews appear to be their own fault, regardless. Siding with the slaughterer; empathy for the enemy; THIS MOVIE IS RUBBISH.

  12. There are evil, depraved people who attack the innocent.
    I think they do this, because…we'll be the most outraged.
       I wish they'd all stop this, & allow the rest of us to live in piece!
    If there was a way to tell… at first glance who is evil, it'd simplify things.
       The novel ''Swan Song'' comes to mind.
    Cheers! 🎈🎭🎈

  13. An Arab life isn’t worth anything in Israel. If you are Arab you can be killed, your house can be demolished, the school your kids go to can be bombed, if you protest unarmed a sniper can blow your head off. Isn’t « the only democracy in the Middle East », as they put it, great?

  14. Chernobyl showed the soviet machinery as cookie cutter villains, which is what America thinks the USSR was like. I'm looking forward for this mini-series to show Israel as a victim whose is only doing things to defend itself, just like America thinks Israel is like. On the plus side, the cinematography looks absolutely stunning.

  15. In the end it will justify the killing of Muslims by the hands of occupiers….. Those amongst you who think it will be in balance and will show the true colour of Israelis are living in a fairy land

  16. As a Jew I want to see the full series or movie. This is all based on real events, that led of to the Gaza War. Also, it is not based on justice system idk where that came from but I hope its a very fair and interesting piece.

  17. 20 secs for the three slain innocent Jewish boys, 2 mins for the "poor" arabs who were "wrongly" targeted by fanatic Israelis… Shame!
    I hope this trailer is not representative of the entire Series.

  18. As an Israeli, I remember these events 5 years ago as one of the most terrible national events Israel ever had. The kidnaping and murder of the three Israeli teenagers, and later on the kidnapping and murder of the Palestinian kid… God, these days were just awful and led to even more awful event- the 2014 Gaza war. I'm so hesitant about seeing this show- brings back bad memories.

  19. סיפור שלושת הנערים, עצוב.
    אבל הסדרה גאווה ישראלית!❤

  20. a disgrace that represent the awful misleading of the media against Israel a pro-Palestine point of view that barely represent the life in Israel. Jews been targeted almost on daily basis by hearted that been always encourage. will the most awful murdered of the young 3 children of ours barely recognized!!! and told. Arabic rape brutally and killed 19 years old girl, and it was hidden from public for weeks nor months, 7 years old girl been raped brutally for been a Jew also a case that been hidden!! we suffer for, attempts and success of terror attacks. how dare you to represent us in this figure of characteristic?!?!!?!!!

    by the way as a Jew in Israel we just by face know how is arabic

  21. לכל הישראלים שכאן שלא קלטו: זו סידרה ביזיון שמציירת את הסיפור מנקודה פרו פלסטינית שמתיימרת להיות אובייקטיבית. אין התמקדות נורמאלית בסיפור של הנערים אלא מסוף הסיפור וההתמקדות היא בתחושות הנקמה של היהודייםם ורידפת הדם שלהם!! (אנחנו אלו שסובלים מפיגועי טירור עד עצם היום הזה מתוך הנקמה של המוסלמים!)

  22. Arabs who die on
    Nationalistic background in Israel
    Its rare

    How many times Jews die on their land,on a nationalist background.
    This is not uncommon, it often happens in a routine!
    The murder of the 3 boys, in 2014 was shocking….
    In my opinion, this series was supposed to deal with the tragedy of the boys, and family's !
    Shame that this is an Israeli-American creation🤢
    Arabs who choose to be terrorists are not victims!

  23. Are we witnessing a trend here? Now,the movies industry are taking real life tragedies to make a mini-series out of them?

    Well,they should make a USS Liberty one when the Jews murdered over 200 american soliders! Or better yet,make a 9/11 series so we can SEE how the Jews murdered over 3,000 people!!!

  24. As an Israeli Jew who highly belive that both sides needs to be represented properly, this hurts. I was shocked and upset when I'v heard about mohamad- Its awfull to know that people killed a random boy for revange,and even more aufull when I know its my people.
    But there were 4 murder victems in this story. Three Jewish boys who were murdured from no reason but for being Israeli Jews, and mohamad- and all deserve that their memory will be respected!!!! Are you really making this series and choosing sides in this horrible event? I REALLY hope I'm wrong about this. But as outsiders who make a series about anotger country's event I would expect a little more nutrality. People who think there is one side here better then the other dont know the full conflict.

  25. الف رحمه على شهيد الفجر محمد ابو خظير الى جنات الخلد يا محمد 💔

  26. Wow, imagine my shock. 3 teenagers were murdered because they are jewish, you show it for 1 minute. 1 arab teenager murdered, you show it for the rest of the movie. Why you can't be nutral? Biased movie. Propaganda of the worst kind

  27. Biased movie and it's disgusting. It is very sensitive topic in israel, and you chose the arab side. Shame on you. And you know what? Who murdered the arab is in prison in israel for 50 years. The arabs who killed 3 jewish teenagers? They dead because israel killed them, but the "palestinians" celebrates them and call them heros. Disgusting propaganda how you chose to show this movie. Cheapen the jews who murdered and talking only about the arab who got murdered. And 95%of jews in israel say the murder of the arab guy is horrific and the murderer should be in jail his whole life. In gaza and west bank? They celebrated the death of the jews.

  28. I love how some automatically feel the need to resort into "this is propaganda". It speaks volumes. I hope this series respectfully pays homage to all 4 victims that were murdered and that the narrative will stay factual and truthful about this awful conflict (and climate).

  29. HBO, you're a fucking disgrace. Making moral equivalences between terrorists from the Arabs' elected governing body murdering three Jewish boys and some lone lunatics murdering an Arab boy is not even despicable. There's no word for how disgusting that is. Bravo. I will never be paying for HBO services ever again.

  30. A disgusting distortion of history and the reality. I've lived Israel since 2009 and I lived in Jerusalem in 2014 this trailer is a disgusting. We lost 3 Jewish boys who were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists and Hamas isn't even mentioned in the video, but you portray Jews as being extrimists yes there are Jews who are extrimists but they are a small tiny minority while Palestinians murder hundereds of Jews you focus on the one Palestinian murderered by 3 Jewish extrimists. Shame on you !!!

  31. It looks like this video takes one side and that is the side of the family of the Palestinian murdered by radical Jewish extremists who went to jail for life.

    I have been in Israel for 10 years, over 100 Jews have been murdered by Palestinians in terrorist stabbings, shootings, car rammings…. 1 Palestinian was murdered by Jewish terrorists (maybe 3 or 4 more, no evidence yet).

    One side murders Jews the other side mostly wants to live in peace

    That is the reality !!!

  32. Its crazy to me that this trailer is focusing basically on the arab child. Yes its tragic but thats a peice in the story. Three boys are murdered unrelated revenge taken by another citzen of israel. So classic now the whole television show is on the arab boy.
    I hope the tv series will do all these young men more justice.

  33. Ahh, let’s just ignore the other countless times Palestinians did terror attacks, abductions, and gratuitous murders. I’m sure it didn’t affect the Israelis’ anger and frustration.

  34. OMG how sick are you HBO? I am reading the description I am getting nauseous about the perversion of truth. "Our Boys" no mention of the names of the victims. Their blood is on your hands. Shame on you for for self gratification in the name of making money.

  35. As an Israeli, I am cringing in anticipation for this, considering how much mainstream Western Media loves the Arab colonialist who claim my land, history, culture, and herritage. Hopefully I will be wrong but I predict that this will end up romanticizing Palestinian Islamic terrorism, and demonizing the Israelis and Jews, like Hulu's "the Promise" which was more historically inaccurate and anti-Semitic than every Mel Gibson movie combined.

    Hopefully, HBO will prove me wrong, this trailer at least leads me to believe it will be more well balanced.

  36. the show hasn't premiered yet..and people calling it rubbish..anti-israel…
    btw the creator is israeli..just so you wont call him a nazi..

  37. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Political tv entertainment depicting one side to divide. The only question I have is Why?
    We all need to move toward peace, while respecting both points of view

  39. killing innocent people should never be okay. I hope to see the day Israel gov and Hamas change their view on the other side. Big love to my follow Jewish and Palestine brothers who want to live peace and equal country.


  41. dear people in the comments section this show is fiction BASED on the real events
    its heart breaking that not all the truth will be shown to us but at least this show TRIES to get the story out there.
    i hope that this will inspire people to tell more of these kind of stories so people can be aware of whats happening maybe even learn from it.
    either way i hope to enjoy the show.

  42. שם הסדרה הבנים שלנו
    רוב הסידרה על בן אחד
    והוא לא יהודי
    הכל בשביל להוציא אותנו אשמים בטרור ה "שוודי" שנעשה כלפנו במשך שנים

  43. It looks very interesting but I cannot watch it as it has not been converted to english. I dont do subtitles at all. Shame as it looks quite good. This always happens with the decent programs that you want to watch most of them are not in english.

  44. Spend 5 minutes reading the comments and you'll understand why Chernobyl was filmed in English, to ensure a wider audience. I prefer watching in original languages with subtitles but second best would be filmed in English. And if anyone is keeping score, English dub overs should be banned, people shot, and reels burnt for all eternity …

  45. ill try it, but they should have never made this show. its not right, making money of the REAL deaths of 4 kids, using REAL quotes and conversations by these kids, and the REAL war that led to many of deaths, fear and rise in terrorism. a war that led to another war and its effects are still being felt today.

  46. the reason the israeli jewish kids names werent displayed here is because the family did not permit it !
    most likely for religious reasons, as their families are very religious.
    im certain 100% they wanted real bad to tell their names (more rmoney) but they still not consent from the parents.

  47. reason the israeli jewish kids names werent displayed here is because the family did not permit it !
    most likely for religious reasons, as their families are very religious.
    im certain 100% they wanted real bad to tell their names (more rmoney) but they still need consent from the parents.

  48. רק 30 הדקות של הפרק הראשון עוסקות בבנים שלנו. ושמם של שלושת הנערים נזכר רק פעם אחת ! כל 9 וחצי הפרקים אחרי עוסקים רק במוחמד. לא מאמינה שאני משלמת על הסדרה הזאת מכספי המיסים.
    שמאלנים נמאסתם !!

  49. ביזיון. סדרה שהיא פשוט ביזיון לעם ישראל ! עושים קופה על חשבון הנערים שלנוו שנרצחו בדם קר ! ובקושי מראים חיבור אליהם ! רק מוחמד חשוב ! היהודים לא. היהודים מצויירים כחיות הרוצות נקמה. אם הסדרה הזאת לא ממחישה אנטישמיות מובהקת אז מה כן ?

  50. 3 inocente israelies boys kidnapped and murdered. Following revenge – Abu hadir murdered by an insane guy. Cool, let's focus on the Arabic side and yet we gonna call the series "the boys" so we would be considered as a fair TV show. Ridiculous. Israeli reality is so much more complex than that.

  51. The show is bias toward the Palestinian narrative. they mentioned the kidnapping of the three young Israelis as an anecdote. the murder of Mohammad Abu Khdir (may he rest in peace) was a horrible crime that was committed by sick people with serious mental issues and was condemned by almost every part of the Israeli society including the PM Benjamin Netanyahu and three mothers of the young Israelis who were kidnap and murdered, unlike the majority of the Palestinian population who praised the terrorists who kidnap the three young boys(including the PLO chairman Abu Mazen). lets also remember that the murder of Abu Khdir was unprecedented in the history of Israel unlike the murdering of Israelis by Palestinians terrorist which happens on a almost daily base (just a few days ago an Israeli young man was stabbed to death near his home by Palestinians terrorists )

  52. Going to puke. They cut through one Heated historical episode in time – when three boys where unprovokenly kidnapped and murdered – to start the series at act two, zooming into the spontaneous revenge by a deranged person (who btw got punished for life). Horrible propaganda with an agenda. If you're going to show it, at least show the whole story, both sides, the way it actually happened. Great pandering to the ultra left. Ugh. Hugely disappointed in HBO

  53. כמו בעיירות ליטא ופולין אז- גם היום יש מי שמצביעים על יהודים ובתמורה לכך מקבלים מה"פריץ" מטבעות שמשולשלים לכיסם. תמיד היו מי שידעו איך לזכות בהכרה ו"כבוד" בתמורה להצבעה על בתי שכניהם היהודים. זו תכונה של שבט מאוד מסויים בעם שתמיד יודעים היכן מרוחה החמאה ואיך למקסם את ההטבות. למעשה אלה אותן פעולות של "שוברים שתיקה" שזוכים ל"יוקרה" ושלמונים שמכלכלים אותם ממוסדות האו"ם, רק שכאן זה נעשה תחת כסות של יצירה. יוצרי הסדרה לא היו יוצרים אותה, אילו האירועים היו מסתיימים רק ברצח הנערים היהודיים. רצח הנערים הוא רק אנקדוטה, הטרגדיה היא פלסטינית, והקיצוניות היא יהודית. כדי להכשיר את ההנחות המעוותות הללו, ניסו לשלב נופך "אנושי" לרוצח היהודי. מאחורי ההפקה הזו הם עניינים של מחשבה כלכלית וניצול ציני של האירועים.

  54. The idea of this series is to show both sides as it was. I’m an Israeli and I was full of hate for the other side when those 3 teenagers were killed I wanted a riaveng. And I have a regrets about this. Those teens have done nothing to anyone the all 4. And it’s sad. No one deserves to die for being himself. I remember in the news that the police thought its a prank when the boys called them. And the Muslin boy they burned to death. So many people died right after.

  55. Fuck israelis they came and took a land and started to kill palestinians they cried help us we are victims
    Fuck zionists and fuck jews who support them
    Devil's species

  56. Wow! I remember the case with the three boys and it was an unfortunate case and in general this whole drug was terrible.

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