Oscars Winners for ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Full Press Room Speeches | THR

Oscars Winners for ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Full Press Room Speeches | THR

– You! Number 43! – [Matt] Uh, Matt
Fagerholm, rogerebert.com. Extraordinary film, uh,
Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s dedication at the end got a
standing ovation in Chicago. Can you tell me about how you went about wanting to reflect the
essence of their artistry and their message to the world? – We wanted to talk about it on-stage. – I mean, that was the “and,
finally” that got played off, I don’t know, maybe you
don’t see that up here, but maybe you do. I mean, literally, we were
just going to thank Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for really
inspiring this whole thing, you know, and for, um,
you know, being a force, of believing that all of us human beings have the potential and
the capacity to be heroes. I mean, that was really
sort of um, from day one, you know, Phil and Chris had
put together a treatment, and there was sort of a
statement that was essentially saying um, it was a
challenge to make a movie that challenged the audience
to believe in themselves and to believe in their neighbor and really, you know, be
positive and make a difference in the world and possibly
be a mentor or be heroic. That was really it, that’s
from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. So that’s what we were tryna say. – [Female Organizer] 228, and then 218. – [Carlos] Hi, Carlos
Aguilar from Remezcla, this question’s for Phil or anyone else that wants to jump in. – Oh hi. – [Carlos] Hi. Um, if there’s
a sequel to the movie, would you consider exploring Miles Morales’ Latino side further, maybe an adventure in Puerto
Rico or something like that? – (laughs) Well, we don’t want
to get ahead of ourselves, we’re really proud of this movie, and there’s a lot of great
ideas for another one, but obviously we’re
really proud that Miles has Puerto Rican heritage. I’m a Cuban-American,
and uh, they say that Cuba and Puerto Rico (speaks in Spanish) we are linked, so, you know, so obviously that’s something that’s a
really interesting dimension of the character that’s been
left to explore further. – [Female Organizer]
Going to 218 and then 176. – [Female Reporter] Hello
guys, congratulations. I just want to know how much
of the Filipino animators contributed to this movie. – Uh, we had uh, I know
back at ImageWorks we had, I’m going to shout out
John Butu, remember? Yeah, and there were a bunch
of people up in Vancouver, it was a substantial contribution. We had talented people
from all over the world working together on this movie, that kind of echoed what
you see in the movie is people coming from
whole different universes to get together and
realize their commonality. So we are very proud of
what our Filipino animators and artists, who were among
a crew of 800 artists, gave to the film. – Shoutout to John Butu! – John Butu! Woo! – [Female Organizer] We’ll
go to 176, and then 61. – Louis Del Carmen. – Yeah. – Absolutely. – All right, yeah. – [Eli] Eli Glasner from CBC News. Peter, as the first black director to win the Animated Feature Award, talk to me about the responsibility of
bring an Afro-Latino character such as Miles to life. – Yeah, um, it’s a huge responsibility. This is something that’s going
to be seen and taken to heart by millions of people,
but everybody has to know that our whole team, I
mean the guys standing up on this stage as well
as those other hundreds of artists that I was
talking about earlier, all of them deeply felt
the importance of that idea and that mission, so um, Miles had. Miles had a lot of backup. He had a lot of people
who really loved him as a character, believed in his story, and knew how important it was going to be to black kids, Latino
kids, kids who just want to be their best selves
no matter who they are. So everybody gave it 110% and uh, we’re very gratified that people are, are receiving his story in the spirit in which we put it out. – [Female Organizer] We’ll go to 61 and then number one. – [Male Reporter] Uh,
congratulations on your win. I was going to ask, um, what did– I’m sorry, hold on, need to
double-check my notes here. What responsibility did you guys have to accurately portray one
of the first representations of Afro-Latino superhero to audiences that are hungry for
diverse representation? – Go for it. – I mean it’s obviously
a huge responsibility. We were lucky because Brian
Bendis and Sara Pichelli created a roadmap for us
with the comic version of Miles that they invented and they made so many important choices. They made Miles part of a
really, loving, tight family, and they made choices that
are somewhat unconventional, and they were, they did a lot
of the heavy lifting for us. So once we made the decision,
like, we want this movie to be about Miles and his family, the rest kind of fell into place. – [Female Organizer] We’ll go to one, and then I do have to wrap
it up with 250 in the back. – [Fabian] Hi guys, right in the back. Hi, my name is Fabian
Waintal for Latin America. I believe, tell me if I’m wrong, Mahershala Ali has one of the voices for the character Uncle Aaron, so this would be a second
Oscar for him, right? – Yeah, yeah. If we have any advice for filmmakers out there, put
Mahershala Ali in your movie. (audience laughs) It seems to work out okay. – [Fabian] So my question is, what, how animated was his acting there? What was his chill? – Sure. – Talk about his death scene! – Well yeah, I mean, broadly we um, we tried to um, we cast
all kinds of actors. We especially, we had a lot of actors who had never done voice-acting before, and who favored a naturalistic
style of performance and our animators really met them and started to craft animated performances that were based on fairly underplayed, fairly subtle vocal performances, for which, Mahershala
Ali’s a great example. One last story about his is that we, well, can I even say it? It is a spoiler. – Spoiler alert. – It’s okay. – Spoiler alert! – [Fabian] At least tell
us about the character, what it was about, people might not know. – So, so, um, he had a
death scene in the movie. We actually asked him to do
it, we had him do it twice, on two different occasion. We asked him on a third occasion, and he essentially said no, or (chuckles) he said, um, he said, he basically in a very calm, well-articulated way said that for him to do that kind of scene takes a lot of effort and
it takes a lot out of him, and he essentially said to us, next time, if you still need me to
do this again, I’ll do it. But maybe look at your stuff because it takes a lot
out of me, you know, when I do that and we went
and we looked at the scene and we did not ask him to do it again. – Long way of saying he’s very committed. – He’s very committed,
he’s a Method actor, you know, he uh did a beautiful,
beautiful performance, as did the rest of our cast and, and they’re a big part
of why we’re standing onstage right now. – [Female Organizer]
We’re going to wrap it up with 250 in the back. – [Lapazaco] Lapazaco Sandoval,
New York Amsterdam News. Congratulations to you all. Peter, my heart is pounding
in my chest for you. This question is for all of you. What do you love about being storytellers? – I mean I’ll just do a super-quick one. I mean, to be a storyteller, it’s really just about connecting with your audience, whether it’s your little kid
that you’re putting to sleep or apparently millions of
people who go see your movie. So I think it’s just a
really, it’s validation of just being a human and
sharing the experience of being a human, so um, it’s
kind of an amazing career. – To feel like you’ve
affected someone else’s life positively, one way or another,
is a really magical thing that, that we don’t take lightly. – Bob said it, you know, people have reached out to us about this movie. None of us have ever been through anything like the experience of,
after our movie came out and people would reach out to us and what they say, what they feel, and we feel very close to those people and that’s uh, that’s very addictive. And that’s why we do,
that’s why we do this. Because we want to feel closer to people, and we want people to
feel closer to each other. – I can’t really top these guys. If you can make a connection,
that’s everything. – Uh, it’s two things for me. The collaboration with other people in this medium, which is a team sport, and it’s miraculous to me that hundreds of people will collaborate just to get on an airplane, let alone to try to make
a work of art together. That to me is so beautiful, and the idea of all those people putting
a message in a bottle and exercising a part of
their essential humanity which is that we all know
how to make art somehow. And it’s amazing. And sending that out into the ocean, to me that’s the whole bag. – [Female Organizer] Thank you so much and congratulations, gentlemen.

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  1. Wow! The Oscars actually got it right for once? Who’d have thought…

    Glad Spider verse Won, that movie was the best Spiderman Movie to date.

  2. 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  3. The people asking the questions are probably Latinos. Like does every question have to be about Latinos lol. Not being racist but I wanted to hear more about a sequal and other stuff. Like there thoughts on Tobey, Andrew, Tom, the Rami films and etc.

  4. What a boring press room, Latino was barely brought up in the movie and every question is “DAT LATINO RESPONSIBILITY THOUGH?”.
    I understand asking it once, but every question being basically the same? Lame.

  5. That scene where Peter looks at Miles and says he's proud of him is engraved on my brain. It was so beautiful that I ended up crying. It was so simple but so strong. My god, I loved this movie.

  6. i hate this movie because they made peter parker a laughing stock! and they killed him! one day i will make something way better that this dumb movie will go down to the bottom of the rate and that's a promise! one day this very bad Animated Feature will be yesterday's news and a way better Animated Feature will beat it it the top!

  7. If you came here looking for what that guy was gonna say before being played off at the ceremony, with the "Finally…", it's the first thing they talk about in the video. Just watch.

  8. I’d love to see a little more of Miles Latin side. Just a touch or two. I’m also a Cuban American and yes, Cuba and Puerto Rico are two wings of the same bird. (Transliteration for non Spanish speakers.)

  9. I have to see this now after it won an oscar… They say the soundtrack is on point as well. I want to see this movie now! Congrats on your win everyone

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