Open ocean kiteboarding competition in Sweden

Open ocean kiteboarding competition in Sweden

Red Bull Battle of the Sund is on today. That’s cool, one of the first
big kite races in Sweden. Races are always fun. The wind is perfect, this’ll be nice. Going here is great, this thing that Red Bull throws together with so many nationalities, so many different people, with so many different qualities. It’s going to be mayhem. Probably some tangles, some action You never know who’s going to win. I think anything can happen. Yes! Fantastic. Legs are a bit weak, actually. Awesome. So much fun!

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  2. this so hurts, …was born too early to be healthy enough to enjoy this fabulous sport. this, and wing suits. to all involved, I certainly wish you "Godspeed, and safe adventure"! love to all.

    The first time was last year, when all the ones who actually kiteboard complained about the hydrofoil presenting an unfair advantage.
    I mean, they could divide into sections or groups. I'm pretty sure the firsts ones to arrive had hydrofoils, then the surfboards, and last the skates.

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