Only Connect S14 Specials: 2. Sport Special: Footballers v Korfballers

Only Connect S14 Specials: 2. Sport Special: Footballers v Korfballers

Asthma inhalers at the ready, it’s the Only Connect
Sports Special. We’ve invited back two favourite
teams from previous series to play this match, chosen specifically
for their sporting prowess. Yes, when it came to games
at school, these quizzers were always
first to be picked – as the scorer. And they are, on my right, Barry Humphrey, an IT consultant who was pushed off
some scaffolding in Argentina for not knowing enough about Pele. Michael McPartland, a civil servant who once won £10,000
on an arcade game. And their captain, Jamie Turner, a highway engineer
who once sold a pair of trainers to the poet Simon Armitage. All keen football fans,
they are the Footballers. So, Jamie, you reached
the semifinal of series six. How does it feel to be back
in lovely Cardiff? Good, yeah. I had a nice meal
at the hotel last night, good to catch up with old friends.
So, yeah, enjoying it. And do you have a strategy
for playing your match tonight? No. Try to remember when to buzz,
I think! Remember the rules. It seems
ages ago since we were last here. You will be facing, on my left, Taissa Csaky, a museum consultant who was recently kissed by
a friendly Brazilian tapir. Niall Sheekey, a librarian and retired Irish dancer who is named after a renowned
architect and Joycean scholar. And their captain, Michael Jelley, a wine merchant
who received the only yellow card in the history of Leicestershire’s
under-9s football. United by a devotion
to Dutch ball sports, they are the Korfballers. Now, you reached
the semifinal of series 12. What’s your team been up to
since you were last here? We’ve spent quite a lot of time
playing korfball, and possibly a slightly larger amount of time
in the pub afterwards. Well, you obviously remember
the rules then! That’s rule one. We tossed a coin before the match,
it’s the only sporting thing to do. The Footballers won but they’ve put
the Korfballers in first. So, Michael,
please choose a hieroglyph. Two Reeds, please. Two Reeds, OK. What is the connection between these
picture clues? Here’s the first. THEY CONFER Next, please. THEY CONFER Next, please. THEY CONFER Next, please. It’s Rob Beckett on the left. Beckett… Two seconds. WHISTLE Yes, me, neither. Er… Beckett. Not the answer, I’m afraid. Footballers, would you like a go
for a bonus point? Michael got it, so… They are all corners on Silverstone. They are corners at Silverstone,
the racing circuit, the home of the British
Formula 1 Grand Prix. Can you talk me through the clues? There’s Club. Madeleine Stowe –
Stowe’s the corner. Yeah. Chapel and Becketts, two of them. Interestingly… Now, you
were right when you said Whitby, but you were too specific,
you should have just said abbey. Abbey Corner. And Becketts,
Rob and Margaret Beckett. They are all corners
at the Silverstone racing circuit. Very well done for a bonus point. What would you like
for your own question? Lion, please. Lion, OK. What is the connection between
these clues? Here’s the first. That’s Brave, isn’t it? Yeah.
Next, please. THEY CONFER Next, please. Archery. Merida was an archer. I’m not sure if she is.
It could be that. Do you want to…?
Try one more. Next again, please. That’s probably a Greek archer. I’ve heard the name
Alison Williamson. She could be a British athlete. Shall we go for it? Yeah. KLAXON We think they’re all archers. They are all archers,
very well done. Last clue, Katniss Everdeen,
who’s that? She’s out of The Hunger Games.
From The Hunger Games. And who are the other people? Princess Merida is out of Brave. I think Alison Williamson might be
an archer at the Olympic Games. That’s right,
won bronze at the 2004 Olympics. And the other one is presumably
an archer from Greece. Queen of the Amazons. Like Hippolyta, Penthesilea
is Queen of the Amazons. All archers. Very well done. Korfballers, what would you like? We’ll have the Twisted Flax,
please. The Twisted Flax. OK. What is the connection between
these clues? Here’s the first. THEY CONFER Next, please. Chelsea. Played for Chelsea.
Oh. Mask. Didn’t he have to wear a…? OK. Ferris. Ferris as well. Protective gear. WHISTLE We think they’ve all played
their sports with face masks, they’ve broken cheeks or something, and they’ve had to wear
protective facial coverings. That is not the connection,
I’m afraid. I’m going to show
the next two clues to the Footballers
for a possible bonus point. Yeah, all been bitten.
They’ve all been bitten. They have all been bitten. Perhaps they should have worn
protective headgear. What can you tell me
about the particular clues? Ivanovic and Chiellini were both
bitten by Luis Suarez. Yes, apparently he once bit a PSV
Eindhoven player, Otman Bakkal. One more and we’ve got
an Only Connect question. We were waiting for it
to come up. Holyfield was bitten
on the ear by Mike Tyson. That’s right. Stephen Ferris, I don’t know.
One of these two might. Dylan Hartley bit
Stephen Ferris’s finger. Sounds rather romantic, doesn’t it?
But it was in an oppositional way. They were all bitten
by their opponents. Well done, for the bonus. And what would you like? Water, please. Water. OK. What’s the connection between
these clues? Here’s the first. THEY CONFER Yeah, next, please. THEY CONFER Oh, no, I don’t know either. Got to be something like that,
isn’t it? WTA’s the women’s one. And the men’s is… One more? Next, please. THEY CONFER Next again, please. Two seconds. KLAXON It’s the women’s organisations
that organise these particular sports to have changed
their initials in those years. It is not. So, a bonus chance for
you, now, Korfballers.. Well, we think it’s when
the women’s split from a central governing body
and they set up their own. It’s not W for women. It’s W for wheelchair. Oh! They are wheelchair sports
at the Paralympics. Look at that trick there. Tennis. Tennis itself wasn’t introduced
to the Olympics in 1992, but the International
Tennis Federation allowed wheelchair tennis. And then it’s fencing. International Wheelchair
& Amputee Sports Federation. International Wheelchair
Basketball Federation. And rugby. They were years that those sports were introduced
to the Paralympics. So, no points there. But Korfballers,
you may have a question. Let’s have the Horned Viper.
The Horned Viper. OK. What would connect these clues?
Here’s the first. THEY CONFER Next, please. THEY CONFER Or the first time someone lost. Next, please. They could be brothers.
Brothers. First and second. Yeah. Schumachers. Davises. Yeah. WHISTLE We think these were
sibling one-twos. That’s absolutely right. You didn’t
need to see the last clue. It’s the Wimbledon finals
for the women players. So, not brothers,
but sisters in that case. Can you tell me who the brothers
are in the earlier clues? We think it was the Schumachers
for the Grand Prix. Fred and Joe Davis in the snooker. Good snooker knowledge. The Brownlees. That’s right. Alistair Brownlee took gold
and his brother Jonny, silver. Four years earlier
they were first and third. Very well done.
Sibling winners and runners-up. One question remains.
Footballers, the Eye of Horus. BELL RINGS What do you know,
it’s the music question! Oh, good! You’ll be hearing your clues. Happy memories, of course,
from when you visited before. Yeah. What do these clues have in common?
Here’s the first. # There’s a somebody
I’m longin’ to see… # Someone To Look Over Me.
But move on. Next, please. RECORDING: Mr Speaker,
you, a one-legged man are applying for the role of Tarzan. THEY CONFER A role that traditionally involves
the use of a two-legged actor. Next again, please. # The first cut is the deepest That’s Rod Stewart, isn’t it? # Baby, I know
The first cut is the deepest… # THEY CONFER Next again, please. CLASSICAL ORCHESTRAL MUSIC Two seconds. KLAXON They’re all birds. They are not all birds. In fact, I’m not sure any of them
was a bird. But worth a go. Korfballers, do you want
to have a try for a bonus point? Um. We think it’s… We think it’s to do
with something… Spit it out.
Deficiencies. So, trying to achieve something
when you have a deficiency. Eg, having rather too few legs
to play Tarzan. I see. That was clue two. That was. Not the answer, I’m afraid. I think I’ve got it now. You think
you’ve got it now? Yeah. Go on. Is it England cricket captains?
Oh, yes. I mean, that’s brilliant
to get it at all. Too late for a point, I’m afraid. It wasn’t Pete and Dud.
Well, it was Pete and Dud but the one we heard is Peter Cook. Who else did we hear? Rod Stewart. Mm-hm. Um, I’ve forgotten. Strauss. Of course it was Strauss
at the end of the first one. The lovely voice of Sarah Vaughan.
Sarah Vaughan. They all share their names
with England cricket captains. Well spotted, but too late. That means, at the end of round one, the Korfballers have two points, the Footballers have four. On to the Sequences Round. The teams may see
a maximum of three clues before telling me what comes fourth. Korfballers, you’ll be going
first again. What would you like? The Eye of Horus, please.
The Eye of Horus. OK, what comes fourth
in this sequence? Here’s the first. THEY CONFER Next, please. Presidential…
That was George Bush. Yeah, he said that whilst golfing. Things presidents
have said about golf. THEY CONFER Do we want to go with something
that Trump said that was ridiculous? “I’ll make America great again.” Yeah, go on. Yeah. Yeah. WHISTLE I’ll make America great again. For what reason? Things that American presidents
said on golf courses. I’ll accept it, it’s close enough.
It’s things American presidents said about golf,
not necessarily on golf courses. Talk me through the clues. “Now watch this drive”
is probably the famous one that Bush said whilst he was
supposed to be commenting on a more momentous occasion
in America’s history. That’s right, George W Bush,
he was on a golf course. He was talking about terrorism and,
“We must stop the terror. “Now, watch this drive.”
And he hits the golf ball. Yeah. I think it’s rather magnificent. I know everyone thought
he was an idiot but there’s something
kind of cool about it. He’s certainly shone, through
the light of nostalgia, I think. And the first one is whom? Um, I presume Clinton. Yes, Bill Clinton because
that’s the sequence. He was being interviewed by
Golf Digest and he said playing golf is the nearest
I ever am to being a normal person. “I’m an honest 13,” Barack Obama. Suddenly seems so statesman-like,
doesn’t it? He admits that some people
lie about their golf handicap, but he’s honest. Allegedly, Clinton was
a horrendous cheat as well. Really? Yeah. At golf. At…
Well, yes, obviously not in life. We have no evidence for any of this. And “Owning a great golf course
gives you great power.” That’s a Trump quote about golf. I’ve got some others. Would you
like to hear them? Yes, please. Here are some tweets about Barack
Obama playing golf, from Donald Trump. “Obama has admitted that he spends
his mornings watching ESPN, “then he plays golf, fundraises
and grants amnesty to illegals,” he fumed. Here’s another one.
“If Obama resigns from office now, “thereby doing a great service
to the country, “I will give him free lifetime golf
at any one of my courses.” Presidential golf quotes. So I needed something from
Donald Trump. Well done. Footballers, what would you like? Lion, please. Lion. Picture clues. What sort of thing
do you expect to see in the fourth picture?
Here’s the first. It’s a float. Keep going. Next, please. He’s doing the butterfly. Oh, float like a butterfly… Bee. A picture of a bee. Ah, yes! KLAXON A picture of a bee. Exactly what we’ve got.
For what reason? It’s float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee. Lovely. And who said that? Muhammad Ali probably at the time. Muhammad Ali. It was actually
his assistant trainer Bundini Brown who came up with the quote,
and he said it. An incredibly articulate man.
Lots of great quotes. Do you know how that one finished? It was float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee, the hands can’t hit
what the eyes can’t see. Nice! Korfballers, what would you like?
Horned Viper, please. Horned Viper. OK, what will come fourth in
this sequence? Here’s the first. THEY CONFER Next, please. THEY CONFER Next, please. THEY CONFER Two seconds. WHISTLE We think they’re two arrows
facing towards each other. Not the right answer, I’m afraid. Footballers, do you want to have
a go? I know what it is for but it’s remembering the last bit
of it. Yes, welcome to Round Two! It’s like an army code.
I think it’s A, B. What do you mean? A button A and a button…
A button A and a button B. Unlucky. It is a repeat of the image before. So, up, up.
Down, down. Left, right.
Left, right. But you’re right about
the connection. What is it? It’s how you type in the Konami code
on a computer game pad. Yes, it’s cheat codes
for computer games. Next in this sequence would be B, A. Ah! But you’ve got to repeat
the left, right. Right. So, when you’re playing
computer games, you can unlock various things
by pressing these buttons. And it’s named after
the gaming company Konami. So, well done for recognising
the sequence, but, yes, it would not be A, B next. Didn’t
play enough computer games! Sadly. It’s not a problem
many quizzers here have, that they didn’t play enough
computer games but, in this case, sadly, just missed out. It is a sport by the way.
An esport, apparently. I’m assured it’s an esport. Is poker a sport, do you think?
Oh, definitely. Well, I always used to say, when I
played a lot, it’s my kind of sport because it’s a sport you can play
sitting down, eating a doughnut. People didn’t like it. Serious poker
players love to say it’s a sport. SHE MOUTHS Wasn’t that the definition
of a sport, it’s something you need
your two hands, you can’t have a pint while you’re
doing it. So, darts isn’t a sport. I mean, let me tell you,
I can hold a pint while swimming, don’t worry about that! But it’s not bad as a definition. What would you like for your own
question? Water, please. Water. OK, what would come fourth
in this sequence? Here’s the first. I haven’t got a clue on this.
No. No. Next, then, please. THEY CONFER Sport positions? Next again, please. THEY CONFER We’ll have to go with something
with 20. Yeah. Two seconds. KLAXON 6-2. 6-3. 6… Go on.
6-8. 6-8:20. It’s none of them. No. Korfballers, would you like to go
for a bonus point? Is it 5-1:20? It is 5-1:20. Speaking of sports you can pursue
while holding a pint, what’s this about? We think it might be darts.
It’s darts. It’s the highest scoring numbers
in darts and the scores either side of them. Exactly. It’s what you might hit
if, failing to hit 17, 18, 19 and 20. 3 and 2 is either side of 17.
1 and 4 either side of 18. We go up to 20.
5 and a 1 either side. So, well done, you get the bonus.
And your choice? The Twisted Flax.
The Twisted Flax. OK. What would come next in
this sequence? Here’s the first. THEY CONFER Next, please. THEY CONFER Next, please. THEY CONFER Two seconds. WHISTLE Schwarzer. Who exactly do you mean?
Mark Schwarzer. Not the answer, I’m afraid. Footballers, would you like
to have a go for a bonus point? No, we’re very worried
that it’s a football question. Walker. Who do you mean? Kyle Walker. Not it, I’m afraid. It is a football question in a way.
Ah. You know the answer to this. You’ve said it while
you were talking. It is Matthew Upson,
Mark Hughes, Luke Shaw. We just needed John!
John Terry we went for. Must be the nicest.
I don’t know much about football, I suppose they chose John Terry
because he’s just the nicest, most likeable player. But it’s just Matthew,
Mark, Luke, John. Evangelists is the sequence. Unlucky. It was a football question.
At the same time, it wasn’t. Yeah. It’s not very nice to be back,
is it? I’ve changed my mind! One question remains. The Two Reeds,
that will be for you, Footballers. What would come fourth in
this sequence? Here’s the first. THEY CONFER Next, please. I don’t think that’s in April.
No way is it in April. Oh, no, no, it’s September time,
isn’t it? Every year, every two years.
Every three years, every four years. Do you want to take the risk on the
World Cup? Yeah, go for it. Yeah. KLAXON Football World Cup. Sadly not. So, I’m going to show the third
in the sequence to the Korfballers for the last chance of
a bonus point in this round. Er… Rugby Union… The Rugby Union World Cup final. Give me a reason. We think… We don’t really. We think the number of competitors
is on the increase. I can’t take it. And I’ll explain why in a moment. I think I know what it is. We’ve got
it again! Go on, what is it? Something like the FA Cup final because Cheltenham Festival
is four days long, the Ryder Cup’s three days,
the decathlon’s two days, the FA Cup final’s on one day. Something that happens on one day,
for example, the FA Cup final. Now, where you were very unlucky
over there, Korfballers, is that you said Rugby World Cup
final but you started by saying Rugby
Union which is just a sport that lasts, you might say,
an infinite amount of time. So that’s why I asked you
for a reason because, if you’d said, “We meant
this particular rugby match “because it would last one day,”
I’d have given it to you. But Rugby Union,
as your first answer, is not something that lasts one day. Once again, you’ve got the answer
but too late for the point. Yep. That means, at the end of Round Two, the Korfballers have 6 points, the Footballers have 7. And now it’s time to find out
whether these players can curl their balls around a wall,
a Connecting Wall. I’m simply using a football metaphor
because it’s the Sports Special. And it’s your turn to go first,
Footballers. So, would you like Lion or Water? We’ll have Lion, please. OK, you have two and half minutes
to solve the Lion Wall starting…now. Kyle Walker, Peters. Kyle Walker. It could be just World Cup, Peters,
Kane. They’re all Spurs players.
Walker’s not any more. And Rose. Roses, yeah.
OK, go for it. Oh, I’ve got one. Oh, easy. Cockerel, Thistle,
Shamrock and Feathers. Feathers for the rugby. Three lives now.
Right, slow. So, what would that be?
Feathers, Stone… Right, Hopman’s a cup. There’s a Gold Cup, there’s a Walker
Cup, there’s a Davis Cup and there’s a World Cup. Stewart Storey’s a commentator. I reckon it’s Walker,
Gold, World and Hopman. So… Then what have we got
left with? Those are probably commentators. Ellen MacArthur’s the only… She’s a dame. Dame Ellen MacArthur,
Dame Mary Peters. Brilliant. Sarah Storey, Laura Davies. Yeah. Go on, then. You solved the wall. Did I hear you say, “Oh, easy,”
in the middle of that wall? Not me, personally, no!
It wasn’t you? It wasn’t me. It must have been you,
you cheeky scamp! I didn’t say it was. Let’s see how easy it is. Tell me about the first blue group.
Walker-Peters, Rose, Winks, Kane. They’re all Tottenham Hotspur
players. All players from Tottenham Hotspur. And the green group. Feathers,
Thistle, Shamrock, Cockerel. They’re Rugby Union emblems,
Six Nations. That’s right, emblems on the shirts
of the Six Nations teams. Peters, Storey, MacArthur, Davies. They’re all sporting dames.
They are sporting dames. Can you tell me their sports?
Mary Peters was the pentathlon. Sarah Storey is cycling, Ellen MacArthur’s sailing. And… Presumably, Laura Davies was golf. The golfer, that’s absolutely right.
Good dame knowledge. And the turquoise group.
Walker, Hopman, Gold, World. Sporting cups, I think. All sporting cups. Easy. No! So you got all four groups and all
four connections, plus the bonus, that’s the maximum of ten points.
Very well done. Let’s bring in their opponents now,
give them the other wall, the Water Wall, and see
what they can do about solving it. You’ve got two and a half minutes,
Korfballers. That time starts now. Davis Love is a golfer. Katarina Johnson-Thompson? Safety is a way of scoring
in American football, isn’t it? Deuce, two, two. It could be that. Fred Couples. Fred Couples,
Davis Love… Simpson… Could be. Or Johnson. Zach Johnson.
Yeah, it’s OK. Oh, hang on. Cannon, Break, Safety, um… Doubles. Or yellow for snooker? Try it. Just try it. Blast. Dean Macey was a… Decathlete.
..decathlete. Johnson-Thompson.
Daley Thompson. Yeah. So, do we think Johnson? Right. Um. Two points then. That’s worth
two points, that’s worth two points. That’s worth two points. Safety?
Think it’s safety? Nope. It must be something else. Doubles is a thing in tennis,
deuce, love… Couples, Love, Johnson. Oh, Curtis Strange. Three lives now. So, there’s two-pointers
and there’s things in tennis. Break… Yeah, you can break a serve.
Advantage. Deuce. Doubles. Deuce. No. There’s nothing else.
Do we think it’s deuce? Yep. You’ve solved the wall!
Very well done. What about the connections? Johnson-Thompson,
Thompson, Simpson, Macey. They are all multi-event
track and field, so heptathletes and decathletes. That’s exactly what they are. And the green group.
Johnson, Couples, Love, Strange. American golfers. All American golfers,
absolutely right. And the next group.
Doubles, Deuce, Break, Advantage. Terms in tennis.
They are terms in tennis. And the turquoise group. Safety,
Yellow, Conversion and Cannon. They are all ways of
scoring two points. All ways of scoring two points. And that’s your way of scoring the
maximum of ten points. Well done. Let’s have a look at
the overall scores. The Korfballers have 16 points,
the Footballers have 17. So, some very well matched veterans
here. It will be decided in the Missing
Vowels Round, the old favourite. Fingers on buzzers, teams. I can tell you that the first
group of clues are all… Footballers?
Jiminy Cricket. Correct. Footballers? Volkswagen Golf. Correct. Footballers? Boxing Day. Good quizzing. Footballers? Orange Squash. Yes, it is. Next category. They’ve all won… Footballers? Torvill and Dean. Correct. Footballers? Wigan. Correct. Don’t know this one.
It’s the great… Next clue. Footballers? Leicester City! Come on, Korfballers,
it was Leicester City. Next category… Footballers?
Table tennis and ping pong. Correct. Footballers?
Croquet and pell mell. Not it, I’m afraid. You lose
a point. Korfballers, do you know? Croquet and pall mall. Is the old name of croquet.
Correct. Footballers?
Volleyball and mintonette. How can you know that? Next clue. END OF ROUND JINGLE That last one was… But it’s the end of the quiz. And looking at the final scores, the Korfballers finish
with an excellent 17. But, after a ridiculous
Round Four, with 25 points, it’s the Footballers. Fantastically
done. Very well played. And unlucky, Korfballers,
some great quizzing earlier. But their lightning fingers… You wouldn’t want them
burgling your house, would you? Not again! Very, very good quizzing
from everybody. Thank you all very much for coming
back. It was lovely to see you. Thank you for watching
and I’d just like to say, at the beginning of the show
I mentioned asthma inhalers, as I always do whenever
Only Connect does anything sporty but, in fact, these days,
as we all know, having asthma is pretty much a prerequisite
for winning the Tour de France. So, who’s laughing at us now,
head of games, Mrs Watson? Goodbye.

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