One on One breakdance battle – Red Bull BC One Cypher 2012 Bulgaria

One on One breakdance battle – Red Bull BC One Cypher 2012 Bulgaria

Today at the workshop which we made with Red Bull we all saw that people in Bulgaria have a lot to learn from Cico, Inteleks and Pickup… just because they are on the world stage already for quite a long time. In my view, the most important thing that we learned today was about how these three guys think. Because if Bulgarian B-Boys know how the World-class B-Boys think, it would help them grow more and more. At our last event with Red Bull which was in Plovdiv we had around 50 participants… Today at Red Bull BC One Cypher Bulgaria we have 80 people. I think next time we will have 120! Well, the battles were quite complex for me because of the pressure It was a huge challenge and I am really happy that I won today and hope to be even better in the future. At the final I tried to make all my moves my original things and to dance a bit more aggressive… in order to catch the eyes of the audience, to pump myself up and to be able to make three clean and pretty strong entries You have to know what your skills are and try to take it further and further in order to develop your style and of course represent Bulgaria.

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  1. I just had a seizure and danced wayy better than all those guys 😀 jokes! I'm glad that guy won he was soo original

  2. DUDE no way, sometimes i go to the bathroom, turn on the fan,
    light my hair on fire and pretend im a joint

  3. sometimes i go into the bathroom when no one is looking and fill the bathtub with mustard and get inside and try to make myself look like a sausage inside a hotdog

  4. no mate you are in the closet for a totally different reason….. just havin trouble coming out of the closet lol

  5. people who need to b in red bull bc one this year:
    wing, taisuke, cloud, luigi, thesis, neguin, and lilou so cloud can smoke him and show everyone that he only lost cus he was tired at red bull bc one 2009 i mean you neveer know wat i the world ends in 2012. forsure i wana see this before the world ends

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