On Pace w/ Pastrana: Two-Stroke Week | S2E9

On Pace w/ Pastrana: Two-Stroke Week | S2E9

It was a nice day and then rain hit. Two stroke lead after a rocky start! 2-stroke against Chad Reed’s 4-stroke. My name is Travis Pastrana. This is my wife. This is where I’m going. And this is my story. We are at New Hampshire
Motor Speedway right now. Travis is racing the GRC. He won this race last year
so that’s really exciting. I’m hoping that he repeats that
and brings the car back to victory lane. TRAVIS: It was a sunny day,
it was a nice day, and then rain hit with
only three of us left to qualify. We barely made it through, I mean, it was a monsoon that hit the track. We qualified last,
next to last, and third from last. We’re all in the back row
that’s got to go after that. LYN-Z: In their heat,
either of them made the final, so to LCQ they went. TRAVIS: Well we made the main,
won the LCQ. Price came in,
we were sitting 1, 2. We had a mechanical
coming out the corner but we got one of the
Dodge trucks in the final. Main event, here we go! We pulled it wide open,
smash everybody. Price, that’s a great plan. That’s usually the plan. Who needs tires anyway? Basically did the whole final
with the tire off the rim. TRAVIS: Got a win in the LCQ but
got a flat in the main event. I tell you what,
these fans up here are awesome. These guys are passionate. LYN-Z: It’s just really cool to see
that the fans really support him no matter what the
outcome of the race is. It’s a lot to keep smiling after a race
but these guys make it a lot easier. [Two Stroke Week] [A week long competition
Featuring] [TRAVIS PASTRANA] Balls to the wall excited. [TARAH GIEGER] [DAVID WELLS] [CHAD DOWLING] So we came out to two-stroke week,
we were going to Bambam’s house today, but evidently there’s a tropical storm,
everything’s kinda underwater. So we’re going golfing instead. We only get two strokes deduction
for a hole because we’re pretty bad and we’re going to try to make par. Skies out, thighs out,
that’s how we look at golfing. A little bummed on the rain,
two-stroke week starting out in the rough. Watch Dave some day,
he’s not a competitive person. When he actually has to compete
and there’s money on the line, like look at his face, just ruined. – You all ruin the game of golf for me. Thanks.
– You’re welcome. Just love the depression on his face. Hey you’re still up one stroke man,
you might win this [inaudible] My day’s over. I know we’re in a recession,
but shoot, you can buy more balls. There’s a lot of back sweat on that guy
that’s pissing in the woods over there. [laughter] He’s got that ringer
on the Charlie Sheen shirt, it appears the shirt’s
grabbing on his putter. – So…
– Yes! Yes! And he just failed to
get it past the women’s tee, I don’t know what happened. That’s the best naked shot I’ve ever seen,
usually when people are naked, they just hit the ball. WOMAN: Travis, why are
you sweating so much? I did. Alright so right now for a hundred dollars
I’m down 2 strokes, one hole to go. I need my accuracy, the putter. Hey buddy, no pressure,
no pressure, no pressure. So you won a hundred dollars
and you won the most holes, so you also won money on the holes. Now we get to go do jetski races. I feel pretty good, we came
straight off our golf game, [inaudible] David’s got his Hawaiian shirt,
he’s got his short shorts, he’s looking good out there. Haha! Jetski day! Wooooo!! We’re on Lover Lake,
we’re boarding the lightning! And we’re going to put
the lap time down, and we’re going to
continue tomorrow. I’ve got the time to beat
so far with a 55.7. Before the tropical storm hit,
I went out there. Now, it’s raining, it’s choppy,
they’re having a really tough time beating my time. I like it.
It’s great to be winning. Where’s Tarah at? – She’s definitely leading at–
– 54.8 It’s just not fair because
I’m really competitive and everything and we come out here and get
my ass kicked by a girl every single time. Girls aren’t supposed
to win at two-stroke week. Tarah, you’re pretty good for a girl. Easy, Pastrana. [laughter] Alright, here we go,
let’s see what we got. [inaudible] [laughter] Yeah!! That was awesome! The fact that she got up so squirrelly
makes me kinda smile a little bit, ’cause she beat me on jetski so… We’re here at Chad Reed’s house,
I don’t know how the neighbors complain. We are so far in the middle of nowhere
we had to go around the cows on all the roads to get here. I’m a little jealous, I missed
the memo on the shirt situation here, what’s all this about? It’s two-stroke week. Chad has been
working on his shifter cart, so they’re going to go out and try to beat the two-stroke. Alright, two-stroke against
Chad Reed’s 4-stroke, see what we got. First moto was not good
for two-stroke week. Chad went out there and took
his four-stroke definitely to pretty dominant performance, although I did run him
off the track once. I think technically,
I mean technically, I won. [laughter]
I beat your ass. Your two-stroke
didn’t even last the moto. You pushed it back. [laughter] On the next episode of

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  1. Were they jet skiing where there were alligators? Did anyone else see that first shot of the gator in the water?

  2. don't mean to be "that guy", but it is a two stroke penalty for leaving the flag stick in the hole and hitting it while putting

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  4. what the fuq is this? i would be imbarressed to be with this fake pastranna imposter were all the black people at?
     i wonder what the payout the real pastrana got for selling his name and how it feels to watch it get raped by theses fools

  5. Nice recovery!Brandon Semenuk and Cam Zink get their hands dirty to create epic lines to shred for their film, but find some obstacles along the way. They finish off their motorhome trip by visiting Exotics Racing in Las Vegas to take a spin in a McLaren and Lamborghini for the ultimate rush. #redbull #redbullracing #exoticsracing #aventador #mclaren #lamborghini #lasvegas  Brando should try aiming with his left eye next time.When's season 3 coming out. I love this so much and semenuk is so freaked good :)Travis in a suit lolHey I bet i can beat you on the jet skies and im 16! wanna race you!

  6. God I’ve been growing up watching him do all these stunts and stuff on nitro circus and stuff it’s so cool that he’s still pushing it and still nuts

  7. Chad needs to bring that 4 stroke shifter to Orlando kart center. Theres some fancy pants Brazilians here that say a 4 stroke doesnt have enough power to compete with the 2 stroke shifters.

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