On Pace w/ Pastrana: Pastranaland | S2E5

On Pace w/ Pastrana: Pastranaland | S2E5

Travis is pretty good at persuading people,
and I mean so am I. [theme music] My name is Travis Pastrana. This is my wife. This is where I’m going. And this is my story. Epic little day out at Travis Pastranaland
running new stuff for MegaRamp. Just one hellava good time. [music] So I’m out here helping Stevie X-Games
medalist wad himself up for the foam bunch pit
for training. Florida Georgia Line coming
to visit Pastranaland. They’re out back which I thought
what they’re getting up to? [music] Aw, the Georgian Florida Line
just showed up. It’s a good day. I’m under strict orders
not to buy a house here. [music] Did we come out here
to get dirty? Yeah. Did we come out here
to get stuck? Hell yeah. We’re making mud pie, baby. We’re going to be serving up mud pie. Stick one of these guys,
to the face. Gonna look great tonight. Three, two, one, flip. That’s a perfect back flip right there.
Now the only way— Is this really happening right now? The only way you can mess
this up is if you miss the pit. [music] Your head’s back, you feel
like you’re upside down but really your bike’s
just kinda like this. If your ass isn’t touching here,
you’re doing something wrong. TRAVIS: Volk a minute, volk a minute. This is a warning. [cheers] What’s up? We don’t many of these
at home but when we do get home, we drink lots of Red Bull
and go see concerts. And uh… I don’t know that guy. Oh we’re gonna see
the Florida Georgia Line. They came over and rode with us today. They’re playing Ram’s Head in Baltimore. [country music] We’ve basically just spent
the whole day with the band. Making them do the things
that we’re good at and and now we’re here at Rams Horn live in
Baltimore to watch them do what they’re good at. And you know, enjoy the concert. [music] [crowd cheering] We’ve got the whole Roush Fenway crew
and we’re testing at Miller Motorsports Park. These guys have just been terrorizing
some cars and some tires, having fun. [tires squealing] We’re racing together and
we’re racing pretty hard. We see where we lose and where we gain. [music] We’re playing musical cars. We’re all fighting when they say
five minute warning, everyone dives for a car. So I just got out here earlier but
everyone is just messing with each other. This is Ricky. This looks like his car right here. Alright. Your car is right over there. Oh, sorry, here you go. TRAVIS: These cars are a little under powered from
actual race cars but they handle similarly. We’re working on race strategy,
we’re working on lines. There’s no better way to find out where
you’re slow and where you’re quick than with some of the best in the world. [music] Stenhouse over here,
the car I had the time before, that I completely wasted
the tires that I spotted off the course. [music] I was pretty happy so I took his car and it still
was decent but still not the quickest out there. Take someone else’s —
Take Ryan’s next time. I think I might want to try— Ryan’s dad been leading. Take Ryan’s… Yeah, you guys are the grid. [music] We have broken four cars so far.
I haven’t hit anybody yet but I did break
the radiator following someone through the gravel. There’s probably more gravel on the track
after we get done with it than off the track. [music] We got Trevor over here who sweats. What? I don’t sweat. [inaudible] I mean, I’m just cruising around.
I was—I was just checking out the mountains
just riding around sweating. -Sweating.
-Sweating. Sweating, all the time. Are you like those kids
who sweat in, like, math class who sweat when you think,
or sweat when you drive? No I don’t think much [laughter]
but I do sweat a lot so I don’t know. [engines roaring] TRAVIS: So many great friends, great drivers. The team of the Roush driver guys just putting
this whole thing together was really cool. So we’re all gonna red eye flight tonight. Game on! On the next episode of
On Pace with Pastrana…

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  1. how can racing thoose mustangs help him with nascar i mean u need skill to drive nascar but not that kinda skill :/

  2. I'm a pro parkour/Freerunning athlete and if i ever do a back flip in motorcycle it will be a challenge I want to do with Travis Pastrana. I can get it in ONE day. After I bring him to do parkour stuff with me in Santorini Greece for some vacation and watch the Red Bull art of motion where I compete this year. 199 inspiration for every extremes sports athletes.

  3. That guy actually got a little bit annoyed that Travis took his car. I mean come on, It's Travis. He do what he wants.

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