On Pace w/ Pastrana: FMX, Guns, & Frog Hopping | S2E4

On Pace w/ Pastrana: FMX, Guns, & Frog Hopping | S2E4

I don’t know. My right ankle, everybody
kinda laughs and they joke, but it’s still completely crap
at the moment. So, it works good for driving cars
but, we’ll see today if it works still for riding motorcycles. [motocross bike engine rumbling] My name is Travis Pastrana. ♪ [theme music] ♪ This is my wife.
[My wife] ♪ [theme music] ♪ This is where I’m going.
[My Team] ♪ [theme music] ♪ And this is my story. [On Pace with Pastrana, Season 2] ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [‘The Thing’ Ranch, Jeremy McGrath’s Track] ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [Travis] Really, it’s been
a year and a half since I’ve been on a motorcycle, and
I’m going to go have some fun today. ♪ [indy rock] ♪ All the D.C. guys out here, Maddo, Jeremy
McGrath, Adam Cianciarulo, Nate Adams, the D.C. guys filming–they’re
actually filming right now– alot of the guys that just have
a lot of fun on their bikes at a place called, “The Thing” Ranch
with Jeremy McGrath who is the king. [motocross bike engine buzzing] [Robbie Maddison] There’s an amazing
jump mark over behind the lake here. It’s one of Jeremy’s creations Travis Pastrana obviously
needs little introduction. ♪ [indy rock] ♪ Having him here at M.C.’s
ranch is kind of magical, He’s dealing with a few things, which
is probably a rider’s nightmare. But he’s an amazing talent, I’m sure he’s still going to look like there’s
nothing wrong with him. [motocross bike engine whining] ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engine whining]
♪ [indy rock] ♪ ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engine whining]
♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engine idling] Sorry about blowing out your burn out,
Adam. Thanks for setting it all up. It was beautiful, man, just pristine. [Adam] It’s all good. [Travis] Thanks buddy! Adam Cianciarulo [chuckles]. He’s fast. ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engines whining]
♪ [indy rock] ♪ You’ve got some tips going on in there. Yeah. I got a bunch of greys, actually, I’ve even got to the point where I’m like
a silver fox who needs a change. I haven’t reached that status yet,
but I feel it coming. [laughter] ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engine rumbling] ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engine whining] ♪ [indy rock] ♪ There’s good dirt, but then rocks come up and you’ll hit one and swap
your front end a little bit. ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engine buzzing] ♪ [indy rock] ♪ What we’re all really here
is not the shooting, it’s not the motorcycle-riding,
it’s the frog-hop. The current frop hop possibly world
champion is Robbie Maddison. So, he’s the one we want to beat. [Travis ] But I thought it was
more of a kangaroo hop, because you’re from the land down under. The main technique is not on the outside,
it goes on the inside so it’s like– [shoes striking hard ground] [Travis] Oh! So you actually get
a little pull off of that. [motocross bike engine revving] [motocross bike engine whining] ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engine whining] ♪ [indy music] ♪ [Travis] It’s not one single jump back
here, it’s the same distance. Most fun and most technically challenging,
scariest places to ride. [motocross bike engine rumbling] [Travis] Follow the leaders, nacs? [Jeremy] Follow the leader? [Travis] I’ll be right behind you. ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engines rumbling] ♪ [indy rock] ♪ [motocross bike engines rumbling] [Travis] This is it. We are done. Jeremy
Mcgrath’s ranch D.C. photoshoot. I have blisters all over everywhere.
I can’t sit, I can’t walk, I can’t move. and I just got a perma-grin. It’s awesome! ♪ [hip hop instrumental] ♪ We’re in the true man cave, man heaven.
This is the king’s house. Jeremy McGrath, we’re shooting guns. It’s about 10:30 PM.
Been riding dirt bikes. That’s how we’re rolling tonight. I don’t know anything about shooting.
We’re going see a big buck hunter help us for our real guns. [Travis] Pull! [clay pigeon launching] [shotgun blast] [metal shell casing clinking] [onlookers] Yeah! [cheering] That’s how we do at the range right here. [gunshot] [gunshot] [howl] [Ronnie] You can feel the pressure
wave hit your face. It’s something I’ve never felt before. When they shoot, it hits you in the face.
[gunshot] [gunshot] See, that hit me. Two hits
in the face right now. I’ve got a bleeding lip. [helicopter rotor spinning] Well we’re out of here. I got the last one, and
there’s no more left. Mr Cianciarulo has absolutely gone off
his brains, and to keep the party calm, I’m going to get some more, and
this is our means of transport so, [sucks gums] someone’s got to do it. [helicopter rotor spinning] [Annapolis, Maryland] [Travis] It’s time to head to Maryland,
hit some pit bikes, and have some fun with some friends. [motorcycle engines roaring],
♪ [heavy metal] ♪ ♪ [decidedly calmer music] ♪ [Lyn-Z] ]So Travis just got finished
telling me how awesome the new pit bike/ vet track is, the one that basically Hubert
built for me to ride. And I’m sitting here, making
thank you cards. I’ve already gotten a few gifts and we
don’t even know what kind of baby we’re having yet. [motorcycle engines roaring],
♪ [heavy metal] ♪ [cheer] ♪ [decidedly calmer music] ♪ I mean, all the toys are here, and
everyone’s here and they’re out playing, and I can’t really play anymore. [motorcycle engines roaring],
♪ [heavy metal] ♪ [nervous laugh] ♪ [heavy metal] ♪ [laughter] [Travis] Hey! I didn’t make it! [laughter] I went for it! [Travis] On the next episode of
On Pace with Pastrana, the fun continues in Maryland with Steve
McCann and the Florida Georgia line [bystander] Go! [pit bike engines roaring]

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  1. i dont understand this sport. it is so pointless and these guys aren't that good considering they've probably trained their whole lives. what arrogant dicks, i hate these kind of people

  2. Ah, i have been driving motorcycle since i was 4 years old, now i'm 14, have to quit bacause a disease, damn i miss driving!

  3. do you know who these people even are, what kind of situation they were riding in, what the sport is about, whats good and whats not good, how hard and death defying it is, and how stupid you have just made yourself look, my god that was an unbelievable comment, put yourself in a hole and stay there and dehydrate and die, you waste of skin flesh and bone, I'm surprised you don't even know who Travis is, he is down in the history books and the worlds biggest inspiration… you are a spec of dust.

  4. Jeremy McGrath was AMA super-x champion for 7 consecutive years in a row and is one of the greatest pro racing champions the world has ever seen, Travis Pastrana is one of the worlds most celebrated freestyle champions of the world and and Robbie Madison is the current world record holder of the world motorcycle jumping record and on and on it goes, so on that note eat a dick you disastrous failure.

  5. Travis rides with friends still, but of he crashes out on that foot he will have to have it amputated. His team of doctors reconstructed it not to long ago and said if he breaks it again its game over. Partial reason why he is doing the NASCAR now, that and he's just a bad ass!

  6. I don't understand? How can one fall of the titanic? It may have made more sense with off, but with the name August I wouldn't expect that much intelligence

  7. aren't that good? why don't you try it then? these guys are the best in the world at what they do. and why do you need to comment hateful things when you should keep them to yourself.

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  9. if anybody who reads this comment sees you in person, you're probably going to get the shit beat out of you…I hope you do

  10. has anyone ever been stupid enough to actually go to this link? and while im here, can i get my virus in blue?

  11. where's the evidence that these guys a good?? so what they can do some little bar tricks, i learnt this shit when i was 12

  12. For a sport to be a sport it requires physical and mental requirements. Mentally when your racing you have to pick the best lines and the quickest way to get off the starting gate. You wont understand the physical state of it unless you do it going as fast as you can on a huge track for 30 mins + 2 laps with no brakes. It requires a huge amount of endurance. Anf the guy you think suck is a legend. He won a sx champion ship and went to motocross of nations and is a amazing fmx rider.

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