What’s up guys welcome back to a brand new
video (Intro sound playing) (Intro sound playing) (Intro sound playing) (Intro sound playing) today guys it is not a FIFA rewards
things… no packs well there is gonna be packs later on so
yeah anyways guys we are gonna do another video today guys we are gonna do
a FUT DRAFT my first FUTD RAFT this year like I might actually do like a FUT
DRAFT series maybe my do that but um let’s carry on guys come on let’s try
and win this FUT DRAFT and if you think I’ll well then please make sure you
smash the like button and yeah let’s go Straight into it I guess
yeah let’s go into the draft and so if points 15k they go let’s go into the
draft so what do I have now this is a good formation would that work? because I
wouldn’t have wingers would I? Simmons also formation I like that’s the thing
it would be really hard to link with so guys um I actually picked this formation
this is a formation not I’m gonna expect a formation so come on
Icon would be ideal Alright, so Bale would be good Perisic is really good I think I
should break reason it at this time second ones to come please some some
link with or have it’s also good cars go man’s Christian I’m specially Christian
well that’s as listen Christian Eriksen FEKIR and REUS always hope it really
Erikson or FEKIR links it’s got shadow cards which I’ve don’t really
like shadow cards so I’ll pick Eriksen let’s go with the cam now it’s good one
Phil FODEN a pick FODEN for this one I think I should pick FODEN a pick
FODEN oh no wrong one but CDM you see we get CDM Hogg that’s I get is calm all
the way okay so on to link with okay I’m done swap him they go we go so
we gonna link here we got a little link here left back now I say Robertson
Robertson he’s got it oh boy go for Mendy though I probably go with Mendy
this one so I hope the fans I do like Robertson though DM KANTE that’s all
what we want there you go we’ve got Team of The Year Kante in the air can see come on that’s good but
probably we need POGBA but this one because we needed someone to link with
Griezmann go to Kante he’ll be good I know I got this Premier Lague comma type
team I don’t usually go for Premier League I usually go for like you know
Van Dijk Oh I usually go for a kind of like mix team so like you know
hybrids wow this is gone um wow this has been so good guys you see striker and
no no this hasn’t been rid of it nice let’s go for in Jaco Pavich
hopefully we can get going I won’t go for goalkeepers now let’s go for this
one it’s not really anyone so I actually be good for a SBC’s but I pick GOMEZ
because he is actual alright in this game let’s go for goalkeeper no goalkeeper
guess oh no wait oh it’s pick I done for now what shall I pick Arriola I pick I
Adan I’ll pick Adan let’s go for the
reserves Alexis Sanchez Vinicius jr. I will take the Vinicius jr. let’s
take this one KONDOBIA be a MODRIC who shall I pick for this one KONDOBIA
your link with the French Yeah I pick KONDOBIA he is a beast this game hundred chem (100 Chemistry)
there you go guys we got 100 chem this is perfect
already now really is a defensive mid fielder a goalkeeper and maybe someone
to link oh yeah probably that yeah come on we get a take CALOU I guess I’ll take
a CALOU well we got two screen players hopefully oh this one’s good I guess oh
this EDEN HAZARD I’ll probably go for Cal Calabria so I can swap him oh yeah cuz I mean the bass disease so
um so yeah you can compare Aria sighs young guys chewing which you don’t
really need for a white back right this one now maybe some girls I’ll pick a pic
Robertson cuz BELLERIN you know I don’t mean any BELLERIN right now in the stage
I’m happy with this I’m happy with this it’s just that we
need a defensive mids and I’m I’m happy with this see my happy with this come
on defensive mids will be so crucial we got new Luis Suarez for Barcelona
Barcelona obviously um my forehead I take that for the rate in take Robertson
out oh come on oh no la la oh la la might take LALA for the rating we’ve
got a solid team just Hugs like don’t know oh we might actually have hot I’ll
go pick the Polish GUMNY Robert come oh yes please please please all right
we’ll take us between CHELLINI Kinmich Carvajal I pick Nainggolan because
he can defend and that’s all I’m saying he can defend the last one now we’ve
without a good draft they go come on wow this has been a really great draft
actually I’ll take um I’ll take maybe yeah HAZARD for
the rating so that’s our draft I’ll pick a Adan in goals but yeah probably the goal
keeper is a bit dodgy we do but it’s been the three players where I should be deaf
well the way as to the rave thing yes so we’ve got one eight seven come on I think
that’s about it really oh this Vicious jr. come on I’ll take LALA we don’t need
LALA even LALA is a great card vinicius junior he’s actually a good player mind
vinicius got to be honest also guys this is my team yeah I might actually sweat
Hog for Vinicius yeah for Vinicius swap Vinicius with kondogbia and there you go
that’s perfect I think yeah and then yeah and then swap if the goalkeeper and
then of say the white back Calabria for all reacts we don’t need Oreo today
callosum that’s gonna be my team and still the
manager now hopefully that can give us hope we really need chemistry
oh really much it’s not much oh yeah I do need actually do need Griezmann for
chemistry there you go guys that’s my team
well that’s our draft even that’s our draft hopefully we can do something with
this we got one eight seven let’s do something and let’s try by this
obviously before we do this let’s do the tactics cuz we do need the tactics
so let’s do you just attacking Giezmann getting behind us to stay for stay
forward stay forwards stay back stay back
actually he can the basic defense of poor actually so stay forward it’s all of
them stay forward Mendy to stay back and order to stay by me even though I’m
gonna switch him Eriksen yeah I can say no I don’t do that it’s good good
free-kick accuracy I think it’s just Eriksen and good at penalties Kante
anyone better? nope Kante thus I’ll do them Kondobia I would not go corners Foden well because he’s small and they go we
would like to save changes and yeah let’s go straight into it game
so here’s his team he’s got two legends it’s gone for now – Wow us a team
actually that’s actually good to beat – Sophie go and now the Hulk can’t a let’s
try and beat this team guys well first of all we have to do subs let’s do this so here’s a chance unless
you got a goal Venicias jr. as soon as he come on Miss it’s everything just
complicated for the opposition so I don’t like SAP sorry sorry
he used to not know used to he so does so what he doeswith Kante he plays
them a bit more you know high up the pitch I don’t know why he’s a defensive
midfielder it’s making him like an original facade so talking let’s let’s
just try win a match for them charisma Christian Eriksen
yes yes sadly is what company mill I skip down a long good work down Eriksen takes a long shot and what a goal
but Christian Eriksen and that’s a joke that’s a banger the house of
buying Christine out so two balls up now it’s the two up ours are my faction and Harry’s
just defending Ronaldo I’ve taught your have to watch out for Ronaldo because like he can
appear anytime he go ah that is my fault its bad defending bad defending that is a bad way to end second half what was I
doing what was I doing I don’t think my
goalkeepers saved anything yet I think he has an draft I was like 20 seconds
ago see you later again what a strike!!!
second round guys second round that’s a good goal
yes what a strike oh I could have done a bit better I should have really put
Foden left unless you didn’t score kickoff goes fine because Griezmann
comes back I knew he was gone that first goal kick hits this player all right
let’s try and get it to conk kondogbia dos got it to him Oh tries to get it to
Foden a know just getting across he thought quickly as well Hazard (commentator) Conte (in game commentator)
Kante you mean he is so good… he is like 1mil or 2 I haven’t got that much money guys literally I’m so
my luck so bad on FIFA despite me having a good weekend oh Erikssen right
that’s game I think that’s game guys we did really good yes all around
great team is our goal keeper was a bit dodgy today and Foden tries to finish it off we got this corner is basically the last attack
let’s try to get like another goal let’s do miracle I’ve done second rounds and a fool when we’re not a fool
it’s going well it’s going well it’s going well so um yeah just what happened
that um you know 10 men that’s why I’m 10 man we did really good
today um yeah we were the better team we were the better team I reckon I reckon this
next game yeah I should do this wait lets do tactics
and stuff like that got some tactics attacking well put Foden I would say put
Foden top Foden Erikssen Kondogbia and Vinicius yeah that’s fine okay now
remember guys I’ve got 73 rated a goalkeeper so the tactics are working yeah let’s keep on
going cuz this is um doing we’re doing very well we’re doing very well alright
next much next match guys come on let’s try to get a win here let’s go alright oh we
do we have who do we have today Rojo, team of the year Ramo,s Neymar, Gareth Bale, Hazard,
Willian, so let’s try and win this game guys they
have they should have more than enough I mean they’re all good defenders in their
own rights but in front of them they got players working you see by then what a
safer Dan Eriksson whoa what is this game I can’t do anything I have no space
every 100 she’s so annoying literally this guy deserves it
this guy deserves I can’t Williams cross don’t can’t keep possession somehow
gained domine is and I never have I never try to stretch the opposition
using the wider areas here eric says not just good challenge by the defender
Folden seen the guys this my luck that’s my luck got a bit to do but this is
promising why Johnnie sue pull with well guided to Griezmann water called a finger sky as no
possession but that’s good composer from decision of funky rap always known
moving oh that’s fine huh Vince is Juliet someone yes let’s go
come on I’ve been so sorry about Emily that’s
over thank you thank you very much Harvin it’s just please oh my god I don
know yes yes time here Vince yes remains striving forward purposefully can see by the corners a corner come on
let’s get ready this is this last attack yes let’s go
those tough though you might think that was really good
get that thing slack off in shifts you know those two goals and it’s to my DS
he was been my Savior but yeah anyways um try to for now spin to the next one
soup guys when the next round on the air the Stowers close very very close
I said that’s his team it’s not bad but could be Barry he’s probably got a good
bench that’s all I’m saying he’s probably swap out one yeah ma ba
that’s your new please um probably what made Lucas Morris and that’s it so I
think that is I think that’s what he’s gonna do but um other ways I think it’s
gonna be a tough game listen otherwise this formation will not work
and this is oh oh this move does keep on so I just shot yeah but he generates two
eyes got offside trap I just love to watch after watch out coming out oh so the bombing I’m so
surprised that I’m surprised himself up in the Bamiyan but um yeah he’s going on
boom go Folden it could be dangerous in a wide position whipped into Ward’s onto
an tradesmen in goes the corner caught up late into the middle ass why
can you time in this guy is a bit questionable I so know that is this ohms
the Sun so lucky that I broke it from the corner come on let’s join again my
Daniel guys don’t do anything she can’t do
anything from the sea throwing Christian Eriksen kondogbia Ericsson come on come on Antoine come on
is we we don’t deserve to lose this come on let’s play upright and try and get to
the third round that what happens me if you do upside
Charpentier way yeah smart to all deserve to a lot blue collapse right and
I might even plain possession Eva this guy is just lucky I was in wrath this
game the game is it’s not the worst I’ve never seen anyone this agha no I’m just wasting so many chances no
no no no no no the victory here that’s going to save this
I deserve that for them oh my god my heart I was like no please don’t win
this cuz I deserve this I deserve this learn the speed up like just you know
trying to screw me over come on red let’s go let’s go yes like
the final no don’t we deserve that win I’m looking at the stats guys cuz we
deserve that we deserve that last minutes winner 18 shots they I don’t
even I don’t even think I was fifty for possession I think I was more to be
honest come on but yeah anyways um when the
final are draft we are final we’re in the final no we are final we are in the
final of the draft so long way hopefully we can get some video so don’t like the
Nancy it’s Julia Messi Ronaldinho can’t a Bayer is called
good team they want the team we have to try wanna support alone Christian Eriksen
come on let’s go is he a be scared yes Mandy you beasts please man – now let’s go come on
– nearly in the final that’s lucky that’s very lucky very lucky school on a
massive doesn’t even morrow that’s fine it’s fine
– one half time I think he’s got bad possession amigo Oh to skim the bar looks like any was
not far away actually yes I found cross Bhavan go Luke Antony
Oh Babu knocked up when in love you’re amazing yes no Bowden again we got the
final we won the game and guys here you are that’s my physic experience for you
guys my first experience win in foot tough
game on this channel on this channel not I did it outside the channel like
episode like record and stop a god but guys you can now see what I get from my
rewards I won the draft what was okay it was very tough it was very tough indeed
so I’m yeah obviously everyone’s playing the weekend Eve now but still there’s
some great players in here and in this draft so yeah except for that except for
them but yeah one of the draft do we get to my rewards no yeah what do we get
from our ward but let’s see the packs please boom be a disappointment we have to deal with it we got three
packs now cream and gold package opener I’m actually disappointed though it’s
not give me any walk outside by you oven I never go look and never get a look
from these packs the gold packs like we’re gold packs but funny enough if I
do get workout is quite good but but for my fab young skier who Rio giacomo bitch
and latter second part now I’m so disappointed with these packs like
that’s where we get from these packs it’s disappointing see no walk out game
so disappointing you win in the foot drop paint 15k 15,000 coins and get this
I have a pack anyone since last year 50 packs since last year since last year
that’s how much of a disappointment is regal packs are Nestle is an icon who’s
the icon disappointed again disappointing I’m very I’m very unhappy
face I’m not going to super to walk out say thank oh that’s what you get for
15,000 coins boys 15,000 coins me winning a draft played this game for an
hour and a half didn’t get I got Diana Carey what’s the point what’s the point
you’re winning a draft get you get a too big or packs on them
I am and take whatever that was out so bad that was so bad
that’s disappointing lop EA fix your game yeah cuz everyone’s spending money
to try and get good player but no you gave like whoever Louise our bear so
that’s that’s where we get about 20 grand I don’t think anyone wants that at
least gallon of water don’t cut like two packs something like wax P what people
paid it pay money for this and I paid fifteen key
I don’t care should I lose make profit if you want a draft but no I believe I
lost about 15 game C anyways guys hope you enjoy the video please make sure you
tally a to fix the game and the app piece I’m doing videos even so you like
subscribe make sure they tuned on Saturday Tuesdays and
things cuz I’m gonna blow the like around that’s fine now so yeah I’m gonna
be yeah you guys enjoy the video please make sure I like subscribe my like
social media and all that’s down below hopefully you like my content and yeah
hope you enjoyed the video peace you

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  1. Winning the draft doesn’t guarantee much back.. it’s the packs you get back that are always worth at least 40k… why you get in them is different

  2. Mate only do bass drops for sick goals and good packs because I got so hyped when the bass dropped and it wasn’t even a board ?

  3. Is two are same speed up lag tries to screw me over I have around 25shots and 15on target and the guy has 1 attack and scores and wins

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