What’s up guys welcome back to a brand new
video yeah hello everyone welcome to the
stream right there I was in week been yeah it’s been all over words I guess um
but yeah anyways guys welcome to this room everyone um I’m gonna do something
different here while I’m doing it stop I got 6624 FIFA points as you can see
somewhere by there I think by there and um yeah I gotta I’m gonna do guys a pack
opening livestream so I’m yeah I’m going to like a pack opening livestream we got
I think we got 10 packs the enema will go straight into FUT Champs which would
be sick so guys please make sure you like the stream if you
can if you want to anyway I don’t give it subscribe if you haven’t and yeah
Emory Emory needs to get used to the pram eating is for I know yes well
apparently we linked or from Aldo and sooo so which is good but yeah we’re
gonna do some pack opening guys so um hopefully we can get someone good off
reappears part I’m gonna prime go play I’m going to open all Y of these and
then two of these only walk out your finger okay like piece on the a I don’t
know but like no one knows I can’t wait for this a pack opening thing and yeah let’s go straight into it yeah I’m open
eight of these two of these I’m see there’s 20 of them buying an open all of
them on ma you know I don’t have that much for your points let’s win for
everyone that comes into the stream yeah I think you’ll get free walk outs to
think let’s do a first pack which is the prandtl players but I’m just gonna have
a little sip it’s gonna fall off sip first pack of the video or live stream
well as what No this package Cunha voyage that is cute
I reckon that is actually quite much very good
that’s sick could I buy you I’m Johnstone Teague play against Yeovil
County today um but yeah cool it boy you the top free uber left-wing like as a
striking sue Soho right wing man but cooler boy please pack could by thirst
park out of the ten packs guys that’s mad
but yeah it’s same color boy to transfer less and yell is we’re gonna put all the
eighty fries or above you know you know in the transfer less but yeah he was got
school a boy in the face pack Johnstone’s burking ba Kyoko Suarez it’s
your sup Spain puzzle in 10 you cheap Mateus Pereira dryer ami good gether who
everything miss and Rafael so um yeah cool open the first pack guys that it’s
all while just send my furlings runs for this as well just in case if he goes for
seven so yeah let’s put that in the club that’s a food pack and that’s a banner
guy so yeah guys if you didn’t oh if you didn’t miss a yeah if you if you did
miss no I did pack cooler boy just you know everyone let’s just join the stream
I did pack color body and um yeah we got we’re doing some kind of livestream pack
opening so I’m gonna put this in a video which is gonna be so good but yeah
anyways second pack of the sound pack you know it’s I don’t know just you know
a fever points just matching my team on oh look I won’t look for this one oh
look why no boards but it’s Asia I think visa
yeah by 82 a it s pcs why it’s probably good but you know fuzzy oh I don’t I
don’t I I’ve known of these that player before but um yeah anyways I don’t
always neat to easy goods in real life I don’t know your Emily Prime please love
the go vids yeah I am going to do primarily prime little or after the
these 10 after these six packs bender Coquelin I gave us in
Murano – Rome I didn’t even get to read all of them but yeah we got six packs of
these an inch two packs of these so I’m would you will you do the icon pack
mites I don’t know though but lychee don’t know oh but yeah
anyways third pack of the pack opening guys let’s do a um what do we do what do
we do uh let’s do a no-spin the chilly air pocket – spin a chair pack for this
next boy puncay pack what do we get what Oh inform suddenly phone Boise Italian
goalkeeper he’s at Dom room oh okay a fine start a rumor but suits
you oh it’s our walk out so I walk on Ewan
that’s another walk our second walk out and they’re both Syria oh that’s nice
they both from Syria series you name formats are used to be for PSG as one I
got a PSG K which is quite funny and sir is you not bad that’s a second walk out
in three packs not bad at all not bad at all what’s your best pack ever in FIFA
19 I actually don’t know probably cause the Bible actually note kind of born
there’s loads of grey right the pack but it’s off camera 9 : when you go engine
3ek but others loads little notes you everyone that just join the stream I
packed Serge you and Pat Cola buy in three packs which is nice for chance
please I’ll open it for traps after this but I’m doing some live pack opening
things so yes sir Zhuge a my transfer list there you go could I buy Sergio my
file cause he’s um dupa Toccoa send all the degree posters transfer this right
so we’ve got guides and top right young bikini
ice we saw his face change web is called the face picture Deborah a Bora
I don’t pronounce his name sorry guys if you’re from there – they’re marking it
yeah that mark um how Sandburg make me known and throughout we’ve got a Ferrari
guys he’s not fast he’s gone mountain shoots in and he’s got 59 pace P anyways
do you think they’ll be a good steamy week next we are don’t know cuz the
baton um I don’t know I actually don’t know actually don’t know but yeah
anyways ass to where your last away ah do you know why let’s just do a legs
pack life just may as well in there no walk out this time but would it be an
okay no boss alright I got by me and Sally in the Premier League point back
that’s nice fifthly Kellyanne and poppy Bonjour
have you seen km poppy or what young white posts on his Instagram he said
like um I wasn’t called like a scorned áhundreds goals in in training like I
can do that one day long I’m chicken um Ramy Campbell Palace Robbie he was one
of the headliners Rooney Rami Campbell sadhvi Airport tsuzuku
nerd to say yeah I can hardly pronounce his name sorry Danny cause like Kezia
Haaretz mantle Oz and bolo oh we got three Switzerland okay you’re McAuliffe
um been watching you for a while good luck for the future thanks with um let’s
keep items I guess first me season so my god but um yeah we’ve got four packs
minimum of these so we got six packs of me because I’m gonna open the Premier
League prime players pack as well so um yeah plum hopefully we can do some would
give we can get some figure come on come on come on oh yay oh my I don’t care about this I don’t I
know silly turns it off or I’m my god I am like a four-year-old girl the thing
is my voice he met it’s kind of in it oh my god that’s my best pack in my entire
life you’re right Lionel Messi and a pack oh my god any new form as well oh my god
I don’t care fees were six and you kill four do whatever I’m keeping in what
loved one boy are we going in for as well oh my god my slow cashew God get
him in the player pick now call him in a pack
no Marco this is worth a man you know I know messy and zongzi Muslera sin Syrian
Garen Soriana Montero pal cos a van in queer nest dunno I don’t know anymore I
don’t know anymore one appellate squad around him guards puts oh my god alright
so van get our like a show me him and I he went out from that’s
actually true month Messi’s a false a false tub that’s my
first time packing messy her bench looking you’re going you see
I’m a seem nice but look I’m on bench and put obviously after respect on the
sallow no your messy Oman boy let’s go with the no pack
what another pond go players pack at least like we should waste all these
fuel points now I know walk out why we got bored Elise I know if I’m like it
German yo that’s Koretz go in there it’s gonna play the month Tony you gotta play
the month goes for my I think fringe okay 400 K yeah I’ll try now Oh messy
man no check no Gretchen 600 K is clear the mother my packed bar no I’m joking
I’m joking Oh – really I’m keeping in mind I don’t
care even though I got a six keeping him cuz he’s at class he’s a beast in this
club hawa dialog I dunno if he played well against Tottenham to be honest bro
yeah anyways just keep great up let’s put her risk in the chance of this Sarah
Martinez yellow powah mushy bird could have yuck natural is a pattern for the
Ron de pavo Ginty Iranian and raffia be anyways guys
let’s – oh my god Sulu see it’s being another ball of war messy I know walk out understand upon Brazil
gold cabeza Oh photos Ison but it’s not walk out uni but yeah night so our party
is very bad in the game never tried him but pineys very bad the game Louis’s
table is gone you look at that I’ve sweeties eat sweets been an 83 for
10 years there’s like every time I see him I feel he’s like 83 or 84 he’s
always been consistent I don’t know what hello everyone else just join us Jim I
packed messy so uh yep mine faulty cater balls aim my re-up Heinie’s informs nice
ones Cyprian Vedra a dad to pronounce it oh
my god and how to pronounce the next 5x afternoon CooCoo so yeah well Trump
announcement even Mandarin Mandarin mandragora Chbosky have a Gucci and
Robin avec and Iraq ratchet wreckage yeah so kind of messy lucky guy mine
gone with fever flare like this kid still fits me guys but this kid was the
2015 champions league final well where I went to Barcelona in April in but yeah
fi this was year five I got this kid says messy at the back and I got another
shirt as well last year I got messy like are things in the Washburn nasty there I
went to Barcelona I bought this t-shirt and yeah I’m always gonna treasure this
Chinese egg as well which is nice yeah thank you
like look what I saw Argentina I was like please sent a Ford
that happens oh my god well let’s do it unless my last Pongal
players bag until I go to the primary pawn all right so this is my last one
I’m here drink seriously I’m not gonna look I know you have to you have to a BB
icon I ain’t doing a baby icon SBC if I’m Salamis in no way are you keep messy
yes yeah I’m gonna try and build a team around them with this money as well yes
uh merkon scalese assets have as khinkali yogurt age Pellegrini val henna
mcafee dadburn akazake so yeah anyways we got now the two pong players packs
I’m so happy at aegyo line on matching man so happy so happy what have you
packed I packed me Lionel Messi oh yeah anyways let’s go to the point place but
there’s my last two packs until I go into probably the weekend leak if you
want me to but yeah anyways let’s go for it mom second last pack of Ekron players
back come on no walk out Oh what is this one’s what dance lawyers come on all
right it’s Oh pop all right that’s nice that’s
nice babble I’m not screaming fly though but yeah babble man that’s a good is
that your wife I saw him play against Wolf’s or was
that someone else I can remember but yeah Oh Georgie knew as well which is
not okay I didn’t need to do that I’m gonna check my club now
our friends are five plays my club cigar these players messy babble I think you I
don’t know if you might gain of upgrades but I don’t
for chance to know about actually the pies are genial bleak if he’s a oh let’s
go to that last pack of the point a players pack right this is my last pack
guys and I’m gonna go into foot jumps and try and fit Messi into a squad so
yeah that’s my last one last one what’s this this is a walk out French
shall I go oh fuck is that that’s alright that’s
alright actually agreed it like I said that’s my last player um yeah he’s
actually got very good stats now which I’m proud of is is inform but yeah it’s
good I think uh yo everyone also strong stream Jimmy vazhi that’s about it man
that’s not Cosette teen boy we got variety as well but not for rare a word
price Kapoor rate and stones Madison and Marty in akazake I’ll just sell them now
oh boy continue on per him left-wing please
Oh actually that’s indecent actually why selling Motor Club why so on yeah um so
I do I don’t want to do actually Justin I can either get a teen you buy their also knows well check I’ll check all the
wingers in the thingy oh damn belly how much is damn belly he’s frenching or without me decent
actually then three opium check them belly cuz I
got some players in my club doing I like and sow Zambelli and oh there’s a lot of
time buddies if you don’t if you haven’t if you have a ton belly if your name if
your last name called them belly a guarantee or football swear football ice
or look again I’m actually I can get our Dembele cuz of the players are I’m going
to sell I’m gonna track way they’re gone the only fringes same freaky and plus
he’s a beast in this gaming me so look at this page says well I think I can cut
in or whatever he’s got Holly low and I’m here put the legend hurry number 10
on him on I’m gonna get that damn belly Monica so you can be number eight Butler
now look at me look at my bench I didn’t even know to put it on mom I didn’t even
know it’s a parse what what joins them I do I swap with us what if you going in
whatever damn belly they go I swap messy now it’s a afford to striker
oh well should I put messy cuz you can have either engine which of Greta’s pace
audio my engine square actually knock she is a striking so hard he’s nice striking Wow now Pope Lee and
my to know this is a lot of options give him finish a camisole yeah but it’s
surance good already it’s no point Simmons is dribbling Simmons is what’s
not do Shug green space and upgrade his eyes alone he’s passing on something
she’s already got good shoe in claim left forward and get Samaras did you
park him yes I did pack him do you want me it’s all poem on basic the dumbbell
is good though I’ll leave her now um why not messy one eye kaput oh wait wait
wait wait wait wait wait I can put that there and then get grease woman can I I
can get Griezmann wine I’m gonna get grease Mumbai there yeah I can get I can
go Griezmann there no I can’t because I need to defensive mids oh this is so
hard never
oh wait sweet sweet so I get oh no I’m so confused man I’m so confused of what
I should do I’m so confused just like Stein belly’s got very good
week friend skill moves why don’t you save coins soon and spite
around Gwen doozy no actually but yeah oh boy I don’t know what to do guys cuz
like damn belly is probably the best option for me I think then belly is the
best option for me cuz he’s got pace Tony he’s got very good pace where I’m
gonna check a teen year though yeah continues go bad like he’s got bad
long shots he’s got bad dribbling he’s got he’s got bad everything but here
except for pace by can disagree displeased as his acceleration is good
and nice on all I really needs fucking yoke so I’m gonna play Miss attacking me
to mid anyway I’m got planes at attack am it so yo it’s a mighty nice girl Todd
good yes it is very good it’s very good indeed it’s variance that’s mad yeah I’m
going a Cuttino for engine for engine I’m gonna fly Matthew yes mama
no examine wait the Sun guilty Maria playful no wait
is any white wings i could’ Argentina man so I don’t think there is
oh it’s fifty kilos hi mi favor you – ah thank you
I’m gonna play some fun tonight gonna try Lionel Messi and see if he’s good on
mom if noggin and my amazing ski I don’t really but ya know needs engine what can i play Messi cam or carpet
Messi can go play Messi calm and put he going on wait I feel I’m gone my dear
here this too will be on time cam well I’m just controlling this here and see
if this works he will buy here he’ll be on seven can buy don’t really care a dude ah anok’s
master beyond 7 cam huh mine so lucky I spent 50 quid today
angle hardly enough I spent today I spent 28 pounds 3 9 and score masse
yeah I hope until the hope you enjoy the video please make sure you like
subscribe to not notifications if you haven’t if you subscribe to me and to
yeah more videos like this like you know gods so swimming point me to PI and yeah

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  1. This dude is going to look back on his own intro in 5 years, and conclude that it is just too cringy. Man this is possibly the cringiest thing I have ever seen.

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