Olympics Theme | Minecraft Note Block Song

Olympics Theme | Minecraft Note Block Song

Hello everyone! CraftyBeardsman here back with a special video
ohhhhhhhh what am I doing here? And I can FLY!! I’m in creative because I built this special
little video for you all. If you were paying attention, I’m sure you
were, the Olympics were on! Well, they just ended.. but to kind of celebrate
the whole Olympic theme, I built something unique and different something I usually don’t
do Yes I’ve built a song! I am not usually good at note blocks but I
have been practicing in my free time. I really like note blocks. The whole concept of it is great, I like redstone
so redstone plus music perfect. Works for me. But! What did I create? I created, the Olympic Fanfare Theme which
was originally done by John Williams. You all probably recognize it, but I also
built that out there! So enough talking about that, let’s go ahead
and try it out and let you guys here this whole entire show. [Music Starts Playing] [Fire whooshes!] [Fireworks launch and explode] [Music Ends]
And just like that the Olympic Torch is lit! How cool is that!? All in perfect timing with the song. And there it goes. And yes, for those interested I am going to
have a tutorial on the Olympic Torch so you can build one yourself, put it in your own
world and maybe add it to your own little Olympic Park. And for those of you who are interested, I
will be including a link to this map in the description below. Go check it out if you’d like to download
it, and play around with it yourself! Well that’s it for this video. I wanted to create something special to celebrate
the occasion. It only comes once every four years, right? Well, technically two.. because of the summer
and winter but four years for summer and four for winter, but I wanted to create something
special just for you all. And I also wanted to THANK EVERY ONE OF YOU
for all of the subs I have been gaining, I meant to do a 50 subs video, but we’re already
at 70 subs!! So.. I will have an update video coming out soon
about that. But anyway that is it for this video! Thanks for watching, please leave a like if
you enjoyed and subscribe for more Minecraft fun! As always, I’m CraftyBeardsman, and Stay Crafty!

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  1. Olympics!!! Woo!!! 😀 Thanks for all of the support, likes, comments and subs guys! 🙂 It really means a lot!

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