Olympic Venues That Were Completely Abandoned

Olympic Venues That Were Completely Abandoned

There’s a lot involved in campaigning to host
the Olympic Games. Even the loser cities spend an insane amount
of money — and the winning cities take home just an estimated $5 to $6 billion (half of
which goes to the Olympic Committee!). Hosting the games is a lose-lose situation,
and cities all over the world pour millions and billions into construction that looks
great on TV but is hugely impractical for everyday life. These stunning Olympic venues were left to
be reclaimed by nature, graffiti artists, and more. Sarajevo’s bobsled track The 1984 Winter Olympics were a huge success,
and according to Atlas Obscura, the bobsled track was more than 4,200 feet long, had 13
turns, and definitely cost a pretty penny. The state-of-the-art track was reused for
post-Olympic competitions, but when war broke out, it was used for something else. The Smithsonian reports that you can still
see holes drilled into the track by Bosnian-Serb troops who used it as an artillery stronghold
during the Siege of Sarajevo. By the time the war was over, the entire thing
was pockmarked with bullet holes. The track was never repaired, and although
there was talk of renovating it, Reuters reported it wasn’t worth the continued cost of its
upkeep. Linnahall’s Communist grandeur Moscow hosted the Summer Olympics in 1980,
and it was just as controversial as you’d think. There was a massive boycott of the games,
with around 60 countries refusing to attend, but that didn’t stop the U.S.S.R. from building
some insane venues. The Estonian city of Tallinn hosted the sailing
events, and has since repurposed the hotel and the Olympic Sailing Centre as a hotel
and casino, but the Lenin Palace of Culture and Sport wasn’t so lucky. According to Estonian World, Linnahall was
used as a concert hall in the years after the Olympics. But times changed, and it was finally abandoned
in 2009. While some say it’s a Communist cultural ziggurat,
others say it’s a great place for graffiti. Beijing is left for the birds Beijing went wild with its 2008 Olympic venues. And one of the most beautiful buildings was
the Bird’s Nest. The stadium cost a whopping $480 million just
to build, plus another $11 million in annual maintenance. The stadium has since failed to attract a
regular tenant, but NPR says Beijing hasn’t given up on the money pit. Yet. With tourism on the decline, a dwindling number
of one-time events filling just some of the seats, and Beijing’s soccer team’s refusal
to make the stadium their permanent home, the Bird’s Nest’s only regular occupants are,
well, actual birds. Atlanta’s Olympic ruins When Atlanta hosted the 1996 games, field
hockey was played in a football stadium on the campus of the Morris Brown College. Lonely Planet reported the stadium was originally
built in 1948, and when photographer Jeff Hagerman found it in 2018, he said it was
a bit of an anomaly. The stadium (which was also used in 2006’s
We Are Marshall) was one of the few abandoned stadiums in the city. Curbed Atlanta reported that it was abandoned
in 2002 when the school gave its football program the ax. Athens’ aquatic center In the run-up to the 2004 Olympics, Athens
sank a total of $12.2 billion into building venues. And by 2008, they were $460 billion in debt. Even Olympic weightlifter-turned-Parliamentarian
Pyrros Dimas told the Associated Press it was: “The biggest mistake in our history.” The BBC reported the Aquatic Center was behind
schedule, and ultimately lacking a roof that would have protected athletes from the elements. Ten years later, the complex is drained and
dry, and completely abandoned. Hitler’s Olympic Village In 1936, Berlin hosted the Olympics, turning
it into an advertisement for the Aryan race… without making it look too obvious. The 5,000 athletes who showed up to compete
under the shadow of the Third Reich stayed in Hitler’s Olympic Village. And according to Abandoned Berlin, the community
had it all: luxury, a constant military presence, and Nazi propaganda. After the Olympic athletes left, the village
was host to another sort of community: a military one. According to Business Insider the last remaining
Soviet troops abandoned the village in 1992, and in spite of the fact there’s been talk
about restoring it, funding and location have consistently stood in the way. A crumbling aquatic center According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation,
Rio’s 2016 Olympic Aquatic Center was designed to be a temporary structure that could be
disassembled after the games, and re-constructed in various Rio suburbs. But unfortunately, none of that actually happened. Within a year of the end of the Rio games,
the building was falling apart, and the water still left in one pool turned orange, thanks
to bugs in the stagnant water. But it’s not the only Olympic landmark in
Rio to be left abandoned. A record-setting stadium Rio’s Maracana Stadium was the centerpiece
of both the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics. According to CNN, it was actually constructed
for the 1950 FIFA World Cup. It was where Pele scored his 1,000th goal,
and it held a record-setting 200,000 people. It got a $500 million makeover in 2014 for
the World Cup, but following the Rio games, it was in bad shape. Mere months after the games, CNN reported
that about 10 percent of the stadium’s seats had been stolen, the field was dead, and the
roof was designated unsafe. However, the former Olympic venue was reopened
in March 2017, and seems to have been spiffed up. Who knows, maybe this stadium will live to
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100 Replies to “Olympic Venues That Were Completely Abandoned”

  1. That's why if the nation wants to host the Olympics then it needs to plan for the future as to how are they going to utilise the built structures in future & integrate into the city's already build infrastructure. If they don't have any idea then the country shouldn't even bid for the same.

  2. Why can’t the Olympics simply use existing stadiums and-or college arenas for track, basketball, and hockey etc. Why do brand new facilities need to be built??

  3. The ioc should be completely removed as they are as corrupt as fifa.
    And they need to bring the number of host cities down to about 8 permanent candidates. These would be big enough to make use of the venues after the games as so many go unused and waste away.

  4. You know why mexico doesn't have a Olympic team. Its because everyone that can run, jump or swim are already in the USA ? ? ? ?

  5. The Atlanta one I don’t think should be up there as Morris Brown went through a scandal and they ended the football program among other things until the school lost its accreditation. The school is basically 98% closed now. It was being used but the school is what lost it. The buildings built for the games are still in use today, such as all the housing locations that's being used by Georgia Tech, Centennial Park and Olympic Stadium (converted to Turner Field for the Atlanta Braves and now purchased by Georgia State University as GSU Stadium). Never once have I ever seen anything about the Olympics in Atlanta list Morris Brown as a negative. Not sure how you all plugged that but that was a far reach that's inaccurate, unfortunately.

  6. London 2012 was an example of an Olympics done right.
    Only MEDCs should host these events. As you may have noticed, only poorer and still developing countries have suffered an economic net loss.

  7. I think the olympics should be held in 1 permanent place each time, or maybe a rotation of 3 or 4 cities (say 1 in asia, 1 in europe, 1 in america and 1 in Australia) that way they will be more looked after and in the long run cost a lot less.

  8. Tallinn venue shouldn’t be included. It’s been used for 20 years after Olympics hosted concerts and events daily. It was only abandoned because of its age and it will be renovated;)

  9. Los Angeles has done the best ar reusing and repurposing all of its venues, therefore, it is an excellent choice for 2028.

  10. This is literally fake news. Beijing's Bird nest is China's national stadium and is in constant use for all sorts of venues, from commercial concerts to international/national sports events.

  11. Ahh..the abandoned ENORMOUS Olympic village in Greece that was one of the factors that completely fucked up our economy

  12. The bird's nest is our NATIONAL STADIUM! Is it abandoned? R U joking? We Beijing also have concerts, performances and even press conference for some companies in the National Stadium. And these days we are preparing for the Winter Olympics, there are also many relevant activities in the Olympic park.

  13. At least you need to talk TRUTH! There are competitions and other activities in the Beijing Olympic Village nearly every single day!

  14. The Olympic Stadium from the 1928 Summer Games in Amsterdam is still in use for a lot of events. It's also been renovated in the late 90's https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympic_Stadium_(Amsterdam)

  15. The 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi left a great legacy. The facilities have been put to very good use by the Russians who are naturally very athletic.

  16. London's 2012 Olympic Park has been a big success. All the athletes accommodation is now owner/ occupied. The velodrome is regularly used ,as is the pool. The main stadium is now the home of West ham Utd, a Premiership football club. In the summer the stadium becomes a popular gig venue for big acts and also an athletic venue. The whole area is a vast improvement on what it was at the turn of the century.

  17. The CNN report about Maracanã was wrong if not biased. It wasn't closed and abandoned after the games, inasmuch as many matches from Brazilian football championship were played there. However, the aquatic center and all venues nearby at the "Olympic Park" are indeed either abandoned or badly kept still.

  18. kind of confused… why doesn't the city just sell the venues? Even at a loss it's better than being left abanded

  19. I love in Atlanta and we did a good job of not having all of the olympics in the middle of the city

  20. There should be 3-4 Countries that host the games on a rotating basis. They should already have the venues in place, with no need to waste huge amounts of money to construct new ones..

  21. Total BS that Turner field was reconfgiured and new Stadium opened for the Braves. Turner Field was less than 20 years old and younger than half of the other parks in the Majors and had renovations done in 2005 which included the installation of a $10 mil scoreboard. The Braves just wanted to be away from that part of the city, which as team VP of business Ops Mike Plant said ""Contain some of Atlanta's poorest neighborhoods"

  22. You can say this about other cities, but not Los Angeles.
    "Cities have abandoned their stadiums, but not L.A."
    "Cities have spent billions on venues, but not L.A."
    "Cities have lost billions and failed to make profits, but not L.A."

  23. Its not really a lose lose situation?, a lot of hosts of the games in fact made significant profits from the games

  24. Berlin still uses most of the original Olympic venues. I go there almost weekly for my daughter‘s sports training.

  25. That Rio pool shown with orange water is the hole the Myrtha pool was installed in. The actual pool has been removed.

  26. STOP THOSE FAKE NEWS about Beijing and Russia… Everybody knows, its not true… only fucking western propaganda. And Maracaná? Its still used for Brasil SERIE A with attendences about 60.000 people

  27. I'm curious why the Beijing soccer team doesn't want to use the Bird's Nest as a permanent home.

  28. Bosnian-Serb troops? The war was between Bosnia and Serbia. Serbians where executing civilians and raping the women, not exactly a cooperative effort. Pretty recent history and the US intervened. Ya should have known. Bill Clinton was popular for his intervention back then. (Still is in Bosnia, very much so).

  29. Pretty sure the Sarajevo one was less a case of “not knowing what to do with it after the one-off event it was built for ended” than “being in Sarajevo between 1992 and 1995”.

  30. I always find this stuff fascinating.
    If anyone's seen that show mysteries of the abandoned on science channel it's real interesting stuff.
    there are so many rotting abandoned giant complexes and things from various wars , Olympics, leper colonies all sorts of crazy stuff.

  31. I can't stand people who are reporting false news. The Bird's Nest is one of China's most prized stadiums. It holds many concerts and other events weekly. On top of that, many tourists visit the park everyday.

  32. It was the nazis in the Berlin Olympics that started it all. They built amazing structures, venues, facilities etc as a way of showing off the country. Since then every games has tried to live up to that standard.

  33. Should keep it in one city. That is Greece. And stop the foolish spending everytime . Money can be used for better things .

  34. Bird Nest? Abandoned? You sure we talking about the same thing? Every year I go back to China my grandpa would take me to the Olympic Park area and trust me that place looks anything but abandoned.

  35. I visited the Bird's Nest in Beijing a month ago and it was quite nice. There was an event when I visited, but I'm not sure about the regular schedule. Beautiful place!

  36. The vast amount of money squandered on these vanity projects is obscene. The funds could've been better spent on improving vital infrastructure in these cities/nations that would sustain successful prosperous communities for many decades. Every bid presents grandiose plans that include "legacy" & "sustainability" benefits arising from the initial Olympic programme. A massive pile of shit!

  37. when greece was awarded the 2004 olympics it should have remained there for good. updating 'security' and facilities every 4 years would be a fraction of the cost of moving every 4 years….. the olympic commitee should hang their heads in shame…………the DISGUSTING waste of money in these modern times is OBSCENE. and as for FIFA,Jeeeeez.

  38. What do you expect from the Olympics anything they build is always vacant after they leave just look around the world all kinds of bacon arenas in swimming pool because of the Olympics how many more vacant places do we need in America or anywhere else in the world because of the Olympics

  39. Minute 1:13, a girl showing proudly a beautiful Venezuelan flag in USSR… a prediction for the communist Venezuelan disaster since 1999?

  40. There should be one unique and only city to hold the Olympic games every four years. Same thing for the Winter Games: the same place every four year. What's the point of having every four year to build again and again massive venues that are going to cost billions of dollars and be abandonned once the games are done? If the game are every four years in the exact smae place, you just need to re-use your venues, therefore only having to maintain them in the meantime.
    The first time you host the Olympics you just loose money because you have to build all the infrastructure, but on the upcoming editions, since everything is already in place, you can start cashing revenues from ticket sale, beer & merch selling and of course TV broadcasting.
    Some could argue that having the olympics in the exact same place would cause disadvantages to many world viewers due to time difference around the world. In that case just have three places around the world instead of one to host the Olympics: One in Europe, one In East Asia, and one in America. And have them turn every 4 years so that it's not the same persons located on the same time zones that gets to se the games at regular hours.
    In my opinion that's the only reasonable choice to have if they want to keep the Olympic going during the XXIst century, because the number of cities that wants to host these games just keeps on shrinking each and every years.

  41. The birds nest stadium is not abandoned! Your doing this for views! I am living in beijing and have a great eye view on whats going on and almost everyweek the stadium, there will be events going on and many tourist go there because its a tourist attraction.

  42. Chinese ppl not stupid as we all the world know Chinese always had business mind, if not wrong Greece was the worst Olympic host cuz they borrow money to bulit stadium, in the end now they how was they economy now?

  43. Morris Brown stadium doesn't count. It was pre-existing and used to for decades. The list should be limited to single-purpose wastes of money.

  44. The Olympics is such a waste of money. Just hold the games in existing arenas. No need to spend all that money on sports that no one cares about or knows that they even exist half the time. Its only once in 4 years that these sports get a little attention. Spend that money on eradicating poverty

  45. if the birds nest gets rid of the track and brings the seats closer to the pitch then yes it can be saved and the team will stay, but the track itself was a terrible idea to use for a soccer match. Tracks give terrible views for the fans, as they make the fans sit 30-50 feet further from the pitch then with stadiums without the track not only that the angle the pitch is sitting at due to the track gives a strange view of the pitch, in short it's an eye sore for any soccer fan and no one can enjoy it thats why the team doesn't want to stay and no one wants to pay to see a piss poor image of players who are so far away. Tracks in stadiums are the death of football teams… get fucking rid of them!!!!!! There is no money in track and never will be but football, yes. gut it or stand to lose more revenue, china!

  46. This is incorrect. Beijing’s Bird Nest stadium is still using for many events after the Olympic Games, many concerts and sports were held here, meanwhile its one of the city landmarks Beijing city which brings millions of visitors every year.

  47. Only 1st World Countries should host the Olympics. Hell I’d say they should always be held in Greece as tribute to the Ancient Olympics, and all participating countries have to help fund the facilities.

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