Olympic Swimmer Tests Waterproof Makeup

Olympic Swimmer Tests Waterproof Makeup

– Hi, I’m Natalie Coughlin, I am a 12-time Olympic
medalist for USA Swimming and we’re here at the Cal
Berkeley swimming pool where I am gonna test
some waterproof makeup. (synthwave music) I have never worn makeup at the Olympics. There was this girl when I was younger who would wear mascara and it would run down
her face after every race and so that’s kinda been a fear of mine. Let’s start with some Amore Pacific. I need my sunscreen
when I get in the pool. And also it’ll cover up the
zit that I picked this morning. Bad idea. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper because I’m a trooper. (laughs) I feel like a little kid using a crayon and I’m, like, coloring
outside the lines right now. Let’s try the Diorshow
Iconic Waterproof Mascara. And this is important, that perfect brush. You’re not putting on mascara right unless you’re making a funny face. (synthwave music) The reveal! Actually, this held up really well. Really, really, and, like I even rubbed this eye, like, quite a bit. I’m impressed. Two thumbs up on both the
Dior and the Kat Von D. The Dior, like, my lashes
look kinda chunky right now just ’cause they’re wet. So it’s a little clumpy, but it’s not dripping down my face like I was worried about. So let’s take it off and try the next one. This is the Too Faced Better
Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. This looks like it just
came out of the water. And this is the Sephora brand Long Lasting Eyeliner in Fantasy Blue. Suck at putting these on. It’s fun, I like it. Got some all over my eyelashes. I think that’s user
error more than anything. So, again, the brush is important. Ooo, I think I like this brush better. This is definitely a fun one. Maybe, like, festival season or poolside in Vegas. I kinda like it. (synthwave music) Alright, let’s check this out. It held up pretty well. None of the blue seemed to move. Again, the mascara got all clumpy from me being in the water, but the eyeliner didn’t
seem to budge at all. (synthwave music) This is the Kat Von D
Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. Yeah, this would be good for me ’cause my lips turn blue ’cause I’m always so cold in the water. (laughs) (synthwave music) Based on my fingers,
it’s all over the place. (laughs) Hopefully it’s not all over my face. Alright, let’s check this out! It did not budge. I’ve never worn lipstick while swimming. I think this one’s a winner. Alright, this is the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick. That’s nice, ’cause this
is a drugstore brand, so you can get it pretty much anywhere. I’m not good at putting on makeup. Wow, this is pretty. (synthwave music) Hopefully, I don’t have
a bunch of lipstick all over my face. So let’s look in the mirror. It stayed on really well. It didn’t budge at all and there’s, like, no
feathering around the edges. So I’m a fan. I traditionally have not
looked for waterproof makeup just because I don’t tend to wear makeup when I’m in the pool, but if I was gonna lounge by the pool with my friends, or at the beach, and I wanted to add a little something, I will now check out
some waterproof stuff. Too Faced might have been my favorite one. And this stayed really well. I’ll just have to get a
professional to put it on for me. (laughs) (synthwave music)

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  1. hold on! when she was under water she had goggles on but when she was climbing out she didnt have them on any more????

  2. I think waterproof makeup is best for the beach or relaxing at the pool since most people sit a lot outside of the water as well as in the water. Olympic swimming is too different.

  3. People always tease me becuase I can’t swim without goggles….. then I tell them “look at the damn Olympic swimmers, halve of them can’t swim without them” so yea…. then they sorta just walk away in shame…… just a random story

  4. What I don't understand is the fact that you got an Olympic medalist. Who btw has 3 gold medals and is the first woman to swim 100 meters back stroke in less than a minute. And you make her test out waterproof makeup?

  5. Her eyelashes are so beautiful tho. Waterproof mascara is great, but I recently found that it might be hurting your eye too. Stay informed! https://beautyshortcutips.com/is-waterproof-mascara-bad-for-your-lashes/

  6. I swim with a girl that wears mascara. She claims that it is waterproof but every time she blinks it smudges on her cheek. After she swims it looks like she has been crying but she hasn't.

  7. How many hours in the pool were you testing each make up product? I was in the pool for at least 4 hours with all that you have spoke of and they wore off. Some of the lip color stayed on. I was swimming as a mermaid so I was under water most of the time.

  8. Omg i recognized Natalie from the thumbnail!! She is my cousin no joke!!!! Omg love seeing her doing vids ???

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