Olympic Slang Or Coachella Band? (GAME)

Olympic Slang Or Coachella Band? (GAME)

( music playing )The Olympics are here,
and then, just after that, you can look forward
to Coachella, Rhett. – Just after that.
– You’re going in April? And right now we’re gonna
mix the two things together. Eminem and Beyoncé are
headlining Coachella… – Heard of them.
– …this year in April, but there’s a lot
of other bands that are at Coachella and, even when they
publish the list, I don’t read it ’cause I’m like,
“Who are these people? What are these names?” For all I know, they could be official
Olympic terms and I couldn’t
tell the difference. – Let’s find out
if we can tell the difference.
– That’s why we’ve made that
into a game. Okay, so Stevie
will read a term or a band from Coachella, Olympic term or…
Coachella band, we have to guess
which one it is. The one who
gets the most right, for the rest of the day,
gets to be… – Coach… Fella.
– Fella. – Coach Fella.
– Coach Fella? Okay. You have to call me that
or I have to call you out. You get to tell people
to do calisthenics or… It’s gonna be great
for one of us. Drop down
and give me 20! Okay, Stevie,
what’s the first one? Stevie:
Okay, I’m calling
all these “phrases.”
The first phrase is…“Baby heads”? That– what could that be
at the Olympics? That’s like… Ew, that’s like
when you skid– like, you skid off of
your skates and then, like, the whole side of your leg
swells up like baby heads. I don’t think
that’s a condition. I think it’s when–
do they have paintball? – Yep, this year is first year.
– Do they have paintball
in the Olympics this year? – This year is first year
for paintball?
– Frozen paintballs. It’s when one of
the people in the crowd gets pelted
with multiple paintballs and that creates baby heads. I think we’re both
saying Coachella. But it’s
a Coachella band. I don’t see how that
can be an Olympic term. Stevie:
Guys, it’s an Olympic term.
( buzzer sound )It’s when a small rockmay cause a mountain biker
to crash.
And we have a clip
of an incident
that may have been caused
by a baby head.
Oh, yep, yep, yep, yep. I saw the baby heads. What’s next?Okay, here’s the next phrase…“Boogarins”? – Boogarins!
– Boogarins. – It’s like…
– Oh, man. Boogarins, I think that’s people in the stands
cheering really loudly, but they’re so
far away, they… they could be no bigger
than boogers. There’s Boogarins up there
cheering for the… cheering for the speed skater. I think it’s a…
I think it’s a band because it kinda sounds
like smithereens, but… – …Boogarins.
– Yeah, I think it’s a band too. It’s like the updated–
oh, you’re gonna
change your answer, huh? I was trying
to throw you off.It is a Brazilian
psychedelic rock band.
– Yes!
– Ooh, I love that Brazilian
psychedelic rock. –Okay, ready for the next one?
– Yeah. That is an Olympic term, That is a general sports term
that happens… When you’re
hot air ballooning. – Hot air ballooning…
– And then the bottom… – …or paragliding.
– …the bottom it starts to…
( blubbers ) – Hot air ballooning
is a great Olympic sport.
– I could see that happen… on a bobsled. Oh, the death spiral. The death spiral
on the bobsled. You can’t really… I think that’s more
of a death roll. No, it’s when you
leave the course. – When you leave the course
never to return.
– You leave the course and then you go down
the mountain…
( clicks tongue ) death spiral. Never see him again. Coachella band.This is an Olympic term.– Yeah.
It’s actually a move
in pair figure skating
where the man
spins the woman around
while holding her hand.And here is a clip.Waffled. He’s about to give her
a death spiral? Oh, gosh. – Yeah.
– Don’t let her do that! No, the thing
you don’t understand is that continued for another
seven seconds, she would die. – ‘Cause all the blood
would be at her…
– The blood goes to the lungs. …at her ice skates. ( clicks tongue )
And then you just… – and it’s over.
– You drown in your own blood which somehow
got in your lungs. – Ah?
– That undermines the fact that you got that right,
give me another one.How about “Jackmaster”?Oh! – Okay.
– This is a… No, no comments. There’s a lot of trouble
in this word. ( laughter ) The jackmaster is
the person who, when you get a flat tire
at the Olympics, he comes out there
and he, you know, he gives you the height you need
to get the that change you want. So is that a Coachella band
or an Olympic term? It’s an Olympic term. Jackmaster, of course, was my nickname
in high school. ( laughter ) What are you saying, man? I’m saying, uh… Actually, don’t tell me
what you’re saying, just give me your answer. You got yarn coming
out of your beard. Yeah,
it’s a yarn beard day. – I’m going with…
– You’re a wreck, man. …Coachella band.It is a Coachella band.He’s a Scottish DJwho has been called
one of the most admired
and in-demand DJs
in the world.
And here’s a clip of him
doing what he does best.
( music playing ) That’s Jackmaster? He’s jacking mastering
right there. Boy, I can tell, he is really
good at what he was doing. Yeah, he’s really good
at DJing. I can tell ’cause
of the brow wipe. Yeah, he’s getting
hot in there. He really set
himself apart from all other DJs. I gotta redeem myself here.How about…?“Petit biscuit”? Oh, we finally get
to the biscuits. – Mm…
– Petit biscuit could easily be like a cute,
little Coachella band, – you know?
– No, this is an Olympic term. You’ve watched
curling, right? Yeah. That thing that
is on the rock, the rock that’s on,
that’s called a biscuit. – In the junior category…
– For kids, trainers? – …they use a petit biscuit.
– Yeah, you’re right, – it’s an Olympic term.
– It’s kids curling, which, incidentally, both of my kids are into. Are your kids into it? Well, I’m gonna
change my answer so I can try to
catch up. – Olympic term.
– Coachella band. –Coachella band!
– Yes!He’s a DJ,
and here’s a clip
from his music video
for his song “Beam.”
Well, I hope
he’s doing something. Oh. Whoa. Is that a biscuit? Oh, that’s the back
of his head. It doesn’t look like
a petit biscuit to me, that looks like
a full-grown biscuit. Where are the turn tables? – It’s a music video, Rhett…
– Oh. …it’s not actually footage
of his performance. – All right.
– I was excited…Okay, last chance.This is my chance
to tie. Can we make this
worth two? –Yes, it is two.
– For the win. Call me “Coach.” Both:
“Slobber bar?” That’s just heinous. There’s no way that
the Olympics would let that in, which means
maybe they did. Slobber bar, that’s actually
a Summer Olympics term, and they name this–
there was a guy, a streaker, who came out, you know
how the streakers come out
to the soccer field? – “The pitch,” they call it.
– Yeah. Well, in the Olympics,
sometimes in
the gymnastics situation, the streaker came out,
and this guy came out and he just…
licked the high bar. – Licked the high bar?
– And then no one saw it, and then a few people were
seriously injured later. And then they were like,
“Oh, Slobber Bar’s back.” Oh, it’s the guy’s name, it’s the nickname
of a streaker. Yeah. Slobber Bar. The Slobber Bar incident. Slobber bar is when… it seems like it’s so slick
from slobber, the high bar… – Mm.
– …that you slide off. It’s like,
“I got slobber bar-ed. – I couldn’t hold on.”
– So basically exactly
what I said without the backstory,
okay. Yeah, Coachella band.It is an Olympic term.Oh.
( laughs )
It’s an equestrian term,it obviously
refers to the metal bar
between the shanks
of a curb bit
that goes into a horse’s mouth,
and here’s a photo.
– Link:Oh.
– Rhett:The horse loves it,
He’s grinnin’.
You can tell he loves it.
All right,
congratulations, Rhett, – you won.
– No, don’t–
“Congratulations…” – Coach Fella.
– …Fella.” Coach, what do you
want me to do, Coach? What do you want me
to do, Coach? – Uh…
– I’m here, I dressed out today. What do you
want me to do? Give me a Powerade. Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. Hey, I’m Noah. I’m in Tribune, Kansas and I’m cycling across
the United States. And it’s time spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Good luck, Noah! – Gracious.
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