Olympic Rock Paper Scissors (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

Olympic Rock Paper Scissors (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

[ Silence ] For this next activity, guys,
we’re going to play Paper, Rock, Scissors Olympics. We’re going to
have three sections. We’re going to
have the gold division here… …silver… …and the bronze. You guys will all start off
in the bronze. So first, let’s — let’s all stand up
and go by the bronze area. Yeah, push your chairs in, yes. Daniel, push your desk up
a little bit there. Can you push
that one back? Yep. This one back. Or that way. And then push
that one forward. [ Quiet talking ] Guys, so real fast,
this is the bronze. This open area here in the middle
is the silver. And then this open area here
is the gold. You have to work your way
up to the gold. How do we get over here? Let’s say I’m facing —
come here, Diego. We’re going to
Paper, Rock, Scissors here. How do we do it?
We jump three times, and with your body, you’re either going to
make a rock, a paper, or scissors. The first three ones, here’s — I’m going
to go rock, paper, scissors. This is rock. This is paper. And this is scissors. One more time.
This is rock. This is paper. And this is scissors. On the third jump, you need to form
what you’re going to make. So if me and Diego are playing here,
we’re playing — ready? Rock, paper, scissors. He’s a paper.
He beats rock. I stay.
He’s going to move to the silver. Now, anyone that wins is going to
move up to the silver. He’ll face anyone that steps
into that area. Let’s say we both won. I’m here.
Let’s play again. Ready? Rock, paper, scissors. What am I? (students)
Scissors. – So I cut the paper.
I move. I move to the gold area now. I want to see who can stay up here
for at least 10 — 10 turns. I want to see — I want to see who can
win at the gold division 10 straight times. That’s what our goal is. Okay?
If I — if I lose at the silver, where should I go? – Back to the bronze. – The bronze. If I win in silver, I move to — (students)
Gold. – Gold. I lose in gold, I go to — (students)
Silver. – To silver.
If I win in gold, what do I do? (students)
Stay. – You stay.
That counts as one. Yes. Now, see who can get to 10. If I lose at bronze, what do you do? – [Inaudible] – You stay. We have any questions? (students)
No. – Do we all have a partner you’re
going to face in the first round? You don’t have a partner?
I’ll be your partner. Who doesn’t have a partner? Ali. Ali, Eduardo. Ready. (Person near door) [Inaudible] this four back.
Any problem, write-up and [inaudible] until I’ve got to call a parent.
They think everything’s a big joke, they giggle all the way up here.
Now the giggling stops. You think I’m kidding, [inaudible]
call me back. – Ready, go. (Person near door)
If they giggle, [inaudible], act silly, whatever, write it up, call me,
come get them, they’re with me until 4:00 tonight —
tonight or tomorrow. – You guys come here. [ Students talking ] You guys stay right here. Sit down here.
[Inaudible]. [ Students talking ] You’re right here.
Just stay there. [ Students talking ] Good. That’s three?
Good. [ Students talking ] Four? Good. [ Students talking ] Five. [ Students talking ] [Whistle] And freeze for a second. We’re going to keep going. What we have to be aware of —
I don’t mind the excitement and all that, but let’s try to control it because, guys,
we have class on that side of the wall, and we have class on
this side of the wall. I know you’re moving, but let’s try to
keep the cheer a little bit down. Let’s keep the cheer a little bit down.
Stay where you’re at. I think we have Jesus
with five straight. Someone’s got to knock out Jesus
before he gets to 10. You got five straight, too? – I got six. But [inaudible]
got me out right now. – No, but it’s six straight, so then
you’re back down to zero. All right. Remember, when we lose from the
silver area, Jovani, where should we go? – Back to bronze. – The bronze. I don’t see
no one going to bronze. – What would happen if
you’re right here and you — – And if you lose at the gold,
you come to silver. You lose at the silver,
you go to bronze. You win in the gold, you stay.
That counts as one. You’re at five. Ready. Go. [ Students talking ] Oh, yes, he got him out. [ Students talking ] – I got eight straight. – At gold? – [Inaudible]. [ Silence ]

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  1. Great video! Authentic experience! Thank you for addressing mild discipline issues that may arise in any classroom! Bien trabajo! From, Mr. States who lives in Canada! I’m excited to try this “Olympic” version of Rock, Paper Scissors! Gracias por todos!

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