Olympic OA96 Pistol: A Loophole in the Assault Weapons Ban

Olympic OA96 Pistol: A Loophole in the Assault Weapons Ban

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in another video on forgottenweapons.com. I’m Ian McCollum. And I’m here today at the Rock Island Auction Company and we’re taking a look at this OA96 pistol, which is a perfect example of How people will inevitably attempt to find ways around any new law whether it’s firearms law or any other law, so To start at the beginning of this story really the reason that this exists is in 1993 a company called Olympic Arms came up with this neat new thing They came up with a way to give you an ar-15 with a side folding stock. Now traditionally This had been impossible because the ar-15 has a nice long bolt carrier and then it has a recoil spring and buffer that extend back Inside the buttstock. So there’s a buffer tube that comes out the back of the receiver and you can make like a collapsing stock ar-15 which where the stock can get as short as the buffer tube is but there was before this there hadn’t been any way to actually fold the stock because The buffer tube can’t fold that spring doesn’t fold in addition to this allowing you to have a folding stock It also meant you could make a pistol version of the ar-15 which is in itself a workaround When the National Firearms Act was passed in 1934 as it was originally written it would have prohibited handguns or it would have regulated them the same way that it currently regulates machine guns and They figured well, we have to have there’s a loophole here what if someone just gets a rifle and cuts it down to the length of a pistol so They included language in the National Firearms Act to prohibit or regulate in the same way short-barreled rifles and short-barreled shotguns and then Through some lobbying, the handgun section of that law was removed before it was passed But they never got rid of the sections about short-barreled rifles. So We have kind of a unique situation here in the United States where you’re allowed to have a rifle and you’re allowed to have a pistol, but you’re not allowed to have Basically something in between if it’s got a short barrel and a buttstock It’s controlled like a machine gun And for this reason there have always been people who like well, I want an AR-15 with a little tiny short barrel But it can’t have a buttstock. So we’ll get a pistol version of it and in recent days this has Evolved through the the arm brace thing which we don;t need to get into today but suffice to say there was also a market for ar-15 pistols and What Olympic Arms did also allowed them to make a pistol version of AR Which is basically this. Now the way they did this was by actually moving the recoil spring up into this tube Above the top of the receiver it mechanically it’s really kind of a clever thing and they did this in 1993 which is like Almost the worst possible time that they could have because the very next year in 94 The assault weapons ban was passed in the United States and all of a sudden A gun like this became considered an assault weapon and was legally prohibited from being manufactured so Olympic obviously didn’t want to just fold up and go away and people still wanted to get the guns In fact people wanted them even more now that they were more heavily regulated. So Olympic took some time and in July of 1996 this was approved by ATF as not being an assault weapon and You might be wondering how it does that there’s got a 30-round magazine here. It’s got a pistol grip. It’s got no buttstock It’s got a flash hider. Well the trick here is this doesn’t actually have a detachable magazine. Ah Yes jb weld used by nothing, but the finest purveyors of precision engineering Our receiver markings He’s got a 1996 prefix on the serial number Cal 2.23 model OA- 96 made by Olympic arms out of Olympia, Washington Now the other thing to note here is they have actually gone through and welded the magazine body into the receiver there There is no magazine release button. They just simply didn’t mill that out on the lower receiver And then they have liberally filled the gap between the magazine and the magazine well with, what I assume is jb weld or something similar some sort of epoxy like adhesive; permanent adhesive And presto it’s not quote on quote an assault pistol. The definition of of an assault pistol was Initially predicated on it has to be a handgun with a detachable magazine, which then had Several specific features or some you know, some of a list of features. Well, this is no longer a detachable magazine therefore it can have all of the features that they want which included things like a barrel shroud a flash hider That sort of thing now you may be wondering That’s that’s all fine and good And in fact this got to have a 30-round magazine because as long as it was a fixed magazine The law didn’t say anything about how many rounds it could or could not hold the question is, of course How do you actually load it? Are you supposed to like get in Here and stuff rounds in or what? Well, the answer lies in in looking at the fact that there is no takedown pin on this either which should be right there There’s a front pin but no rear one and instead we have a button on the back here when you push that button in The whole thing pivots open so that button controls a little latch right there and they have added this tapered plunger to the back of the receiver and presto That locks it in place and allows you to pop it open once it’s opened then you can manually reload this using individual rounds or you could probably I suspect you could make a stripper clip guide sort of thing that would sit on there and allow you to load it that way once it’s loaded just Snap it back together and it’s ready to use again Now some people are going to note that there’s no forward assist on this that has nothing to do with The assault weapon or lack thereof nature of the gun This has to do with the actual conversion to use this separate recoil assembly Now I detailed this on my video on the OA98 So if you want to see how it works take a look at that video I pull the whole thing apart But basically they cut the back end off of the bolt carrier So there are you can see the serrations right here that the forward assist would normally engage on Usually you would then have you know a whole a couple inches of those serrations on the back end of the bolt carrier That back end doesn’t exist anymore. This would do nothing. So they just plugged it and they used it as a sling attachment point The charging handle you’ll see is not back here the charging handle is now up here Like so there we go lock it all the way back They did put a nice flash hider on it, that’s a good vortex flash hider or appears to be So the OA96 here would only last a couple of years not because it was prohibited but of course because what people wanted was not this fixed magazine thing people wanted a 30-round magazine be able to take mags in take them out replace them and While this was on the market Olympic Arms was working on trying to come up with something that would do that and in 1998 They in fact did it they had they introduced the OA98 Pistol and what it did was take advantage of what I suppose is a loophole in the assault weapons law not really a loophole That the technical definition of an assault pistol in the law One of the components was weight and if the gun weighed too much that counted against it well Olympic came up with a version of this where they Skeletonized the living bejesus out of everything and brought the weight under that limit I’m sure the people who wrote the law didn’t anticipate that it would be possible to do that. But Olympic did And we actually have a video on the OA98 as well So if you’re interested in this you should definitely stick around there will be a link at the very end of this video Where you can see what they did with the OA98 because that’s the next step in the same family now if you would like more information on this one specifically the 96 Rock island’s catalog page has their pictures their price estimate everything you would need to know about it And you can reach that by way of forgottenweapons.com which is linked in the description text below. Thanks for watching

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  1. and now that the public knows about this gun, we will see it in yet another severe mass shooting in the near future and bam, new legislation against it.

  2. Chop off the barrel handle along with the rest of the barrel and you have the 10mm SMG from Fallout 1 and 2.

  3. Unconstitutional 'laws" have no legal power or authority and The People are under no obligation to obey them. There is no such thing as "unconstitutional law". You can say "prohibited" all you want, but that don't make it Truth.

  4. Who will buy that rebuilt crap now?it dont make sense, if they got banned need export them. Then built new Mods. ?

  5. Most shootings are done by pistols, I hate how the ar15, one of my favorites, is targeted for looking scary. I would love to show the lefty lawmakers an AA12.

  6. This is not a assault pistol it's just a semiautomatic pistol get it right peoplel this gun will not assault anyone unless the user is assaulting some one with it. Any weapon can be used as an assault ie assault knife it stabs people let's ban all knifes its stupid….. Let's all agree to stop using the terms (assault) ie my ak47 is just a semiautomatic rifle. There for why ban a semiautomatic Rifle.. There nothing assault about it…. It's just another word to use to regulate on we the people of own sead property. Is it a right or a freedom ….. Do we even have freedom? ?

  7. in the 98 model video you said it had to have two of the features but this has three even with the fixed mag plus in that video you said that the 93 model had to have a ten round mag instead of the 30 but here you say the law didn't say any thing about the rounds number

  8. Kinda curious if you just put the magazine on a hinge if it would qualify as an attached magazine. Might make it easier to load that way.

  9. It's so sad that companies in Massachusetts had to start making these things again because their attorney general created her own definition of their assault weapons ban to block pretty much any AR with a detachable magazine…

  10. I forget, but wasn't there a gun similar to this where the difference was that you have to open the gun up a little bit and then the magazine could come out?

  11. Guy uses assault pistol in Ohio…
    News Articles: "Dude shot almost as fast as a full-auto at 40 rounds a minute…"
    Youtube Recommended: OA96 "Pistol" video?
    Youtube Ad-sense: California's new best friend – CA7 "Pistol"

    Me: WTF is this world coming to that people are scared of black things they don't know about…

  12. At the start I thought the magazine was just glued for some weird legal reasons for it to be handled or something, nope, turns out I was wrong.

  13. The LAR-15 up here in Canada also gives us Canadians a loophole. The magazine used in it is considered a pistol mag despite being compatible with any AR-15; it bypasses the restriction we have on rifle magazines having a 5 round capacity.

  14. I'm from Spain, I can't have a gun, but I love your vids. I feel your passion for these things as you tell us all the small details and history.

  15. Its not an "assault weapon " weapons cannot assault anyone. Ever.Darn leftist cant help themselves i understand.

  16. That seems like the perfect gun for me, someone too scared to even be thought of as a rifle type but someone who enjoys cool looking guns.

    Couldn't you… remanufacture that with a drum mag in place of the 30-rnd one?

  17. There are plenty of AR 15s with folding stocks, just a part with a hinge and a piece that holds the bolt carrier inside when it's folded. Big disadvantage however compared to this is that you can't shoot when it's folded. I don't know if it would not fire, or just launch the BCG back in your face.

  18. If guns could scream their personality through their design and looks then this would be having an identity crisis, cause, is this an assault rifle, pistol or a submachinegun?

  19. i hate when people call it 'loop hole".
    when its folks just making thier weapons compliant.
    Cali calls any weapon a 'loop hole'. Such as having an AR that has a rifle stock that is compliant to laws, they call it aloop hole

  20. What kind of accessories can you put onto this gun? Would it change the legality of it at all? This with some kind of scope would be cool.

  21. Lets just all agree: renewing the "assault weapons" (their actually called sporting rifles btw) ban is a stupid fucking idea. It won't work because you can't stop crazy; the shooters will just turn to illegal gun dealing, making the ban essentially useless. All its gonna do is piss off the people legally owning rifles who are gonna be unfairly discriminated against. Wanna solve the problem? Remove the crazy people, not their weapons. Man, those gun control advocates are just fucking morons when it comes to guns, aren't they?

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