Olympic Ice Dancers Maia & Alex Shibutani Play The Newlywed Game | Cosmopolitan

Olympic Ice Dancers Maia & Alex Shibutani Play The Newlywed Game | Cosmopolitan

What’d you put? I said it’s even. Oh no! I said that too. Really?
Yeah, totally… You said you. I’m Maia Shibutani. And I’m her brother Alex Shibutani. We are Team USA Ice Dancers. Okay. Huh. You’re more competitive. No, you’re more competitive. See? We’re really good. Depends on the day. I’m ready. I said me. Oh, I said me. That could mean a lot of things. If it’s more in the thoughtful direction,
then… me. So, what, I’m the more emotionally sensitive
person? I don’t know. Okay. Okay, who’s the better athlete? Um… I’m probably gonna look bad. What’d you put? I said it’s even. Oh no! I said that too. Really?
Yeah, totally… You said you. The most annoying thing that you do… Gosh this is… How much time do we have?
Oh, I know. I know. Hey. Okay. Lock my phone screen.
Yeah, okay. So what we mean by locking her phone screen… So when we’re going over, like video of our skating,
I always like to watch… Horizontally.
Horizontally, like the way you should watch a video. And the reason you have it in vertical all the time is… At night–
There’s no good reason. It annoys me. But that means you’re pretty good, though… If that’s the one things that annoys me more than anything else. I don’t think we’ll be on the same page, but… I have no idea what you’re gonna put. Okay. I said, “Let’s leave at (blank)” because… Ohhhhh!
…you’re always tardy…
Yeah, that’s actually really good. So it’s like, why say what time we’re gonna leave…
That’s really good. …if we’re not gonna be there.
Yeah. Yeah. Hmm. Do I tell the truth, or… What’s the truth? Huh… Okay. It’s not the same. You’re writing too long. (laughs) Right, Mom? Right, Dad? You love us both the same? Please say yes? I should have said the same, but… You look really bad on that one. Yeah, I guess. Ready? What’d you say? I said I’d be surprised, cause you’re focused. Oh, I thought you’d say, “Really?! Now?!” That’s kind of similar. Yeah, okay. That’s similar.
Yeah. Producer: That was a tie. Okay. One. Two. Three. There we go!
Oh, yeah!

100 Replies to “Olympic Ice Dancers Maia & Alex Shibutani Play The Newlywed Game | Cosmopolitan”

  1. Honestly didn't even notice the title, I just focused on the video ? The last question was a bit weird but they didn't seem bothered so who cares

  2. i love them so much so this was a great vid to watch but honestly WHY would you call it the newlywed game when you literally could've just called it the singling tag or sibling quiz or anything like that

  3. Do they even realise which tag they were playing? And I had to rewind again and again because I was so mesmerised by their figure skating and I didn't read the question.

  4. couldn't y'all have changed the title to something more appropriate?? it's really weird considering these two are siblings and not newlyweds wtf some common sense was missing here i assume

  5. Hahah I do the same thing as Maia with my phone screen bc I use my phone laying down and it annoys my dad when I show him videos

  6. nothing to be surprised about the cosmopolitan, thy have an agenda too like many in the msm and there is almost no moral in it… like the title sugest.

  7. Lol at all the comments about the title. The game is call The Newlywed Game, they can't change a game name because it doesn't fit the participants. Monopoly stay Monopoly no matter what. Get over it.

  8. wtf cosmopolitan, they were just talking about how overcoming the bias against siblings in pair figure-skating was such a struggle for them… can you just let them be cute siblings…

  9. most people are commenting about the title but i'm here to comment on 'MOST' being used instead of 'MORE'. is it just me or others are bothered by this too? lol

  10. Hey cosmo change the video title you asshats you know damn well they are siblings not newlyweds. This shit's not cute but gross and disgusting change it

  11. It's settled – Cosmo is a rag lower than the National Enquirer. Moronic title! It's called TAG – sibling tag.

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