Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Returns from Rio

Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Returns from Rio

You must want to thank me for
the Zac Efron thing.>>I do, yes, yes,
I can’t thank you enough. And you’re the greatest of all time to goat.>>Yeah.
>>So thank you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So, yeah I was so excited to see that that happened. Cuz when you were here, you talked about
that you had such a huge crush on him.>>Yes.>>And then it turns out that word gets
out, and he flies there to see you.>>I know.>>Isn’t he just the sweetest guy?>>No, he is.
And he’s like even more perfect in person.>>[LAUGH]
>>I didn’t think someone could be so perfect. And he was there and I was like [SOUND]
>>[LAUGH]>>[SOUND] Like that?>>Yeah, but I wanted to grab him and
never let him go.>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>He wouldn’t have minded that, cuz he’s-
>>I don’t think so.>>He’s just so sweet.>>Yes.
>>He’s the greatest guy. And so, and your memories there are,
like obviously just, you know, everything. But now what you’re getting to do, I mean, I saw you at the VMAs-
>>Yes.>>And you have all these
other experiences in life.>>It was so exciting.>>What happened?
So you met Kim Kardashian?>>I did, and
I got my selfie that I wanted. And then I talked to her so I could send her daughter some
leos which were in the works. Like I already texted her this morning.>>Mm-hm.
>>So that’s good, and I want to babysit her daughter. And then I also got to meet Beyonce. And then at the end of the night I topped
it off by falling down the stairs.>>[LAUGH]
>>Cuz I’m clumsy.>>Wow.
>>[LAUGH]>>Wow, so you mean you fall a lot, it happens a lot?>>Yes, I suck at walking.>>[LAUGH]
>>Wow, so you don’t really need to know how
to walk to be an excellent gymnast?>>No, no.>>That’s amazing that you’re clumsy and
you do that. So have you watched yourself
in the Olympics yet?>>No I haven’t. And usually I don’t like to
watch it because, I don’t know, I don’t like to watch myself. But then once we got home I
did want to watch it, and my dad forgot to record them.>>[LAUGH]
>>So thanks, Dad.>>[LAUGH]
>>How could he forget to record the Olympics?>>I have no idea.>>All right, well NBC’s gonna give,
I’m sure somebody’s got all of them.>>Yes.
>>I mean, they will for sure do that.>>Yes.
>>All right, and let’s talk, you have a book coming out,
let’s talk about that.>>I do.
>>What is it called?>>It’s called Courage to Soar, and I’m super excited about it
because it’s about my life story. And it’s coming from me, so that people
don’t read something on the internet, and they’re unsure of it. So it’s about my life,
a little bit about my family and then how I got to where I am. So I think that’s pretty cool.>>Yeah, it’s very cool.

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  1. double standarts… she was on amphetamins but WADA ok with it, because she had some fake "doctor's prescription"… people using this kind of drugs are usually laying in reanimation, not jumping around on olympic games… =

  2. Methylphenidate (Ritalin) enhances explosiveness, power, strength and stamina. HOW can she be allowed to compete while taking this banned substance??

  3. Normally Aussies think Americans are cocky. But this girl is so down to earth and loveable. Super awesome gymnast. Just delightful to watch in all aspects not just gymnastics


  5. I really thought she's great… but she's just a cheater… her diagnosis for wich she can take illegal medicine is not even an illness in most countries..I'm so disappointed.

  6. It is the responsibility of the athlete to determine whether a substance that he/she is using or considering using is prohibited or not. At all times, athletes are strongly advised to check the status of all medications with their team physicians. If, during the Games, further clarification is required, athletes should check with their NOC team physicians or with the sport medicine physicians at the Polyclinic in the Athletes’ Village.

  7. Cuteeeee, simone….
    Today you are people "darling", tomorrow you become target for bullying at the least mistake and they would forget all your achievements: that is what happened/is happening to Gabby. Sad…

  8. god!! everyone gets to write a book nowadays
    I didn't think writing books is that easy since I'm an avid book reader I hate to see everyone out there writing a book about themselves just because they got famous

  9. Simone Biles is adorable and buff.

    Those two adjectives are never meant to coincide but Simone breaks the barrier.

  10. I have that book courage to sour and it is the best you should go check it out and simone's life is not as great as you might think it was

  11. Im saying there is something white about her why do dam there all successful black people sell out to white people

  12. I think it would be so cool to meet Simone I am a level silver gymnast and I'm 12 years old I love Simone biles she is my favorite gymnast 🤸‍♂️♥️

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