Olympic Face Or Kicked In The Balls Face? (GAME)

Olympic Face Or Kicked In The Balls Face? (GAME)

( music playing )We are back!
Like “Roseanne,” except you decided to
actually watch this. Ooh! Now, the Olympics
are about to wrap up and, uh, I’ve really been
enjoying the athleticism, but what I’ve been
enjoying even more is the face that some
of the competitors make when they’re in
the height of sportiness. Uh, yeah, they’re pretty
intense, but, um, but if you just isolate
some of the faces, – Mm-hmm.
– They look a lot like somebody
getting hit in the nuts. – Yeah.
– Hence, this game. Stevie is gonna show us
a still image of
a close up of a face. and it could be
an Olympian in
the midst of sportsness. Or it could be someone
in the midst of getting
hit in nutness. And we answer with
our paddles. All right.
Give us the first one.Oh, gosh, that guy is
looking up.
You know, if you’re going
to get hit in the nuts,
look away from it.Speaking from experience.This could definitely
be a weight-lifting face. I know, that’s–
I didn’t want to say that – but that’s what I was
thinking, too.
– And these are not limited to these are any Olympics
they’re not limited to winter. Stevie:Correct.Uh, so I’m gonna say
Olympic face. It’s a dead lifter. Stevie:It is an Olympic face.– Link:Oh, no! It’s a diver!
– Rhett:It’s a diving face.– Link:That dude’s diving?
– Stevie:It’s Hang Yin from
at the 2007 Australian
youth Olympic festival.
Yeah, I remember
that dive. Ironically enough,
this photo is also
a nut shot. – Rhett:Yes, it is.
– All right, give us
another one. So, we would have
gotten it right
either way.Ooh, this is very pixilated.
That scares me.
Rhett:Is that Nicolas Cage?Link:Well, it looks like it
could be an eraser
( giggling )
on a pencil.This guy doesn’t look
like an Olympian. I’m just gonna go
off that. I mean, he looks
too sad. He looks too sad
and defeated to be
an Olympic athlete, so I’m saying,
nut shot! He could be lifting weights. He could be diving also. I’m saying he’s
a diver, or– I’m gonna go out on
a limb here. Olympian. Stevie:This is a nut shot.
Let’s watch.
– Rhett: Ooh.
– Link: Oh. What was that?
– Stevie:That was
a soccer bopper.
– ( ding )
This is from the BF versus GF
YouTube channel.
– Link:Okay.
– Rhett:Uh-huh.Way back in the day, huh? – Uh…
– Well, shoot.Yeah, look at that guy.
I don’t even know who
that guy is.
– Link:Hm.
– Rhett:But he deserves
everything that he got.
– Yeah.
– ( laughs ) That’s not the BF
or the GF. – No. All right, next.
– All right, hm. – Link: Ooh!
– Rhett: This is a–
this is a shot putter. –Olympic face.
– Link:Because you think
Rhett:He’s just so,
he’s so big.
The shot put is literally
up against his neck. And that is the official
face you make while
shot putting. You have to do that–
( sharp exhale ) Oh, gosh. So, we agree,
are we right? Stevie:You’re correct,
it’s an Olympic face.
– Link:Look at that guy.
– ( ding ) – Rhett: Shot putter!
– Link: And it wasn’t even
under this– Rhett:Got the right sport
and everything.
Link:Man, why is he keeping
the other shot put ball
in his cheek.
– It’s a spare. – Is it called a ball?
– It’s a speed round. Whoop, whoop, whoop!
You gotta– – Bloop, bloop, bloop.
– You take ’em right out – and go for it.
– Like that thing spitting out– – bird-oh on…
– That’s old Roberts. – Super Mario 2.
– The only guy named Robert
who adds an S. Uh, okay, next. Link:Ooh, Dracula!
( imitates Dracula laugh )
Rhett:Yeah, this guy’s out.
This is not an Olympic athlete.
Link:He’s got this eye makeup.Yeah, I don’t think
there’s a goth competition… – in the Olympics.
– That eyebrow arch is on fleek. I’ma bring that back. – I think this guy’s too–
– This is a nut shot. Yeah, he’s too old
for the Olympics. – Stevie:Guys…
– Unless he’s rifleman. Stevie:This is an Olympic face.– No!
– Ah, dang it.
I could have tied you. –( buzzer sounds )
– Stevie:It’s Russian
figure skater
Evgeni… oh, gosh.
( laughs )
Both: Evgeni “Oh gosh?” Yup, ( laughs ). Makes a lot of sense. Now, is this
an action shot or is this just the way
his hair is all the time? – ( laughs )
– It’s styled like that. – Yes.
– He’s just like,
“Hmm, at my hair.” Now, hold on, now. Be honest, you’ve seen
people walking around
the mall – with hair like that.
– Oh, yeah. And they’re women
over 40. – Oh, really?
– Yes. Well, and sometimes
Russians skating. Uh, give us another one.
Shoot, I could have
tied you on that one.Oh, doing a little stinky.Rhett:Oh, they don’t allow
goatees like this in
the Olympics.
Yeah, this, I’m saying
this is a nut shot. I can’t let you pull ahead. I’m sticking–
I’m sticking with nut shot. Nut shot face. That is not a shot
of nuts. Stevie:(laughs )
You guys are correct,
let’s watch.( ding )Link:Oh, slow motion!Rhett:What is that guy
in the back doing?
Link:He’s spotting him.
In case he fell.
Rhett:No he’s not, look.
He’s looking away.
Ooh, no, he was celebrating
by doing a hip thrust.
I just didn’t want to
draw attention to it.
Rhett:I wanna be right there
next to the action!
– Okay, no one wins
– Uh, okay. Still in the lead. – ( exhales ) Give me
another one.
– Stevie:That’s all we got.– Oh, I win.
– Stevie:That’s all the faces
and nuts we got for you.
Can you just start
rolling clips of people
getting hit in the nuts? Or I can kick you
in the nuts right now. If you wanna see it,
we’ll freeze it and you can take it
home and frame it. Uh, let me think about that,
no. Thank you for commenting,
liking, and subscribing. You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Trey. And I’m…
( overlapping names ) All: And it’s time to spin
the wheel of mythicality. – Ooh!
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100 Replies to “Olympic Face Or Kicked In The Balls Face? (GAME)”

  1. I got them all correct because I know there's almost no way to keep your eyes open when you get hit in the nuts.
    Therefor, I knew all the closed eye faces were nut shots and then I just guessed olympic face for anyone that had their eyes open even a little.

  2. awsedrtfyuhijuhygtfrdesdrtfyguhnygtfrdeswedrftvgybhunjimnhbgytfvrdcesxwerdtfyguhijuhytgrfedrftvyguhnijmokijuhtrderftgyhujhytgrfedrftgyhujyh6tgf5rd4edrftgybuhijok98u7y

  3. I found it very easy to tell the difference because when you get hit the nuts 99 out of 99 you will close your eyes when Olympians do their sport They typically have their eyes open so they can see what they're doing I don't have prior knowledge more than getting hit in The nuts while growing up

  4. Ugh…look i love you guys and believe me this is not a hate comment but I LOVE ROSANNE thank you your awesome and you guys just keep doing what your doing

  5. I played along at home and got every one right with my rule. Eyes closed = nut shot (closed in pain)

    Eyes open = Olympic face (focused on what they are doing)

    Bam that’s how to win.

  6. I love that I'm watching the episode right now and on ABC rosseane just got cancelled because of rosseane barr twitting racist shit!

  7. Lmao with the figure skater when she said it was an athlete I thought of skating because of Yuri on Ice lol

  8. I've had a crush on steavie..stevey.., never knew how to spell it, but , for years.

  9. Didn’t the Roseanne return break the all time sitcom views record for an episode or season? Link’s joke didn’t make sense lol

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