Olympic Dark Horse Episode X

Olympic Dark Horse Episode X

Do you want to play a game? Of Course. Allright, let’s play a game. Have an idea. I’ll ask my IG followers, what they wanna know about you, and you can ask your IG followers what they wanna know about me. I wanna see what crazy questions they come up. We will see. All right let’s try, ready? Okay I got one. Which race do you hate the most, and why? Which race do I hate most? As a swimmer I hated them all. Because I really wanted to be good at something, I was never quite good enough at anything. So, Yeah all of them.  I wasn’t good for any of them. Whats your favorite country and why? My favorite country is Italy of course. Yeah, I love it. I also like the US. a lot, Its like a dream of everyone. Especially California, but Italy is still my favourite. Cos of the food, people, the sea the mountains it has everything. Which one is your favorite country? I don’t know I always love wherever I go. I enjoy wherever Im at for different reasons. Some of my best places I have been is Tokio, I always love exploring Japan. Hopefully be gone go to Tokio this year. It would be a good trip. Fun trip. I had a lot of fun exploring the whole world. I’ve got another one for you. Have you beaten your best times yet? Have you beaten your best times and your best events yet? When? Recently. Your most recent. Your time record was last year. Yea in 2018. 2019 hasn’t been a very good year to me. We can fix that. We still have a few months left. But 2020 will be better. We still got a few months left, few races, I hope so. We’ll get that. Got another one. What is your motto? ohhh my motto? My motto is baby steps, we have to be the best version of ourselves, that means you have to take a baby step every day. If we take a baby step each day then, We will be better by the time we finish our journey. I have an awkward question for you. What color is your underwear? What? Someone says what color is your underwear? Pink of course. I’m not surprised. Thats barbie thing. Okay next question pls. What is the key to success? What is the key to success? That’s definitely one of the keys of our program now. Honestly key to success is fundamentals. Getting really good at the fundamentals,
and then we can build from there. Throw out the fundamentals,
you don’t have anything you can build on. It might work still. Ok, this is a good one,
who is your biggest rival? Myself. The time. People are not rivals. For me. Just myself and, my best times. Zsombor is not your biggest rival right now? He’s causing a lot of problems. I would kick his ass anytime. I’ll let him know, you said that. Im afraid to ask what the question is. You can’t ask whatever question it is,
but I had to ask what color underwear you’re wearing. What is your favorite sex place? Swimmingpool? I feel like I shouldn’t be here, I shouldn’t be picky I feel like. I feel like I shouldn’t be picky. I’m a guy, OK. I’m good. I am opened up to opportunities. We’ll see what happens I guess or I don’t know… Okay I got a worst one for you. Have you had sex in the last week? Yes. Okay moving on. Who is single in the team? Its simple and clear. Zsombor is single. Not even a question. He is still trying to talk to Italian girls. Single AF. Yess. Someone asked, I know the answer, do you have a boyfriend? Yeah I do. but he doesn’t live with me.
He lives in Torin north west to Italy. 2 years older than me. Nice randome detailes I like it. I have a good one. What Ilaria has to change to win the Olympics? You’re crying in practice. I am not crying anymore. Didn’t cry today. No you getting better. You were laughing today in practice. It will last for one day. Tomorrow morning you’ll cry. I don’t think you need to change,
we need to change the program around you. Work to put you better in your element. And build on that. Build your strength a little bit more. What’s my element? What’s my element? Racing, Being aggressive and strong Being powerful Meaning you naturally fit these things, The programs you’ve been in, and the things you were doing, kinda didn’t take you I think, like you do your characteristics. Being a badass. You gotta work on being a badass. I’m probably gonna regret this. Okay, someone asked me. How do you stay motivated? Good one. That was a pretty, I dont know, simple question. I focus on my goals. Don’t look at me its your question. I dont know that. I dont know, I dont have an answer to that. I am motivated, like, I am a very motivated person. Self motivated. All the little friends who are really gonne thank you for that. All those facebook friends,
or instagram fans are gonna thank you for that. My fans are really thanking you for the hard, you know… They support me a lot. And my friends are really appreciating your, Educational moment here. I am self motivated. I am a lot self motivated. We will leave it there. Are there any places you don’t like to swim? Swim? I dont swim at all anymore. I like swimming in the sea, I like swimming in the hot tub. That’s about it. There’s no swimming outside of that. The fans want to know if you’re allowed
to have sex before race day? Yeah, I am. Why not? We take benefit of it. Sure. If you think so. Okay, we’re skipping now on. Okay, we’r gonna skip that one. Okay, I’m gonna go. Longest distance you swam? What’s the longest distance you swam straight, no stopping? Too much. In the last 3 years I swam a lot. I can imagine. But maybe, 5K Straight? No. Less. 3 K maybe straight. In race? Never more then 800m I swam further than you before. Im not a long distance swimmer. I am shorter than you are. I went. You’re up. What do you have, to have to win the Olympics? I read everyday. Everyday you read before practice. Can we skip the bluff part? We had this conversation before. How many times a day do you cry in practice? So training starts, 2. So I cry 2. So it’s just one consisting cry? Cause I see a lot of tears. I feel good crying, You release all the stress. It’s a good thing. I complain, I cry a lot. I mean I’m pretty sure, if you ever brake the world record,
I’ll see you crying before the race. I dance before the race. Can I have your number? Dont you already have my number? It’s not me asking for it. Okay. I will put a story with Shane number. With my new Italian number? Yes. He’s got a new sim card. One week he keep’s telling me,
he has a new italian sim card. Two weeks. Do you have any more questions? No, it’s good. Allright. Sounds good. Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the video, Remember to follow, Follow the IG and subscribe to Youtube channel, Keep updated with everything going on. Bye guys. You are so bad at this.

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  1. How will she ever achieve something remarkable if she cant answer the simple question about her motivation? Thats the basis.

  2. My 13 year old has been watching the series because she dreams of going to the Olympics and Katinka is her idol. She thought today’s Episode was “stupid”. I have to agree, the swimmers want to see the training, swimming, the hard work….they could care less about whether Illaria is having sex the night before a race.

  3. These whole series is very wierd. Shane acts like a playboy movie star. Very sad to see that he is still too arrogant and dummy.

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