Olympic Dark Horse Episode 7

Olympic Dark Horse Episode 7

As mayor I can say I’m proud that Ilaria came back to train here in Cittadella since this city has seen her growing sportingly. The fact that she strongly wanted to come back to the place where she started her career and that now she’s training for a huge goal which is winning the olympic gold medal, makes us feel part of this journey. I know she has the determination to achieve that important goal and she will do it for the entire nation, but also for Cittadella for the “Alta padovana” and for her Region (Veneto). In fact today we decided, for luck, to change the silver medal into a gold one. You’re rushing that pull-down I think. You just rush. Get some power. You can swim a fifty if you want. That was good. That was a lot better. You’re getting the power. You can swim the fifty if you choose to. Allright, so he’s here. Allright? Hold your foot. Which one of you you think is gonna… Okay. Now he’s getting sloppy. If you don’t feel you slap the water… the other one, you felt the surge, no? You hit the water and you kinda, you go whoom, right? You… You don’t pull, you pull yourself down. You’re not pulling backwards, you pull down and you jump up, right? You could pull back more. Pull back like the band. Go touch the band, pull yourself… yeah. No, no. What was that? Do it again. Yeah, no, straight arm. This is not working you’re so sloppy. Nah, you’re okay. You don’t need too throw. You’re panicking, you got to calm down. You got a hundred plus a fifty here, fifty… hundred to fly back. Here we go. Ready… go! It’s the same set, same … oh my God. What am I doing? 52,1, come on, you got this! You’re doing good. You’re fine. Relax, you’re doing great. Breathe, breathe, come on. You got plenty of time right now. You got to slow down, you can’t cry and breathe at the same time. Come one, you got fifteen seconds. You got a hundred and fifty, put it all together now. If you gotta throw up, throw up! 1:42,7, that was fantastic. You’re moving, that was 4 seconds faster he just went. You ought to make up your mind what you want. Find the excuses and be ordinary. Or turn off, f4#k the excuses, stop making reasons why you can’t do what you were f4#king born to do. You’re f4#king amazing. 55,5, 56,9. That was f4#king awesome you two. That’s what I’m f4#k!ng talking about. Finally, you guys are stepping the f4!k up like you should be. This is the real you, guys. Come on. Hey work for you at 2:00 a.m. so… here we go. Ready, go. Hey, that’s the f4ck!ng real you. You are a f4ck!ng champion. You just got to embrace you. You’re not broken anymore, you’re not the same girl you were not long ago. Come on, I want you to f4ck!ng break the world record. I don’t want just f4ck!ng win a gold medal. I want you to do both. Break the world record, winning the gold medal, let’s get this shit done, come on. Let’s get this sh!t done! Come on! Let’s do something f4ck!ng cool. Champion step up. Now, you’re a champion, you know it. You would have stopped this set if you weren’t. Hey, that’s a breakthrough right there, nice job. I’m proud of you. Come on. She is. Here. Best one in the world – here. You

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  1. Shane is one of best trainer over the world, in Hungary too. One of the most motivated man I have ever met, and what is he doing simply amazing. I am so proud you! Hats off and have a good luck to Tokyo 2020!
    You will done it!
    “This performance is like that you gonna win the gold medal and break the world record!”

    Never give up!

    David from Hungary

  2. Who bleeps those swearing out..??? moderators or the Shane team. Just leave it in because that makes it real and genuine. This is not a Christian channel for fuck's sake!

  3. Shane az egyetlen ezen a világon aki tudja, hogy Katinka milyen keményen dolgozik. Nagy kérdés, hogy ez a lány bírni fogja e azt az iramot amit Katinka csinál.

  4. Trully an inspirational video you guys!! Im watching the episodes and its help me to get off my lazy ass and do better at the gym!! Keep up the hard work and the posting!! Ilaria you get yourself an other supporter for the olympics!! Go girl!!!

  5. "Stop making excuses to not do what you are born to do. You are f***ing amazing!" Wow – it would be great if we all had a coach to remind us that every day.

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