Olympic Dark Horse Episode 15

Olympic Dark Horse Episode 15

Yeah, but it`s fine. I learned something. Was it tough? Yeah, it was very tough. My body said… I don`t have enough. But… When you don`t win
you learn something. So, it`s fine. Well, I spent my birthday in a good way I can say. In the morning
I wasn’t feeling very good I had stomach ache but I did a
pretty good race as first race of the year. I couldn’t expect that much. So you got a puppy and a bed. Really?
Yeah. The media was like
it was a huge moment but for me was just the same race as always
so just me myself and dying in the water. Swimming against the time. Now I have to just work on what I have done wrong there. So it was a good race anyway. I was always really interested in his work as a coach.
How he’s approaching the swimming. Like how he is trying to not only do the swimming
trainings but to also be open with the thinking’s about it like how to be
better and talk with the swimmer. …then having super heavy weight, the
weight will go up as you go… I need this from the firm a coach
whoI choose. I want to like share… …like knowing that I am able to share my
thoughts and the response is good and open. My shoulders are the hardest now! I need to stabilize here. in Hungary what I was considering what I
was seeing that if you do the work you might suffer in not a good way.
Not in a way how you think that you should suffer like being unhappy for
doing a sport is not the key to be succesful. For Shane like you know
okay, today I’m gonna die, Today I’m gonna like really suffer in this
training but I know that it’s gonna be good. There’s a team for to support
me there’s a coach to support me. 45.5 Liliana… i mean a great opportunity.
It’s just it’s amazing timing everything kind of coming together at
the same time. I’ve always been a huge fan by absolutely being on the wrong side of the fense with her. She always presented the problems for me in terms
of her abilities to just pop off these amazing swims out of absolutely nowhere
but I’ve always known how to beat her. So I always knew
how to help make her better. so when it came up that she needed a
coach I was like I know exactly how to make you good so it’s pretty funny that
ends up being like hey we’re on the same team. This might be a perfect match. She is a machine! Point to point! The turns are coming
and she is like where do you want to go? She has her reputation, I have my reputaton and actually the funny part is I think we both make each other better. so I think me and
her have a lot to prove to the rest of world. especially the Hungarians and
I think we’re gonna do exactly that. So there was no way either of us were
saying no to this Just arrived in Berlin.
We are a day before the competition. The competition starts tomorrow. We usually had to travel out almost 2
days before so there’s always a day that we are in the city
that we’re going tobeforehand. It’s important part breakfast
after the coffee. Essentially you never
know what happens on the travel day. It could be that the simplest flight gets
delayed or cancelled. You’d like to make it as easy as possible on the athletes.
So my preference is getting them out there so there’s a day easy before
the competition. So we’re going in this way
because we’re staying an offsite hotel which they discourage and we’re
trying to cut the costs for Zsombor and keep things you know we’re trying to
stretch the money we’re trying to stretch the funding. But we are in the center of the city!
Yeah, we re in the center of the city, which is kind of cool. Hi! I need to talk talk to someone to give me my pass. Thank you! Thank you! So the Hungarian Federation has three of them. Two national team members
and a junior national team member. But then they are like oh you’re
with Italy they’ll take care of everything. So you have not registered by any? With either them. So they’re both are, the other one will and then no one does. Could you stay here a little bit?
I see if I can find someone… Maybe a pass, maybe no pass.
Maybe I can do my job maybe I can’t do my job. So apparently the local organization
committee for Berlin turned around and asked FINA. And FINA specifically said no,
I’m not allowed to have a coach`s pass. I can’t be on deck
I can’t coach my athletes. Pavel, can you hear me?
It`s Shane Tusup. Yes, I can hear you. Is there any way I can
get a deck pass so I can coach my athletes? I know they talked to you but I
was trying to figure out what the situaton was. Today sucked. But there’s no other way
there’s no other way because I’m here. And there’s no way I can help my
athletes to perform. It’s difficult…
Like I went through a divorce I didn’t… I went through a divorce and I walked away
I took a break to see my family. I spent some time with them. And it’s like oh you are not welcome back. Suddenly my results didn’t count. Suddenly everything I did wasn’t good
enough like I’ve not been accomplished them myself. I didn’t do the work
that I would need to do as a coach. I appreciate you taking my call
I appreciate the help and the explanation. Thank you, thank you for taking the time!
I’ll see you hopefully around the pool soon! I’m back because the athletes want me
not because a country wants me or because anything else but I’m back
because I want to work with athletes and I want to do cool things.
I’ve always been here worried about getting athlete’s goals. I didn’t ever have any coaches`
goals. I didn’t have – I want to win x amount of
gold medals or I want to win break world reco…
that stuff happened because I focus on the athletes.
I focused on them and if my results come that`s great but that’s not the priority.
My priorities to focus on the athletes and help them get what`s best. If you are messing with me
or you cause me problems then I can`t do my job. They don`t deserve that. They’re good people. Hi guys! All this stuff going on, all these
issues. It’s just part of the story. It`s just part of the stepping stone. We are going to miss you! Yeah, bullshit! It`s just making us tighter as a team. It`s making us come together and it’s making things interesting for me. I`ll wave! And I wave back! After the 400 free! I used to do some competitions in my life without
coach and it’s terrible because having a coach is a thing that you can
lean on someone you can trust someone. You can have someone having your back. If I have to… you know if I have to coach
with two hands tied behind my back and my arms, my legs tied… if I have to coach in the stance I’ll coach in the stance.

15 Replies to “Olympic Dark Horse Episode 15”

  1. Ridiculous that Fina did not allow you to be where the coach should be… Simply ridiculous. What kind of damn bureaucratic approach is this?

  2. Fina sucks and this is just another ridiculous revenge from their side because you rocked their world, they even changed competition rules because under your coaching and based on your method K was winning "too much". Or maybe its just Gyárfás stirring the pot as usual. They afraid of you because you have new ideas, and you brought innovation to the sport, which they want to control by old, autocratic manner. They dont want independent, strong minded, opinionated, successful athletes who could influence the masses so they do anything to stop you. Eventually they gonna let you in, because if this is going to happen more in the future, it will trigger international news and thats not gonna be good press for them. Dont feel bad, this childish behaviour is somewhat a compliment – its an act of desperation because they know what you are capable of, they know you are strong, and they are sooo afraid of this.

  3. Don't Worry, Shane! Some Hungarians are hard-headed (There are people like this in every nation)! Others like me are rooting for you! We understand! Marriage is tough! Life can be tough! Keep it up cause you inspire many of us in this small nation!

  4. Shane története eddig nagyon hasonlít a Károlyi Béla történetére. Olvassátok el a könyvet. Neki is voltak kíváló tanítványai és a szövetség ellehetetlenítette a munkáját. Csak egyetlen esély lesz az áttörésre ha a tanítványai sikeresek lesznek. Sajnos a múltban szerzett eredmények nem számítanak csak a jelen és a jövő.

  5. Szilágyi full ideggyenge csaj!semmi nem lesz belőlük, elég hamar össze fognak veszni!a csaj lusta,a csávó meg szorongásos idegbeteg!

  6. I think so, the California wànna pulling back you and your staff. Are you built up an empire in Hungary? How long time do you can a new one in Texas? Meet with your father. Hurry up… please. The athletes get I a free way. H1 visa. They needn't the passenger visa..lets do it. Best of way for you and your family.

  7. this really makes me so sad. I can't understand why you were not allowed on deck. As a master athlete I know what it means to be on a competition without your coach on deck. It sucks. Keep going Shane, love what you are doing kisses

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