Olympic Dark Horse Episode 14

Olympic Dark Horse Episode 14

A lot of times you can’t get to sleep. A lot of times it’s like Christmas Eve. You know what’s coming in the morning. Sometimes you wanna get there, sometimes you
just wanna get it over with. you’ve been working on this for years, for
months. It’s been like you eat, you sleep, you breathe
that. Everything revolves around it. You arrive at the facility and even somewhere
you’ve been the same time no big deal. suddenly the day you show up for competition
everything feels different. the floor feels different, the atmosphere
feels different, there’s a tingling sensation in the air, it’s crisp, it’s clean, its a
day full of anxiety. Everything little thing matters you start
to watch every little thing. When you dive in the water the first thing
you think is how you feel. you feel good, the water feels extra…it
just has that special feel it just has that feel that you can’t quite describe. you cut through the water, you dive in it’s
just this…it’s almost electric. it’s almost like everything you touch has
this extra sensation to it. He is one of those kids where it just I don’t
know if you wanna say like it’s just you’re never gonna realize how it happened. it’s just right place right time. We opened up a swim club and we said that
people who were interested in checking it out we wanted to see them swim. We wanted
to see to ask us questions we wanted to find out the feedback from them and Zsombor showed
up and by far the best kid I’d seen swim in a very long time. he was 12 years old found out he was living
in Debrecen so I thought it was never gonna happen it was two hours out and his family was like no we’re moving here to swim with you! His commitment to that just got me super committed. We got our timeline. We got our to the minute timeline for both
Zsombor and her all we gotta do is follow the timelines and do what they gotta do during
that block and they’re good to go. Yeah she’s on time she’s doing everything right. Just a matter…seems a little nervous but
that’s expected her first competition of the season. She said she’s never nervous? Oh yeah…everyone gets nervous! It’s not
bad it’s not a bad nervous its a good nervous. There’s a difference. Sometimes you’re nervous where you can’t function
sometimes youre nervous where it makes you better She’s usually nervous like when an artist
gets ready for a concert. They didn’t forget the words theyr’re just
excited to go out there and put on a show see how it goes. Ilaria’s a unique case she was a very big
concern for me. After Rio I started preparations towards Tokyo she was definitely someone that
was on the list of up and coming people that I needed to make sure I was keeping an eye
on and watching how fast they were gonna evolve over time. I loved the way she raced I loved her qualities,
what she had. She’s an amazing talent. You’re walking over to the entry way to go
over to the corridor to leave the warming up area and you as you walk there everyone’s
watching you walk through to competition. everyone’s turning to say “oh, who’s going?”
you get closer and closer to the ready room and its like the clock starts ticking in your
head. you know it’s game time you know its coming
and the butterflies in your stomach start to move. it’s time to go. Yeah I always throw the box of water on me
but I do because I can get less shock jumping in the water before the race. It’s just different when I jump in the pool
because you know I have to be 100 percent ready You’re not controlling everything you’ve controlled
everything you can and now its a matter of things happening the way you want. What’s gonna happen? Atta girl! come on! There we go! Good start. Come one! There we go, come on! Work your stroke work your stroke find your rhythm come on I feel I was going so fast and then I was so… Yeah it’s a learning process 4 free has a certain feel to it you gotta get a certain
comfortability to it. Yeah losing is I think is fundamental because
you always learn something when you lose. You also have a head game you’re playing
head games with yourself youre worrying about people being in front of you or behind you
or whatever’s going on. you gotta be comfortable once you go you gotta
go. if you try to understand what you did wrong and to improve in the future so you
have to lose to use it to win. I knew I could make them more tired, more training, and push through this then most athletes in the world could do and they would still step
up and give their best. And that means that we could do a lot more this season early and
we could get a lot farther faster. the failure and the coming up short and the
losing and coming in 5th or 6th not making a final that’s where you start to really figure
things out and you get better and better and you don’t get to the peak you don’t get to
the top by being successful all the time you get there by putting yourself in positions
to lose and then figuring out how to still win anyway because if you’re successful all
the time then you’re not doing enough you’re cutting yourself short you’re not accomplishing
enough in your life if you’re successful all the time. For someone who is learning a new program
for someone who is learning with a new coach she did exactly what I asked her to do to
a T. and she knew she was gonna struggle doing it she knew it was gonna be hard and she knew
it was gonna be painful and she said I believe in Shane I believe in what he’s doing and
I’m gonna do it anyway. Disappointment makes you want to go back and
train harder. The athletes I work with, I work with athletes that hate to lose. you don’t care if it’s expected you don’t care
if it’s okay in our minds it’s not ok. We lose, we lose by .01, we lose by .02, you lose by a mile, it’s not acceptable. we’re gonna go back, we’re gonna fix things we’re gonna figure things out, we’re gonna work harder to get better. No the question was how fast can you jump out, fill the car and jump back in after paying. So I have to do it? Yeah! Ok I never do it
before but ok. Oh god give it back to me. He ended up causing lots of problems with
working with kids his age. He got coaches upset and this and that and I was like ok look if you’re gonna be a problem child I’m gonna make you swim harder and he kept stepping up and suddenly he’d be racing the older kids our top stars and he wasn’t
a problem child. I love you sooo, I miss you very much! I miss you too! My mother is I love her so much she is so
funny she can do everything for me same as like my father. She gave up her life because of me so this is unbelievable so I have really big respect of her. These are just pieces from Zsombor’s collection. He has won these medals since we live here in Budapest. He is a “wonderkid” Many years before, they said I can’t have a child. And now, I’ve got Zsombor… The most beautiful child I’ve ever seen… “Mommy’s little angel” I am really happy, because of Zsombor… Because of his succes. I think he acts soon like an adult He knows his goals. He knows what he wants to do. Yeah, he doesn’t fold his clothes, but… No problem. Who cares? David’s a story of we’re gonna finish what
we started. and he went a separate way I went a separate
way it was probably good for the best right there he went through a lot of growth and
a lot of changing in getting older we work We work so well together and understand each other so well. He brings out the best in me as a coach and I can rely on him to be a great leader for the rest of the team My leg… My leg has been operated by a surgeon At the beginning of the year And that is why I had to take rest… 6 months But 1 year and I’ll be ready My last competiton was… On last December. He was shocking. He’s been training for a week after not training
at all before that. a week in the water and he turns around and says if I’m gonna compete I’m gonna try to get into the finals and he literally went
for it and he said I’m getting this I’m getting it done I’m going and he actually almost pulled it off with one leg! I’m happy with the time in all the races. Sad part that I didn’t make it to the finals but it was easy but i’m still not on this level it’s always good to lose
so I’m losing since 3 years so I’m ready to win finally. that’s why I always wake up in the morning.

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  1. I find myself watching this video with my heart pumping in my throat. The editing, the music, the interviews are soooo great! I see some people gloating on the fact that the dark horse team did not get any medals, but lets just stop for a moment and remember that if it wasnt for Shane, Katinka would have given up swimming after the olympic failure. She struggled a lot before becoming a world classic swimmer, it is fine to loose from time to time – one learn so much from failure! Growing takes time, to develop one must learn from the mistakes. I know this team will surprise us with great results, just keep up the good work!

  2. thanks a lot for making this videos, I love to see your prozess, each person, it helps/motivates me also with my projects as well. thanks! <3

  3. man, those descriptions.. I felt like I was there on the block, with all the imaginable adrenaline in me ready to start the race. Thank you for reminding me of this beautiful experience ❤️

  4. Inspirational as f"£k!! Thanks guys for the great video again…. You guys are the best team, im so happy that we can be a little part of your journey too as observers. Keep up the hard work!!!

  5. Whatever happens to your swimmers, you keep creating. You've just created a whole new genre of sport communication. Authenticity is key. Congrats!

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