Olympic Dark Horse Episode 13

Olympic Dark Horse Episode 13

It’s the first time I’m gonna be back on pool deck at a competition since I don’t even know for quite some time Since everything kind of changed my life, you know professionally personally I like I know almost everyone around so it’s like even the lifeguards I know them from when I used to be at the pool All the time you know and are people gonna respond positively to it or negatively to it. You know, there’s a lot of different parts of it But we knew that one of the key pieces was we were all gonna have to come together really quick and really Like tight like everyone was gonna have to rely on each other Especially when it comes from athletes the athletes we’re gonna have to be a family no matter what And then I was gonna have to have a really good relationship, I call it a partnership, with all of them. I was born In Hungary in Debrecen, the second biggest city in Hungary. I grew up there and my life was really Umm Quiet there because it’s a countryside so Not much people live there, but it’s a bigger city, second biggest city in Hungary, so it’s funny. I’ve known him for a long time. I’ve seen him grow up quite a bit. I know his family I know, you know a lot about him and his history. So he’s been like a little brother to me So sometimes I just completely forget that he’s 15. Show me what we got here Everything just open the fridge …and you will see. What a host. What a host. I had to change my life when I was 12 I started swimming when I was 5 years old. My grandma took me to the pool my first swim practice, my first learn to swim, and my mother wasn’t there and it was like, “oh my god” Ilaria you know It’s a little weird sometimes because I’m used to treating her like a professional athlete and she’s still a teenager How is it that the coach in the group is the one that eats the healthiest? Nooo Sometimes I eat healthier than you I started swimming when I was 11 because before I used to do a lot of different sports But ballet was my favorite one and I did it for a lot of years, but then I decided to change and I started swimming Because I liked the company like how the the teammates were so we’re going so well together and So I tried. I did one year of just swimming lessons, and then I tried to enter the team and it went well, I can say. Yesterday two Hungarian journalists texted me. One on Instagram and one on Whatsapp, but I didn’t reply. Good girl you’re learning. I replied only to the Italian one, but it was just asking me if I’m going to the World Cup and to just say yes. You weren’t supposed to confirm yet. We’re confirming through the video Yeah, but the article will be out next week So what the fuck? for me I did just one year when I was three my mom took me to swimming lessons just to understand how to swim and how I felt in the water, and then I came back to the pool and I fell in love with the sport I had to move because I wanted to be a better swimmer. So I saw umm Shane made a club with Katinka in 2016 and I wanted to go there so my we spoke about this my parents and we said we should we should do this there was Casting a swim casting and they watched my swimming Jump and they said I’m talented. I swim well, so why not come here? So at the end there were paparazzi every time I was in the arena and So they started bringing my car up for me up to… they’d back my car up the ramp and then it’d be I’d walk out of the Duna Arena into my car and then go from there, but it started getting a hazard because People started jumping in front of the car it was a little chaotic You see you can park there You know all the parking spots? Yeah, maybe I think but you need to take a ticket here My daily routine go turn around go back. Yeah We’re driving around we’re going through the motions So it was it was kind of weird as like I’ve done this all before it’s kind of a deja vu feel no no No, it’s just kind of complicated. It’s it’s yeah, there’s a lot of positive and just huge successes Yeah. There’s a lot of really hard painful memories that go along with that First time I talked to Shane was last year at the Europeans in 2018 after the 400 IM he reached out to me and said congratulations, and that he was very impressed with my swims and I was very glad that he text me because I know where Because I know that he is the best coach of all time for the IM so I was very happy with that And then we kept in contact during the year And this year after the Worlds I was very confused about my career and my future And he reached out to me again and said that he could guarantee me a very good year and the most important year of my life because this is the Olympic year and Yeah, I decided to say yes Okay, you can stop being a fanboy now He text it to me. So what about if we train together again and I said, yeah, we can figure out and we figured out So this will be the first race of the year and the first race with Shane It’s only six weeks that I started swimming in this season so I don’t expect like the biggest performances of my life but I’m pretty sure that I can already show how the very hard work pays off They’re doing good though. He’s pushing my height now. He’s following your path. So he’s all like I’m like him technically yeah. That’s awesome man, congrats He’s huge now! Yeah of course. You’ve gotta grow bro! He’s swimming 2 IM you’re gonna have to grow That’s Zsombor’s competitor. Zsombor’s American rival. The height difference is a little bit of a problem It doesn’t phase Zsombor. In Zsombor’s mind he’s actually taller. End of the year I can kick his ass At 3:00 or 5:00 I am who I am because of the things I’ve gone through So…you know it’s like You’re looking back at it and like this is what it was and sometimes a bad memory will pop in but you’re like well that had to happen for me to grow. The way I looked at it for mine was if I’m working with one athlete it’s more about the synergistic activity between me and that person and getting them to do something that they didn’t think they could do. So you know we all look and we’re like, oh, I can’t go any farther. No, you can go a little farther. Let’s go one more step and it’s getting them to go the extra step every single time It’s getting them to do a little bit more I’m in this with you, you’re gonna you’re gonna have blood sweat and tears you have to sacrifice I want to make sure I’m sacrificing those blood sweat and tears as well I don’t want you to be the only one sacrificing. The only one struggling like this is our battle together you lose I lost I’m making sure they understand that And then they start to open up Yeah, it’s a big change because I know what Shane can do because when I trained with him I was really good I my time I dropped a lot of seconds in my time I mean I wanted to start again because he’s my dream coach They’re just finishing their championship meet warmup We’re just having them go through the same process I go through tomorrow morning to get ready for the race Zsombor wants times which I think is pointless. Ilaria is smart she doesn’t want times so just getting them to feel good. Ready? Alright here you go. Last 25 of the morning I know that I have a huge year ahead of me and I will have time to show what I’m made of So I’m not worrying about my times. I just have to swim very well and Try to put effort into what I’ve done until now Swimming gives me Have fun and turn off my brain and just focus in focus what I do we do in the pool and Swimming is a timing sport. So Not a team sport you you’re up you’re alone So when I swim and I fall down I know I can say your your your did something bad. You did something bad. I can say I did something bad So this is I think the swimming is a clear sport. I just decided to to say yes to this adventure to this new journey. So swimming for me means liberating. I feel free. I feel like then my mind every time I swim Goes completely off and I’m in another world. So I feel like, umm, I’m… I can express myself in the best way while I swim and I think there’s Not other places or ways to express myself in the best way as I do

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  1. Whoa, Olympic Dark Horse reboot! While the previous series can be considered reality tv show format, this is an authentic documentary.
    It informs and educates the
    viewers. Very thoughtful and respectable. ❤️

  2. You are all a true inspiration. And one thing: the competition is never another competitor. The competition is yourself. In that term, it all depends on you guys. Great first results, it is only the beginning!

  3. Great video! And at least we know that is the truth, that it was in fact not Ilaria who approached Shane, but the other way around (see episode O). Why lie? What's wrong with the truth???

  4. KUDOS for you guys, this is the documentary video format I have been waiting for. It is so much more interesting to watch! We have now a chance to know and understand Zsombor and Ilaria better, it is very exciting. The previous videos gave me the impression that Ilaria is less mature and committed compared to Zsombor, but happy to see another side of her. Please continue this format, the more you talk and share, the more we fell in love with you all. Keep up the good work!

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