100 Replies to “Olympic Curling Mania w/ Taylor Kitsch, Dan Stevens & Ron Funches”

  1. One of the many wonderful things about Dan Stevens is how all-in he is about everything he does. He's 110% into this interview and having a fun time with his pal James and making friends with the other guests. I love how animated he gets about curling!

  2. James and Dan, you have to say curing in a Scottish accent it sounds so much better, but you 2 on the GB team in 4 years then…

  3. watching it here in the Uk in the wee small hours loving the curling and the luge…oh and the short track speed skating, its so hardcore

  4. James Corden interviewing Taylor Kitsch? FRACK YEAH! This was soooo funny! I've never heard Taylor yell, so I flinched…jerked…whatever. Also, crap, Tay needs to gain some weight back. His legs look like toothpicks! If I could, I'd make him my family's awesome lasagna recipe.

  5. Dan knowing Taylor is Canadian makes my Canadian self very happy 😀 and the fact that Taylor embraces that makes me even more happy! GO TEAM CANADA. <3

  6. Having done the bobsled before, and being one of the middle people, I can attest to the fact that you don’t do shit lol.

  7. “We actually had it as a class”
    ????? I think every Canadian student had some sort of winter sport class in school. I had cross country skiing and I deeply hated it.

  8. Do you think this curling imitation from dan and james will be in the next "Unnecessary censorship" segment in Kimmel's show? 😉 Anyway, I love them and I started to like curling!

  9. Guess who is a BIG fan of curling? Mr. T. I kid you not. Check his Twitter feed. CBC Radio interviewed him about it.

  10. LOL! I came just to hear Taylor shout!!! <3 That man will be the death of me!!! Always loved James Corden, he's so funny!!

  11. Dan Stevens in this clip yelling reminds me of that beaver type animal yelling Alan. He's so funny and adorable love him ??

  12. why are so many english actors skinny, overrated and overly polite? They're talented because there's a better baseline education in the UK, but I feel like they're all the same.

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