Official Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough

Official Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough

Shadow of War is an epic third-person open world action-RPG, and the sequel to the award-winning Shadow of Mordor. This walkthrough takes place many hours into the game, where we will show you one example of the epic, personal stories created through the next generation of the revolutionary Nemesis System. To save Middle-earth, we will be journeying deep behind enemy lines and using the New Ring of Power to forge an army and conquer Mordor from within. On the world map, we see the many regions we can conquer. Every one of these regions is a distinct environment with unique enemies and allies, including Overlords, Warchiefs, Captains, Followers, Fortresses, Strongholds, Missions and more. Today, we are going to attack and
conquer the mountain valley of Seregost and take it from Sauron’s overlord,
Ur-Hakon the Dragon Lord. Let’s launch the assault. It’s not only our enemies and the world that make the Nemesis System unique, it’s also our followers. Ragdug the Iron Mount has armored cavalry that can charge through the flames of artillery fire. The Demolisher is a living battering ram with the power to smash enemy defenses. With our followers at our side, we must first face the Storm-Bringer. The Bright Lord… I fought for you, bled for you, and you left me to die. But I was reborn with the power of the Dark Lord. He has a history and personal grudge against us. He used to be part of our army before he betrayed us and joined the Dark Lord. He also carries a dark curse which prevents us from using the power the New Ring. Come, charge into the flames of your reckoning. Ignite. The Overlord has deployed multiple fort defenses including Siege Beasts and Flame Archers. No more talk. We bring war. Charge. Our first objective will be to break through the main gate. You feel it don’t you? This is the power of the Dark Lord. Yes… yes… yes. Come to me. Suffer me now. With the Storm-Bringer defeated, we’ve broken the curse and can unleash our power as the Demolisher breaches the gate, allowing our army to storm the fort. There are many ways to conquer a fort, from open combat to stealth and infiltration. We’ve infiltrated a spy within the enemy ranks. Dead-eye has placed explosives, allowing us to sabotage the wall and out-flank the defenders. Did you really think you could kill me that easily? The spy is also able to help clear the way by sniping enemies. In Shadow of Mordor, the Nemesis System created memorable stories of bloodshed and revenge. In Shadow of War, your followers can create entirely new stories of loyalty, betrayal, rivalry, and even friendship. Gotcha. Thanks Dead-eye. Nice shot. We’ve expanded the RPG systems in Shadow of War enormously. Defeating Storm-Bringer allows us to collect this epic armor of Rohan and equip it. Ranger, I am usually the forgiving sort. But Storm-Bringer? He was mine. And you’ve stolen my kill. It’s time to dance. Flame trap. I burn. Mounting armored cavalry allows us to ride through these flames unharmed. I see you. Releasing and dominating the Drake lets us turn the Overlord’s defenses against him. He’s a demon. You’ve terrified the Flame of War, now bend him to your will. Kneel before me. The Ring of Power allows us to dominate the minds of our enemies, I am your servant. compelling them to join our growing army. Now with the power of the New Ring, and the help of our followers, we’ve defeated the Warchiefs. We can face our ultimate nemesis in this fort, the Dragon Lord himself. It is time to take what is ours. With the Nemesis System, every Overlord faced by every player will be unique to their world. And the Throne Room itself has been customized by the Overlord as his personal combat arena. It’s the lord of Mordor himself, the Gravewalker. You’ve made a right mess haven’t you? My army slain, my drake dead. So much pain. Well, I know a thing or two about pain. And yours, it’s going to burn a hole into this world. Tear him apart. Thought he was tougher than that. Let me show you how it’s done. This might hurt. Seregost is mine. With the Overlord defeated, Fort Seregost and this region of Mordor are ours. Conquering the region rewards us with experience, loot, new followers and resources. It also creates a personal base from which we train our forces, increase our power and upgrade our defenses against Sauron’s counter attacks. Let’s return to the the Army Screen, where we can review our enemies and command our followers. We need to select one to become the new Overlord so he can spread his influence throughout the region, creating an entirely original Nemesis Fortress. This Warchief is a Necromancer, he will shroud the fort in sorcery to confuse and terrify attackers. This Warchief is a Beast Master, he will allow us to turn the creatures of Mordor against our enemies. But we’re going to promote Ragdug, the Warchief who charged through that artillery assault and helped us bring down Ur-Hakon the Dragon Lord. As a Marauder he can loot and pillage the region for us. With our new Overlord in place we can upgrade the Fortress, increasing its defenses and enlarging the size and power of our army. Here brothers, The Nemesis System means that every element of this mission was dynamic and unique. No two players of the game will experience the same story. We will spread his power This was just one step in our conquest of Mordor, one small example of the millions of unique stories players will create in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

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  1. So, nothing of this made it in the game?! Conquered my third fortress so far. No old antagonist announcing himself at the gates. No flaming arrows dramatically descending from behind the walls. No epic cutscene when the gates crumble. AI not nearly as smart as Dead-Eye planting bombs, they just storm on the points and attack whatever moves. Usually without even using their special abilities, and some of them even wander off aimlessly leaving you alone. So no army breaching a second entrance. No feelings system about friendship, rivalry. Also betrayal (beside one or two occasions) is pure RNG. No way in hell Captains help you specifically, they just hit the first thing in sight and stay there whatever happens until it dies. So no cool cutscene and no special positioning. No traps. No intense battle between beasts, those giant ogre or whatever go down with 3 arrows aimed on the three weak spots. Your allies NEVER EVER EVER come to help you during the Overlord phase (You can just summon a creature and a bodyguard after a really long cooldown). Also the fortress system, despite being a huge part of the game itself, makes sense only if you play online, because otherwise there's no game around it at all in single player after you conquered it. It just sits there and there's no reason to power up if you, as said, don't play online, because no NPC army will come plus when you change zone you can't interact/take your orcs with you. The full game looks nothing like this alpha, not even close in terms of features and general awesomeness, which is absurd, it should be the other way around. VERY VERY disappointed.

  2. So now that the game is out, we can see how much of this isn't in the finished game…

    1:00 The only unique enemies from zones are elemental graugs. No unique allies.
    1:50 Armored Calvary that's immune to flames isn't in the game
    2:05 Warchiefs don't have a unique confrontation cutscene on the gates of fortresses, nor do they appear or stay up there. There's only one Overlord speech at the beginning of sieges.
    2:10 That guy's dialogue, cursed gauntlet, and title isn't in the game.
    2:22 Necromancer as a class isn't in the game.
    2:44 There's no montage of enemy archers/siege engines when you start sieges.
    2:53 Dialogue and pretty sure that armor he's wearing isn't in the game.
    4:00 That sword grabbing confrontation and you getting cursed during a confrontation isn't in the game.
    4:30 That mechanic of drawing the curse back into the enemy by beating him, and the entire kicking him off a ledge execution, isn't in the game.
    4:53 Gates don't break due to capturing points, and that whole sequence with the Orog isn't in the game.
    5:53 Playstyle aside, there's only one way to conquer a fort.
    6:17 You can't place spies in sniper positions, or anywhere other then checkpoints. Spies can't plant explosives to breach the walls or do anything other then allow instant checkpoint captures and not fight you.
    6:42 That throat-grabbing ambush and that captain interference is not in the game. That eye damage detail being caused by an execution isn't in the game. Captains rescuing you in the middle of a confrontation cutscene, and without changing their position, isn't in the game.
    7:53 That confrontation, igniting weapons, dialogue, opening of gates and death of captain within a confrontation cutscene, oil spouts, and possibly Mark Hamill is not in the game.
    8:48 As stated before, no it doesn't.
    10:28 That title isn't in the game.
    11:01 There aren't unique Overlords for any given map.
    11:16 Dialogue, title, confrontations where Overlords acknowledge what you've done to their fortress, most of that cutscene, and that flamethrower despite still being in marketing and in-game screenshots, not in game.
    13:05 You can't summon a bodyguard in the middle of a enemy's cutscene, they can only decide to show up on their own during death cutscenes. And that animation involving leaping on the enemy and the overlord execution isn't in the game.
    13:50: You don't get new followers or resources from conquering regions. You can't "increase your power" by owning regions.
    14:23: Being a necromancer, beastmaster, or any trait other then the tribe doesn't effect the region in any way. And the only thing tribe effects is cosmetics, you don't get more undead or beasts or such. Though Marauders do "loot and pillage" the region by leaving around chests in the region with pitiful currency in them. Not even sure if you can loot them when they're allied.
    14:44: Outfits don't change entirely like that by being promoted. Captains either have that golden feather outfit or they don't.
    14:55 Overlords don't make victory speeches, it's always Talion doing it.
    15:33 All those highlighted little outposts? There's less of them, you can't conquer or even visit them, and they don't matter in any way other then fluff.

    Yeah, a whole lot of spin, inaccuracies, and flat out falsehoods for what really amounts to just Shadow of Mordor v1.5. Buy it based on that mental image rather then the one made up by this vid.

  3. Fortress assaults are nothing like this, their repetitive and are not as cinematic. And for those of you who are gonna call me a hater, save it, look at this compared to the new one and tell me what you’d prefer.

  4. Wait, so now alpha gameplay is actually supposed to be a better version than the full release, I'm so confused. It turned my stomach to watch this. I'd rather play the alpha and by alpha I mean the designers wet dream turned into a cinematic trailer under the guise of gameplay that never really existed.

  5. Just how that final execution work where celebrimbor and Talion execute the Olog overlord in the real game?? I can't do it on the game…

  6. I come from the future. I've been playing the hell out of this game and absolutely love it! But I feel that they really tried to emphasize that you can have relationships with these orcs such as friendship, rivalry, loyalty, and betrayal. Betrayal is the only one that really stands out. I find that disappointing but I really love the game still!

  7. Many of the shown things arent in the actual game like the necromancer or spy's who can place explosives to sabotage the defenders which is kind of sad

  8. Just wondering, When you recruit Uruks to your army. Are they customizable? Like, there armor I mean…or are they stuck with what you give them

  9. Anyone know if there is a defense trait to where it will shoot a barrage of fire arrows just like in the video is that in the game can anyone confirm?

  10. Ok idk if I haven’t experienced something like this but did they lie? Conquering fortresses are never this cinematic and captains don’t come back so fast after being killed and like the intro speeches they did never happens

  11. didnt experience anything even close to that…. the only cool thing was an unknown warrior saving me in a overlord battle killing of the overlord. Other than this I don't have any friend orcs or a cursed enemy who cursed me like that or a spy of mine who would interfere like that except betraying the lords. Further how can this character deal deadly dmg to minions all the time with one strike. I have to charge up my power first. Also I didn't have once one of these cool kills where he pushed the flag right into the head or takes out the hammer

  12. You know, as much as I loved Shadow of War, I will say that the Alpha Build definitely had better elements of the Nemesis System. Everything seemed that much more cinematic and almost natural in a way, while the gameplay in the full release seemed more like an arcade game. Sure, the Nemesis System was dynamic, but I feel that the Alpha should have represented how Shadow of War could've been.

  13. Why can’t we have these cut scenes in fort attack! And the “Suffer me now!” I love that but why didn’t it get to the main game!

  14. While i'm enjoying the game, there are clearly some things that I dislike
    – Branding all of the warchiefs before a siege takes out all the fun. No personal grudges, plus the fire arrows, and siege beasts that make it all cinematic get disabled.
    -While the nemesis system keeps the dialogue unique, nothing really stands out. I very rarely see anyone cheat death, betray me, or anything special
    -They clearly took out the ending speech from your overlord when you conquer a fortress, which sucks.

  15. What I don't like is that they placed all the emphasis on the new ring but in shadow of mordor he could do all the same stuff without the ring

  16. This whole lotr concept is meant to be as a humans wanted to defeat the dark lord. Now we see baranor who is from the east and he should be black! Carnan should talk like an Indian or so. And every time you want to attack castles the one eye ?‍? from thegrave walker should be shown again and again. People wanted to breath a clean air by these stories but the people who produce these projects like this game couldn't live with that. Because they've learned nothing but political and racial ideologies.. Humans fall to the one ring again….

  17. Its a shame how they took away everyones hype when they launched the game where they didnt involve anything from this alpha gameplay into the game they literally ruiden the game by giving us something to be hyped about and then ruidening by not putting anything they showed us its a goddamn shame!

  18. funny forcing group leader the people quickly enough reason that your mom zero and she asked about an Amazing in?????????????????

  19. It is almost too bad the most cinematic parts of this reveal couldn't make it into the game.
    Like each Warlord's talks, or the Orks cheers as well as those crazy death and saving scenes. But I'm not complaining one bit, and now waiting for the next installment's trailer announcement to send my heart back to Mordor like this trailer did.

  20. Watching this clip again now after playing the whole game and realizing that is marketing BS talking and showing us somethings that are not in the gameplay which really makes me sad, the events are happening in the game but not with the same presentation like this clip.

  21. this "gamplay" is so wrong.. nothing is like this in the REAL game.. and that sucks. just sayin.. thou the game itself IS good dispite the developers lying "gameplay trailer":(

  22. Where's THIS game? This looks a lot more intense then an actual raid of a base, and what's with the unlimited might and arrows? And dialog between the fight with the overlord? Or the unique death animation for him? Or the speech of the new overlord? This is obviously scripted. I also like how it says alpha gameplay when it has more content and detail then the actual game

  23. Been a year since this trailer and all I can say is that the game we got was utter shit compared to what they showed us…. As usual in the videogame industry

  24. NOW WHAT ABOUT THE GREATEST HIT Of Monolith Productions Monolith Production's Captain Claw 2 please make it Happen

  25. This is the new Watch dogs, the trailer gameplay bring me much hype but the real game is diferent. The conquest are so bored and diferent of this trailer, here you have to take down the fortress and in the road you see a nemesis who do something cool. In the actual game you have to be in a fucking small very small circle where you have to fight with many captains, grunts and frozen your captains with jumps every second last captured the point and go to the other and other. In here you have liberty and you can fight everyplace of the fortress because that is the mission kill everyone to take the fortress, in the actual game you have to be jumping how stupid in a fucking small very small circle, you can fight out of the circle but dont count. I think the game was unfinished.

    And now you want to close the market. I think that is very stupid because if you close the market you are killing the use of mirians and most importanly the daily missions and the weeks events that rewards with mirians and lootboxes or warboxes. If you close the market put a new system with what we can spend the mirians of the game and a reason to why do the daily missions now and the week event, but a good reason, for gems and more mirians that are obsolect with out the market I will do nothing of the daily and week missions.

    I have a question developers… You are the same team who do Shadow of Mordor or you aren't?
    Because I see many StoryHoles in the game, like… Where is the mark of the left hand of Talion that we can see in the Game of mordor that the helm do and mark the moment of the reborn of Talion with the spectre (Celebrimbor)
    And another a lesd important but broke my inmersion in the game. Why if Talion we can see is very old in SoM here in SoW he is like a princess of Disney.

    Shadow of War is game that I love but at the same time I hate so much.

  26. The Brightlord… I fought for you, bled for you, and you left me to die… But I was reborn with the power of THE DARK LORD! Come… Charge into the flames of your RECKONING! IGNITE!!!

  27. Your game is awesome !!!! I can’t stop playing it !!! I will play all the game modes … I just love shadow of war with that cool nazgul skin !! It looks so badass !!! I love your game !!!

  28. 14:52
    Still pains me to this day that the overlord you put isn't giving a speech. It's Talion.
    No one wants to hear Talion give a speech. He is boring.
    I think Monolith really screwed up by not having the new overlord of the fortress give a post-siege speech.

  29. Looking back in this vid, there is a lot of gimmicky BS in this. I enjoy this game so all this comes from love.

    Lot’s of things have been removed. The cutscenes, the beginning of the siege, certain orc strengths, that awesome Talion/Celebrimbor tag team execution at the end, the overlord speeches. But tbh, this kinda stuff is par for the course nowadays and you have to be skeptical with these kind of demos now. I’m definitely not mad. Although I do wish some things were kept in, like the charge in the beginning with all the arrows and rocks flying down and they should increase the scale of both armies. I never felt I was actually in a war like they advertised, they almost got it, but didn’t quite hit the mark. 🙁

    However, if they make a sequel to this, I’d be more than happy to buy it. 🙂

    Next time, I want bigger sieges, and make it look like a siege, have a minor mechanic where you have to wait real time for your army to build ladders, rams, and siege towers. Of course it would’nt be too long. But it would try to encourage you to do side missions and collectibles, or attempt a night raid and sneak in the fort/city with a follower and a few grunts to sabotage defenses. And as you build siege equipment, encircle the fort/city with siege camps filled with your troops building, training, and overall preparing for the attack.

    The siege missions would feel SO much more satisfying if you took time preparing and planning it, rather than have everything just teleport in whenever you feel like it. And the feeling of actually wielding an army would be much greater.

  30. a shame most of the stuff here isn't actually in the game itself, and i don't recall anything similar to Az-laar's intro appearing in the game

  31. 14:52
    Still pissed that Talion gives fortress victory speeches rather than the overlords.
    It would have been so much cooler if the overlord you promoted or helped defend the fortress was the one who gave a victory speech.

  32. I've 100% the game, and though it's obviously only an alpha test and is semi-inaccurate to the final game, this video is still awesome to watch. It's good to know the best parts were still in the final game and it was only a little bit of dramatization.

  33. Monolith please if you make another game to the shadow of series, please make it exactly like this, I loved shadow of war and thought it was amazing, but this is the stuff of legends, please if so do it for the sake of my beloved ghûls

  34. I wish my followers would help me out and save me as much as they did in this gameplay. They usually die and have me die trying to revive them

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