Official Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Launch Gameplay Trailer

Official Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Launch Gameplay Trailer

The rules of engagement have changed All stations on my mark Three Two One Going Dark GO GO GO What’s the plan? Shock and awe That’ll get their attention This is crazy Get down Yeah but we’re all a little crazy aren’t we Just take the gloves off and fight We’ve gotta move, now You wanted the gloves off? They’re off

100 Replies to “Official Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Launch Gameplay Trailer”

  1. I was excited for this game, but people have to learn to vote with their wallets. Once the pay to win mechanics and PS exclusive mode got outed…. I just can’t support that kinda behavior.

  2. Do not get this game at launch wait for Black Friday I’d they dont give us the full game then don’t give them full price

  3. Make need for speed most wanted (2005) carbon and pro street backwards compatible PLEASE Xbox i really want to play them again and I'm sure alot of other people do to

  4. Where's Soap, Ghost, Sandman, Grinch, Yuri, Makarov, Shepherd, Baseplate (Cpt McMillan) etc. Please tell me there in the game.

  5. I miss the modern franchise, good thing it’s bacc. Fucc all that futuristic chit we’re not living that era.

  6. Why does cod now get praised for it's innovation in multiplayer when it's what battlefield has been doing for years only better

    Like wow

  7. I’m a world peace activist for 30 years. Please reconsider your game strategies and do take into account the adverse effects of gun violence in the world. ???

  8. Sorry, which part of this was gameplay? The gameplay was missing from this trailer like the gameplay was missing from your game.

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